Kate Gosselin’s sister: She doesn’t speak to family

Kate Gosselin - Sister Kendra Wilber

Jon Gosselin isn’t the only one on Kate Gosselin’s black list.

“Kate does not speak to her family at all. It is very painful,” sister Kendra Wilber told the Daily Mail of Kate’s relationship with her five siblings. “I guess we weren’t totally on board with what was going on with the kids, I guess we weren’t excited enough for her and were concerned about her family.”

Kendra said she is still reluctant to say anything negative about her sister, but hoped speaking out would prove to the Gosselin children — if and when they try to learn about their extended family — that she attempted to stay in contact.

“We’ll have to tell them we tried to get hold of their mom, we tried to be part of their life, but we weren’t allowed to be. We didn’t leave her, she left us,” Kendra said, adding her brother is in the same situation. “It’s terrible because my children, their cousins, talk about them and wish they could see them. We have our memories from years ago, but we have no contact.”

Although Kendra said she isn’t sure why Kate cut off communication with her, the foundation of Kate’s feud with brother Kevin Kreider is more obvious: Kevin and wife Jodi Kreider testified against Jon and Kate in 2010, saying the couple was harming their children with unfair conditions on their reality show. Kevin explained in court that the children’s “daily routines revolved around the needs of the designed episode, rather than having the crew just follow around their normal routine.”

At the time of Kevin and Jodi’s testimony, mom Charlene Kreider defended Kate. However, Kate and Charlene’s relationship deteriorated by the following year when Kate tweeted her “family is less open-minded.” She added at the time that she would consider a “reunion of sorts” with her parents because her children “keep asking” about their grandparents. Kendra now says that “reunion of sorts” never happened.

One former friend explained Kate’s hostility extends beyond family members.

“Kate is incredibly charismatic and there were a lot of people who were drawn in and willingly laid down their everyday lives for those kids. None of them have any contact with her now,” the unnamed source told the Daily Mail, adding she voluntarily babysat for the sextuplets when they were babies. “There’s a trail of a lot of hurt people in her wake. I don’t know if Kate even cares about that.”

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  • anjealka

    Kate can think she is too good for her family but it is sad that her kids are growing up without any family. I think with the mess Jon & Kate have made, those kids could sure use an aunt , uncle or grandma to talk to.

    • SheRachet

      An aunt that’s going to go tell the Daily Mail everything the kids said?
      Kate is a mess but her “family” shouldn’t be going to the Daily Mail to talk about her. I don’t buy that the aunt is doing it for the kids. I’m sure the kids don’t appreciate the added publicity.

      • anjealka

        I wish they would all stay out of the press. Maybe this sister talked to much but with 8 of aunts and uncles & grandparents there should be one decent family member that could be part of the their lives.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        It sounds as if this family is concerned about the kids and Kate used the kids as pawns, like she usually does. I question Kate’s motives for having this many children. Kate sounds more & more vile with each passing story.

        • SheRachet

          The last thing these kids need is to be put in the media spotlight by their mother, father, or estranged aunt.
          Talking to the Daily Mail is not the way to show the kids that you are concerned for them. She could be saving birthday cards for the kids to give to them when they are out from under Kate’s watch. That shows a lot more love and concern!

          • anjealka

            I wonder if Jon is allowed to let the aunts or grandparents see the kids when he has them? Jon father passed away but his mom has seen the kids. Maybe Kate doesn’t let Jon take them to see her side of the family(can that be part of a divorce?).

        • anjealka

          I read that tell all book & Kate was obsessed with the Mcacughley family in Iowa that had 7 kids for years, even naming her first two(of the 6) after them. Having HOM was a plan of Kate’s for sure. She was offered to adopt a healthy newborn right before she had the fertility treatments to have the 6. If she really wanted just one more then why not adopt, since they had biological kids. Jon was all for the adoption but Kate insisted on the fertility even when doctors told her no.

  • Stephanie

    “Kate is incredibly charismatic” she is incredibly OCD, fame tramp, only thinks of her self and that is not charismatic I wouldn’t ever admit to being her sister

    • anjealka

      I always wondered if the OCD was just for show. Kate claimed she wanted everything scrubbed and called the kids germy all the time. then look at her garage full of junk as she sits in front of it in her infamous white plastic chair or her bedroom had piles of clothes and papers all the time. I think she was just OCD for the cameras as part of the mom act. She is not charismatic, she was the dulliest guest I have ever seen on Watch what happens live.

  • LauraK

    I have tried to give Kate the benefit of the doubt for years. ‘People are always negative about strong, independent women’, I said. ‘Her husband was a cheater’, I told myself. In the last month or so however, I can’t help but think that perhaps she is the monster she has always been made out to be. Bummer 🙁

  • Punahou Puns

    Kate thinks she pisses perfume and shites gold. She’s too good for her family and only wants to associate with Hollywood celebrities, who don’t want to have anything to do with her. Charismatic? No, she just whined how she needed help. People helped because they were concerned about the kids. She’s a user who now has no use for her relatives.

  • Catherine

    I would hold a grudge too if my brother testified against me for non sense!! Kevin explained in court that the children’s “daily routines revolved around the needs of the designed episode, rather than having the crew just follow around their normal routine.” Oh how terrible to revolve around the needs of the episode such as going to Disney world or a pumpkin patch.. She should definitely hate her brother for that..Doing that show provided everything for those kids needs and more, more power to her for providing for her family.

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  • dolly lacroixe

    Kate is so miserable and unhappy who would ever want to be near her. Kates future is going to be very lonely, She really has some Mental problems.

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