EXCLUSIVE Brian Dawe responds to Dr. Jenn Berman with more fake Farrah Abraham relationship info


Brian Dawe saw this coming: After exclusively speaking to us about the relationship he faked with Farrah Abraham for the sake of Couples Therapy, there’s been a good deal of backlash.

“I believe that this situation is embarrassing for Farrah, and for the producers, who knew the relationship was a lie before the participants moved into the house where the show was to be filmed,” Brian said of the reaction to his interview with us.

One of the swiftest responses to our original article was from Couples Therapy counselor Dr. Jenn Berman, who told The TV Page that Farrah’s relationship with Brian was presented to her as “authentic,” despite the fact our story included an email Brian sent to Couples Therapy producers before taping that explained he and Farrah weren’t legitimate.

“Neither I nor my producers would ever allow anyone on Couples Therapy that we did not believe was a legitimate couple. This relationship was presented to me as an authentic short-term relationship,” Dr. Jenn said on Tuesday. “I have worked with other short term relationships on the show and have done very meaningful work with those couples.”

Farrah followed yesterday with a not-so-subtle subtweet: “F**k loser boyfriends who use me! & can’t face the truth!! I can face the music WATCH! NEW SEASON #4 of @VH1 @CouplesTherapyV @DrJennQuote”

Despite the denials of “relationship fraud” from Farrah and Dr. Jenn, Brian followed up with us to provide more evidence he and Farrah were never romantic.

“Farrah and I never had any kind of a relationship other than a professional one,” Brian exclusively told us. “I actually had a girlfriend at the time Farrah approached me to be in a fake relationship and am still currently dating her.”

Brian Dawe Girlfriend - Victoria

Brian added his girlfriend, Victoria (shown above), was “reluctantly supportive” of the scheme.

“(She) understood that it would not be real, and that I would be acting out the part of Farrah’s boyfriend,” Brian said of his true love. “She is very supportive of my career in the entertainment industry and extremely patient to have dealt with this scenario.”

In reality, Brian said his communications with Farrah only consisted of text messages and phone calls to cook up their “relationship history.”

“We discussed how we met, places we had been together, how we hid our relationship from the public, fights that we had been in, and all of it was obviously false,” Brian said. “The whole task of it all was absolutely ridiculous and I felt a huge amount of guilt agreeing to live out these lies on national television.”

He also provided us the text messages between him and Farrah during the week of Oct. 13 through Oct. 18. The conversations were purely about show logistics, not anything that would indicate they were romantic (or even knew each other outside of a professional capacity).

By exposing the truth about his faux-relationship, Brian said he didn’t intend to hurt Farrah.

“I hope she understands that she has been exploited since she was a teenager, and that the best thing she can do is to be honest to herself, and the public. My only purpose for coming out with my story is to clear my name, and to take a public stance against the culture of exploiting people through reality television and the media,” Brian said, adding he will tune into Couples Therapy solely to see what lies are spread about his character. “If they are, which I suspect they will be, I will continue to expose them and tell the truth.”

Couples Therapy premieres on VH1 tonight at 9/8c

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  • Kellie

    I think this makes Dr Jen look so bad!! She presents herself as a no BS therapist so to watch her carry on with Farrah about this and believe her will make her look like such a joke. You know, if that weren’t the case already.

    • Hayzii

      I think (hope) that most people see her as a joke already. The worst is her awkward forced F bombs she drops to try and look “real” or whatever she is going for. Cringe worthy.

  • Pat Brown

    she seems very likeable Dr. Jenn but this will not be good for her little show going forward! It’s been exposed as the sham it is. Ty and Cate just went on for money and more 15 minutes. All the teen moms are just flat out bad news, every one of them!

    • Youre_A_TeenMom_Hater

      They ALL go on for the paycheck, not just the Teen Mom cast. Not one of the “stars” that are on those shows go on the get help.

      • Pat Brown

        that is very true, if someone really wanted help, they would so privately!

  • Krispy Kreme McDonalds


    • Hayzii

      I’m confused. This isn’t a Jenelle story? 😉

    • ijustgotanametocomment

      rofl if it is what im thinking it is XD

  • Reality

    Team Brian!!! I was waiting for the truth to come out. We knew the relationship was fake. Their pictures reeked of being staged, acting oblivious of photos being take of them? And, I had wondered why she was going to “meet” her boyfriend at Couples Therapy. Seems you would have flown in with him. So, she knew going in that he was a no show well before she flew there. Farrah Abraham is such a joke. Her concocted stories are so out there, and she thinks everyone is as ignorant and dumb as she is to believe them. Go away Farrah, you are not an entertainer or a “business woman”. And, I watched Couples Therapy once, to see another joke- Courtney Stodden. I had no respect for Dr Jenn after watching that. Sell out.

