Justin Bieber still going Instagram gangsta on Orlando Bloom


Justin Bieber wants Orlando Bloom to know he’s a grown man who retaliates hard if you come at him.

The Biebs vs. The Blooms battle continues as Justin Bieber once again dropped an Instagram bomb upside the actor’s head. Shortly after news circulated that Orlando tried to punch Justin at a restaurant in Ibiza, the big “Baby” singer fired off a photo of Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr (which he later deleted).

Justin had hung out with Miranda back when she was still Orlando’s wife and it’s been speculated that this incident had something to do with the ruckus overseas.

Now Bieber has not only put Bloom on random photo notice again, but this time kid isn’t deleting it – because he ‘grams dirty y’all!

Take this Orlando Bloom!

That’s right. Bieber posted a photo of Bloom looking like he’s crying. That’s because real men don’t cry – they throw eggs at houses, pee in mop buckets, ride Segways…

Photo: Shots

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