Listen to Countess Luann De Lesseps new single “Money Can’t Buy You Class”

Real Housewives of New York’s resident Playgirl Countess LuAnn De Lesseps’ wobbly dance (Auto)tune “Money Can’t Buy You Class”  is finally out!

A couple of weeks ago on Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen cheekily stated that the best $.99 of his life will be spent downloading this sucker. He probably washed that statement down with a cocktail of whiskey spiked with sincerity, irony and ratings boosts. It’s bittersweet but goes down smooth.

Money can’t buy you a decent singing voice, but it can buy you Autotune, which can help or hurt you depending on how it’s used. In Kim’s case Autotune was used, but it was the hours upon hours of Kandi Burruss put in piecing together bits and pieces of Kim’s unaltered recorded voice and laying that on top of a catchy hook that really made the song work. This type of painstaking labor doesn’t seem to have been used for the Countess’s attempt to break into the clubs.

From the very moment Luann thought about recording a dance hit, she must have known in the very back of her heart even if she denies it to her dying grave that she had the ultimate Real Housewives dance track to compete with: Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party.”

Kim Zolciak also has an amateur southern drag-queen charm going for her mixed with the occasional touch of emotional sincerity, which goes a long way in Housewivesland. Yes, Kim was and probably still is at times as fake as they come, but she’s had her moments of admitting when she felt insecure or delusional.

It seems like a stretch for classy LuAnn to belt out a dance tune when she should be attending all the parties in New York to make sure everyone’s using the right fork, writing thank you notes, and only talking about their friends’ boob jobs behind their backs.

Here’s the full song with a still image of The Countess thanks to the gracious folks over at Bravo:

Now go spend the best $.99 of your life!

Still haven’t had enough? Here’s a remix posted on YouTube (I’m sure there will be many, many more of these!)

Download “Tardy for the Party” remixes (by Kim’s sometimes lover Tracy Young) here.