    • AthiestAfricana

      I may be wrong but didn’t he post someb screenshots of convos with Farrah where she was telling him what to say to the producers to get them on the show? Or was this a different guy she tried to recruit?

      • ms naynay

        Yes, that was him. He also has the emails he sent to VH1 when he decided to back out. They offered him extra money to go ahead with the filming. Thankfully he had not signed the contract yet; he was to do that when he got to the studio to begin filming. Ohhhh this is PRICELESS!!!!

  • sammi

    I don’t look at Dr Jenn as more than a reality tv star anyway so everyone involved are fake as far as im concerned.

  • Dr. Jenn is a hack.

    “Dr. Jenn” drives me crazy so I have to rant. Don’t read it you don’t want to.
    Any reputable therapist would not be doing a reality show, period. Especially with obvious famewh*res like Farrah, Taylor or Courtney Stodden. It totally defeats the purpose of therapy which is to be able to talk personally or in a group in PRIVACY, so they feel safe to talk honestly. Adding a camera just encourages the “patients” to act and try to get more screen time. Dr. Jenn is about as legit as Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew (who sold out when he started declaring celebrities that he’s never evaluated, treated or even met to be addicted to this or that based on gossip. He can give his medical opinion obviously but he wouldn’t, he would say it as if it was fact) I only watched a few episodes of last season because watching her act like Courtney and Doug’s gross relationship was a real thing was ridiculous. Or that disgusting Joe Francis was anything but a nasty, abusive, sexual predator. Or ignoring that Flava Flav and his wife were both obviously cracked out 90% of the time, you can’t discuss a relationship while ignoring an obvious drug issue.

    Does this Dr. Jenn have actual, real life patients outside of this show? I could never imagine going to a therapist for help that actually believed compulsive liar, sociopathic Farrah. Remember how she had that idiotic therapist on Teen Mom that bought all of her BS about Derek being the love of her life and anytime she challenged her on anything, Farrah would squeeze out a few fake tears? Farrah will not admit that she is at fault for anything, if someone tries to get her to see her faults, she deflects the blame or calls the person a “jealous hater”. Dr. Jenn can’t be that great of a therapist if she that can’t realize when she’s being manipulated, Farrah is notorious for her ridiculous fake tears and sob stories. Remember how her DUI was the “government’s fault” or that James Deen was her “boyfriend” who hurt her by admitting that she hired him? She’s really delusional. Farrah needs a legitimate psychiatrist that knows how to spot patient manipulation, preferably someone that specializes in Personality disorders, because I really think Farrah has one. A TV Dr. isn’t going to do the trick and it makes me feel sorry for innocent Sophia being raised by a family of delusional, narcissistic, weird people (I bet she’ll love the story of grandpa accompanying her, at 4 year old, and her mother to a po*n studio to sell mommy’s p*orn!)

    If I didn’t give up wine for New Years, I’d take a sip every time Farrah rolls her eyes, fake cries or blames someone else.

    • fred

      I have long believed Farrah to be the worst human being reality TV has ever produced and am so glad to see that I am not alone. While I already had quite a low opinion of her, this kind of desperation is on a whole new level. To get validation as being someone from being on Teen Mom, to losing that, to hoping for the dual spinoff show with Jenelle, to having to resort to a couples therapy show without a partner is actually kind of sad. However, my sympathy didn’t last long, as watching her fake cry on tonight’s episode, made my blood boil.

      • siriusthecat

        I want to feel sorry for her so badly, I do. I just can’t. She’s just most unsympathetic person I’ve ever seen. She lies like a rug as my grandma used to say.

      • AthiestAfricana

        Agreed. I honestly have never heard a positive thing about her since her episode of 16 & pregnant.

    • Chelsea

      I agree with you about Dr. Jenn. I actually did a paper on her in one of my university counselling classes detailing how her “methods” are the exact opposite of what is taught when dealing with patients. This was a few years back but I was always amazed when there would be any praise in regards to how she handled her patients.

    • Guest

      I agree 100% with you!

    • gg

      I saw right from the first she was fake crying on the show. Absolutely no tears. Very poor actress.

    • Mary Jane Kelly

      You’re absolutely right.

