Justin Bieber says he is “detrimental to my own career” in obnoxious court videos


Justin Bieber is an easy target these days, and while it’s hard to comprehend what it must be like to be as young as he is and to have received so much attention and adoration – and what that could do to your head, the kid just can’t seem to get out of his own way.

New videos have surfaced from his recent deposition in relation to a case in which one of his bodyguards is alleged to have beat up a photog and they might very well be the most damaging to whatever benefit of the doubt the public, other than Beliebers, might have given him.

The pop star comes across as arrogant, impatient, disrespectful, self-entitled and on and on and on in the following clips TMZ released which cull down the over 4 1/2 hours of video to the highlights of Bieber’s lowlights.

Those defending Justin point out that the singer is endlessly subjected to questions by the photog’s attorneys that are put forth simply to try and get under his skin and that what we’re seeing is just what TMZ chose to present, aka the bad Bieber, from over 4 hours of testimony.

Check ’em out and you decide:

Arrogant Bieber:

Biebs says: “I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say.”

Love Sick Bieber:

As already reported, this is Justin losing his cool when asked about Selena Gomez. He eventually rips his mic off and storms out.

Biebs says: “Don’t ask me about her again.”

Contentious Bieber:

Biebs says: “This seems like a 60 Minute interview.”

Disrespectful Bieber:

Biebs says: “I was found on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career.” He misspoke and meant to say “instrumental” and when he realizes his mistake he covers his face with his hand.

Annnnddddd then there is the following clip in which Justin demeans and curses out the court reporter, yes the court reporter, after she asks him to repeat himself after he quietly answers because she can’t make him out.

Biebs says: “I think ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are pretty f**king different.”

Do you think Justin had a right to act the way he did considering the circumstances?

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  • DeportJB

    Deport this self entitled prick back to canada. What a disrespectful twit! WOW! Justin if you ever happen to read this, just letting you know i reallllly hope you get some jail time and a big ole man called Bubba smacks you around a few times to teach you that you are not Invisible, you need to be set straight KID. Btw if you speak up and stop mumbling i bet that interview would have went a lot faster for you. Idiot.

    • christee

      He’s not invincible. If he were invisible, I’m not sure if that’d be a good thing, or a terrifying thing 😉

  • sammi

    Wow, he is far more obnoxious and disrespectful than I ever thought. He is so immature and rude. He better tread lightly because those little girls that put him on the map are all growing almost late teenagers now and no longer into his music and the kids that are his target audience could care less about him because he spends more time getting in trouble than making music. Looks like his days are numbered.

  • Tabitha

    I seriously wonder what his mother would think if she saw this. That was hard to watch, to say the least.

    • Katie

      She would supply him with more of her pills. Don’t forget who supplied him with them in the first place.

  • Ashley

    I could maybe understand his attitude towards the lawyer, but to the poor court reported? She’s done nothing wrong. He’s such a prick.

    I also think, in the first clip, the worst part was when he was asked to watch the “movie”. Clearly the lawyer meant video, but Beiber had to be a prick and point out his mistake. Hey dumbass, you used detremental instead of instrumental. Maybe not throw stones.

    • Renee L

      Film? That’s a film? Are we watching a film? You said we’re watching a film. Justin, shut it.

  • Stephanie

    Must be making his parents proud Oh wait, aren’t they his enablers? or is just dad? Entitled punk, trying to look/sound cool.
    If I was the one asking him questions, it would have been hard not to stand up and slug him!

  • Shannon

    This kid is a no good piece of sh*t.

  • sara

    Let’s put this douchebag’s life into perspective. He’s 20 years old and acting like a total tool because he had to spend a traumatizing 4 hours in a deposition. At 19 my brother, and at age 18 my boyfriend were both proud members of the Marine Corps and fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq respectively. At 17 my father was in the Marine Corps and fighting in Vietnam. So for this a-hole to act like a few questions about Selena was way too much.. please. I’m sorry, you get zero sympathy from me. Shut the f up Justin. The public is turning on you and it’s about time.

    • sara

      oh, and P.S. Pink AND Miley Cyrus called, they want their hair-do back you little sissy. There, i’m done. lol

  • Josie

    What a punk. I stand by my original assertion that Justin is a little “slow”. He can’t use his intellect to get through the depo so he tries to get through it with attitude. He really needs taught some tough lessons. It’s too bad his parents missed their opportunity to raise a well behaved, respectful adult.

  • carie

    He makes me sick!!! I can’t even watch all of these…barely got through the first video…couldn’t take any more of him after that. Hope his momma is proud. You raised a good one there. I have lost any and all respect that I had for Selena now. She would choose to be with some one like THAT??? What is attractive about that behavior? What he might have had in decent looks before he opens his mouth vanishes completely after he does. Makes him ugly inside and out. Geez, how the young girls that are so “ga-ga” over him don’t think he so “all that” after seeing any of these videos… What happened to the petition to get him deport him back to Canada? I heard about it a while back on the radio…where is the link….where do I sign?

  • Guest

    Starcasm, did you copy this article from tmz? (Arrogant bieber, lovesick bieber, etc. etc.)