Who is Mario Singer’s reported mistress, Kasey Dexter?

Kasey Dexter - Kyle Dexter

In her official divorce filing against Mario Singer, Real Housewives of New York‘s Ramona Singer said her marriage has been irretrievably broken for six months. Based on our calculations, that was the same time Mario took up with his reported mistress, Kasey Dexter.

It’s still unclear how long Mario and Kasey — whose birth name is Kyle Dexter — have been intimately acquainted. (Previous reports about an abortion noted Mario met his current mistress last summer.)

Either way, Kasey seems to have known about Mario for quite some time: She lists one of the Housewives shows among her five favorites on television. She also follows Alex McCord, Ramona’s former RHONY co-star on Facebook.

Kasey Dexter Socialite

Now 32, Kasey was a standout soccer star in her Massachussetts hometown. She was honored as a first-team all-state selection during her senior year of high school and participated in the Olympic Development Program for seven years. She went on to play at Louisiana State University from 2000 until 2002. (Official LSU portrait shown below.)

Kasey Dexter LSU

After graduating, Kasey moved back northeast — apparently settling in New York City. She used her kinesiology degree to work as a personal trainer, but also pursued acting/modeling. In an online modeling profile, she listed herself as 5’8″ with blonde hair, blue eyes and a lean-muscle build.

Kasey Dexter - Swim Suit

It doesn’t seem that Kasey ever had much modeling or acting luck. Her personal training career also hit a road bump last year when she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer at the Upper West Side’s La Palestra gym. She claimed he convinced her to “have sex with him on various pieces of exercise equipment and training tables at La Palestra” in order to keep her job.

“Her ability to become a regular trainer at La Palestra in the future was contingent on her submission, or refusal, to have sex on certain pieces of gym equipment,” the official lawsuit said, according to a Page Six report from November 2013.

The gym’s lawyer responded to the report that it was a “frivolous lawsuit” because his client actually obtained an order of protection against Kasey. Radar Online reports this order of protection stemmed from Kasey’s admittedly “unhealthy obsession” with her boss.

The gym owner called off the relationship in July 2012 when he “realized that this escalating affair could negatively affect his marriage.” The case is ongoing.

As for her relationship with Mario, Kasey’s current status on Facebook is “single.” Then again, it’s a faux pas to say “in a relationship” with another woman’s husband.

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  • frontdoormom

    ramona is a loony.

    • shayvoe

      Not so loony…she kicked Mario’s cheating ass to the curb.

      • frontdoormom

        good point 😉 lol

  • Honeybear

    “Close your legs to married men, trash box.”

    • Anne0

      I actually feel bad for Ramona & her daughter.

      • carol

        so do I. I remember a show where she and Mario were having lunch and he REALLY OVER THE TOP CHECKS OUT A WOMAN WALKING BY. I knew then that he’s a player. he might be a sex addict. to attempt to hit on other cast members is bordering on an addiction. I believe jill zarin when she says he hit on her. Mario is a pig!
        I really don’t like Ramona, but I still feel for her and her daughter. but they will be fine!

        • Anne0

          I do remember that scene. Do you remember the physic saying he was going to leave her for another woman when they were on a vacation?

        • American expat in Europe

          I thought he was gay.

          • carol

            LOL! he does look gay. maybe bi-sexual.

            • American expat in Europe


  • KAD

    She sort of looks likes young Sonja Morgan in the first picture.

  • Tasos826

    You’ll lose as you got, and you’ll have been used by two men, who believed that you didn’t merit a relationship beyond mistress/girlfriend; an accessory of aging men. That’s evidently how much that you value yourself.

    • carol


      • Tasos826

        Read the article, fool. It’s evident from your query about pregnancy that you haven’t, and also cease posting in caps. It’s rude.

    • carol

      tell u what Tasos826 ‘FOOL’ GO F URSELF!!!!!! BETTER YET GET A JOB HOMO.

    • carol


      • anthony

        hahahaha! carol

  • tabitha

    she kind of resembles jenna marbles in some of the pictures.

    • YouGoddaBKiddin

      Still say she resembles Jill Zarin. Mario always eyed up Jill Zarin when she was on the show for years. Geeeeeeeeze!

      • YouGoddaBKiddin

        Don’t forget, Jill Zarin ended up having a nose job too. He must like that big beaked “look”!

  • LofromMo

    OK, I am not always a Ramona fan…however, Kasey over Ramona? Are you kidding me?

  • NYC_Gal

    This big nose ugly girl he went for? Sheesh

  • c8h10n4o2

    This girl needs to take a seminar in sunscreen. 32? Yeesh.

    • savannah

      32 and has the perfect leather for a fine purse…

    • carol

      more importantly a seminar on not sleeping with married men.

  • Defafan

    Mario is a creep and this gal is a wh*re. Even though Ramona is batsh*t crazy, nobody deserves that. If you want to bang other women, get a divorce. Sl*t has a witch nose.

  • John Marlin

    I’d hit that …. Again

  • dirtynutz

    This is bitch is busted but can’t blame Ramona’s husband, all those years with that highhorse, nutcase plus he got some new young ass here!

    • YouGoddaBKiddin

      Oh then good to see Ramona got herself some “new young ass” too; a young hunk!

  • Zookeeper

    Bleached hair, a nose and boob job later, she was able to get impregnated by a married man and break up a marriage…what aspirations!

    • carol

      is kasey pregnant?

    • Laurie Carr Durant

      If she had rhinoplasty, she needs to sue the doctor, get reimbursed and put the money toward mental health! She’s going to need the therapy!

  • kc-fan

    i went to highschool with her and think she’s a hoot! i wish her all the best! sometimes you cant help who you fall in love with!

  • YouGoddaBKiddin

    She has the same kind of look as Jill Zarin. I always said that Mario had a thing for Zarin for years when she was on RHONY. I wish Ramona the best. This bitch is a home wrecker.

  • Krista

    you are so ugly it hurts my eyes!
    luckily god will punish u later when u r married and ur husband does to u what u did to Ramona
    except you’ll be broke and no one will want you
    ha ha
    enjoy going down

    • kathy henry

      I totally love Ramona didn’t agree with how she talk to andy but in her defense I think she thought she had a solid marriage an thru humiliation struk out at andy an watching the show since started he was always looking at women sorry for Ramona you deserve better

    • steve Fowler

      I think she’s pretty cute and she definitely has an amazing bikini body.

  • Carina Marie

    Rich people problems. Reality star problems. Social media, reality shows and the ease as how sex is included into everything is ruining this society. I like living in my quiet corner of the world. I only let people know what they need to know. It is soooooo much easier and less stressful.

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