  • Jean

    I bet Dr. Jen has an honorary degree in art

  • Z-list

    Farrah is absolutely insane. She’s going to use her poor lonely me card all the way until she convinces Dr. Jenn that she’s a total victim. Any guy that sees her should run fast, no amount of fame is worth dealing with that type of crazy. I wonder what “the most disturbing things I’ve ever heard in therapy” that Dr. Jenn claims she heard from Farrah are… Probably all lies, and it’s pathetic that a Dr. would fall for her crocodile tears. Or Farrah is going to throw her father and mother under the bus and accuse them of stuff, like Casey Anthony. I always thought those two seemed similar in personality.
    Oh and why is Taylor claiming that she found Russel hanging when at the time it was said that their therapist found him and Taylor wasn’t even in the house? I’m sure Russel was a wife beater and a disgusting shady scumbag but Taylor also has a huge history of lying and grifting and went right along with Russel’s schemes to get on Real Housewives. She’s a huge fame seeker. She’s only on this show because Andy Cohen bumped her down to “friend of housewife” on RHoBH because the fans hated her. I thought her new man was rich… why agree to another reality show unless you want attention? Why not get a real couples therapist?
    Jon Gosselin. He claims he did this only for money? Right, he loves the attention just as much as Kate. He’s another “poor me” sob story teller like Farrah.

    • G

      Didn’t Jon also say he and his new gf couldn’t “afford therapy’ and that’s why they agreed to do the show? Even though he’s been claiming he hates being on TV for years now? I don’t know about where he lives but in my area there are lots of free resources for therapy through social services. Unless that type of therapy isn’t good enough for him.

  • Hayzii

    I just watched the episode and what the hell? They are acting like it’s that other guy that Farrah dated, Daniel Alvarez. He is going to appear on the show…

    • Jame

      no, they are just bringing that guy on the show, the commercial made it look like he was Brian but really they are bringing in other guests to do therapy with Farrah. In the commercial she is most likely talking about when Daniel left her in Texas.

    • sammi

      I wonder how much Daniel was paid? Everyone wants to be a star. I saw the episode with him on teen mom and he was right in leaving her alone but why let her suck you into her scheme years later? What ever happened to the g@y guy and the Asian girl Farrah was friends with on Teen Mom lol

      • Y0GA

        If he wanted to be a “star” he’d have a better chance having put up with her nonsense and never dumping her to begin with…

    • melizzi

      NO S**T!!! That’s who I saw & been wondering WTF? As in…WTF is wrong with the producers of this show?? This is the most convoluted train wreck of a phony storyline I’ve ever seen or heard…scratching my head at this one!

  • Abby

    I can see that she uses guys but this dude was never her boyfriend who was supposed to be with her at couples therapy in the first place!! If you watch the show there’s a man that comes in the room while she had her one on one with doctor jenn and he wasn’t that man. He’s full of it. Looking to get his 10 second fame in like Farrah. So he should shut up and enough with the bashing we already know how she operates

    • wrong.

      Yes he was. He has the texts to confirm it. She actually attempted to get multiple men to go on the show with her, she had been trying since before Cate and Tyler went on, which is why she was so bitter that got on. Rumor has it the man shown in the previews is Daniel, the “boyfriend ” she had for about a week on Teen Mom who she scared off and totally offeneded when she went to meet his family. She was a psychotic bitch to him and his stepmother (whom she called a “lone bird” because she chose not to have children) I don’t know why he’d even step into the same room as her again but I hope he tears he new one and explains what a phony bitch she is. She’s that desperate for attention, I’m surprised she didn’t ask a homeless man on the street to go on with her and pretend.

  • gabbgirl

    The looks of this episode Farrah isnt as dramatic as she usually is when something drastic happenes i called her bullshit throuhg them crocodile tears crazy bitch

    • Jill

      That’s only because she’s had so many fillers, plumpers and Botox injected that she can’t move her creepy swollen lips or furrow her eyebrows to show any type of emotion. She’s 22 and looks just as godawful as the real housewives of wherever woman. Farrah is a hag and I hope someone bitch slaps her with a dictionary at some point during this idiotic show.

  • AthiestAfricana

    I cant even understand how Farrar can bev so stupid and desperate. A fake bad relationship? Some people actually need real couples therapy and she makes a joke of it for money. Nothing but trash.

  • Mary Jane Kelly

    Farrah Abraham is a psycho liar and fame-whore. If she was so badly abused by her parents (who I think are nuts too) why would she leave her daughter in their care while she chases guys? The new boobs, the lips, the bikini photo shoots, the strip club appearances….c’mom! The girl is full of shit! She thought she was going to be the next Kim Kardashian and instead she’s a bad punch line. Good luck Sophia.