VIDEO Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley and daughter Leah have lunch together at Panera

Teen Mom Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley drawing on notebook paper from 16 and Pregnant episode

Amber Portwood continues to work toward getting her life back on track after she was released from prison on Monday, and one of the biggest obstacles for her will most certainly be attempting to coparent her daughter Leah with Gary Shirley, who seems to have an uncanny knack for pushing Amber’s buttons and testing her anger management issues. But, as yet another sign that Amber’s time in prison really has transformed the 23-year-old former reality star, she and Gary were seen with their daughter Leah having what appeared to be a peaceful lunch together at Panera yesterday.

While walking back to their car, Amber and Gary fielded a few questions from the videographer, including whether or not they had plans on getting back together:

Cameraman: How you guys doing? How’s everything going?

Gary: Good.

Amber: Great.

Cameraman: You guys getting back together?

Amber: No.

Gary: Heh heh. No

Cameraman: Just being friends?

Amber: Yep! Doing it for Boo Boo.

The clip may not seem like much for those who have never watched Teen Mom, but for those who have, you know that Amber and Gary being able to co-exist, especially with Leah present, for any length of time without getting into a fight is HUGE progress! And you have to remember that this video was shot after they all had lunch together!

Congratulations again to Amber for seemingly straightening her life out! And kudos to Gary for being supportive. We all have our fingers crossed an amazing happy ending here. :)

On a slightly related side note, is anyone else out there addicted to Panera’s roasted turkey harvest wheatberry salad?!? Damn it’s good!

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  • shebee

    I really wish the media would just let them live. Amber just returned home to her family. Having cameras in her face does nothing for normalcy.

    • Claudia

      Right! And this video felt too much like stalking. They spent a whole minute video taping them get in the car!

      • Peach

        I agree. I just watched this and felt so uncomfortable watching it.

    • HoardersFan

      Agreed. Please leave them alone. However, they did choose to film with MTV, so they are partially responsible for the lack of privacy.

    • Pat Brown

      she brings it all on herself, I felt sorry for her, due to the media always stalking her, but now after seeing MTV mike her up right at the gates of the prison, it shows what she is NOW about, money the easy way, too afraid of dealing with the real world, I was really disappointed to see that. She hasn’t really changed, not when you think about it, she’a right back fraternizing with Gary, I don’t care if he’s the father of President Obama, you don’t go break bread with someone that played such a huge role in your demise. He’s poison for her, and she is still sitting there with him, I see no changes, I sadly predict she will falter and wind up back in prison or worse.

    • yeah

      The media? Really? You honestly think they go to the middle of nowhere to hound Amber? The media is only there because Amber and her “people” (MTV, her brother, etc) have called them there to garner attention for whatever “project” they have coming up next, they’re trying to make up for lost time. If it were the media, they would be in Maci’s, Farrah’s, Cartelynn’s, Leah’s, Chelsea’s, Kailyn’s, and that other pothead’s hometown, but they are not.

      • anjealka

        I also questioned the media being there. If there is no big Amber news outside of her going to dinner or taking a walk and the media is still in Anderson in a few weeks, there is something very fishy going on. We know now that Kate Gosselin had the media follow her (because photographers don’t live in rural PA) so I doubt a bunch of media/photographers live in Anderson. I can see a few coming out because of her getting out of jail & mtv was there. If they stay much longer they are being asked to. Amber doesn’t need this so shame on MTV or whoever called(I hope it is not Amber since she used to talk about the money she got off selling stories).

      • poop

        The media used to hang out in her hometown all the time while Teen Mom was huge. They occasionally would go to the other girls hometowns too. But they followed Amber the most. Did you know that in October 2011 Amber was featured on more magazine covers than Angelina Jolie? Of course the media was in town following her! They used to do the same with Jenelle too while Teen Mom 2 was airing and she had a lot of shit going on. The more interesting/dramatic girls really do get the media going to their hometowns just for them, but only when there’s big stuff going on. Amber just got released from jail. That’s a big deal. They wanted to photograph that. People are interested. I’m sure the photographers will all fly back home soon if they haven’t already.

  • Pat Brown

    they have to film for MTV how will Leah eat if they don’t? I can not picture Amber or Gary going to 9 to 5 jobs to support their daughter. I think anything she did in prison isn’t that miraculous. What she should she have done, just layed in her little bed and slept? She had to do things, you are basically forced to get out of bed every day and be productive. I don’t think hanging out with someone as damaged as Gary is, is healthy for Amber. I see some really ugly patterns resurfacing only what 2 days after she gets out? She should be having a 3rd party do the trade offs with Leah and have nothing to do with Gary for her own sanity, and go get a job, and be productive, Sadly I predict, that she will slip and wind up back in jail.

  • Guest

    Baby Leah opening the door for herself and her dad to me shows Gary did a great job raising her by himself. I am noticing Amber’s comment to Leah “what are you doing baby?” was a bit passive aggressive. I honestly can envision her saying something dumb and mean to her daughter. I really wish the transition from her seeing her child would have taken some more time because to me it doesn’t look like she get’s the importance of being gentle or loving towards your child.

  • miss ramos

    I agree with everone they sould just leave thim long do there lifes

  • heidi

    Why are people so negative .. she has somewhat proven herself in prison now she needs to prove herself on the outside she really needs positive people in her life not negativity whats with all the judging ?leave that to god that’s his job not yours she really doesn’t need to please or prove anybody anyway but herself and her daughter. In the bible it says to be kind to eachother not bring eachother down why can’t it just be like that? I honestly wish her the best I don’t think she’s a bad person at all loved her on teen mom and she was my favirote one.. because I could relate to her anger issues. Good luck Amber welcome home!