Who is Brian Dawe, Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend?

Farrah Abraham Boyfriend Brian Dawe

Farrah Abraham and her new boyfriend, Brian Dawe, went public with their relationship over the weekend in one of the most Farrah ways possible: A not-so-random faux-toshoot.

In the pictures, which were exclusively obtained by Daily Mail, the two lovebirds are seen canoodling around an Orlando park before making a wardrobe change and heading out for a romantic dinner. As their frequent hugs, kisses and adoring gazes clearly show, they are totally in love.

So, who is Brian Dawe, the lucky guy who won Farrah’s affections?

Brian is better known as “DJ Brian Dawe” of VH1’s Master of the Mix fame. Although he didn’t win the competition, the show ensured he’ll stay busy with work for a while. As a touring DJ, that means he regularly travels around the world to spin discs alongside some major stars, including Rihanna, Ke$ha, Busta Rhymes and more.

Although 30-year-old Brian rose through the ranks of DJ’ing in a relatively short period of time, he was sidetracked by a testicular cancer diagnosis in 2008.

“Thankfully, I was cured after surgery and months of chemotherapy,” he told Smash the Club in April. “I always tell people that having cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was scary, obviously, to go through something like that, but it taught me to appreciate my life and not take anything for granted.”

Since then, Brian’s lived with the motto “plan your work, then work your plan” and has continued to find success.

DJ Brian Dawe

Brian considers Orlando his homebase and occasionally spins at local clubs. Most recently, he headlined at Club Vain — on the same night as our dear Farrah’s “Filthy” appearance.

Brian Dawe and Farrah Abraham

According to Daily Mail, Farrah and Brian got acquainted long before the Orlando appearance: They reportedly began dating in May, around the same time as Farrah’s Backdoor video.

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  • ……….Hmmmm…..

    How much did she pay him to be her “boyfriend”

    • Caeleigh Shae

      Yup! He’s hired. All those snaps were set up by Farrah and the paparazzi peeps she keeps in her pocket. It’s a photo shoot just like her romps on the beach. It’s all a lie just like her claim that James Deen was her “boyfriend” at the time.

    • Sweet Venom

      I was just going to say the same thing! Farrah shows no compassion towards anyone, I just can’t imagine her genuinely loving anyone right now that isn’t her.

  • Agnes

    Answering the question in the title: a fool or a pimp. Or both.

  • ohhhhno

    Did you all really call him “lucky” to have won Farrah? …..

  • frontdoormom

    Poor guy. Soon youll hear they broke up and farrah will go on the attack with low blows about his testicular cancer. Watch.

    • IHaveNoName

      So true – I kinda can’t wait to see how she’s gonna turn it around on him. He has no idea what he’s in for!! I only feel a little bad for him though, he knows who she is and what she’s famous for and he’s still dating her…. Maybe he’s a hopeless romantic who thinks she will be different with him.

      • amberc88

        or he is using her just for the attention, which is what she is probaby using him for as well, no one can really like her, she is the devil.

      • frontdoormom

        Most likely for the attention. I cant imagine any sane human being wanting a relationship with this mess. I mean they already had a photo shoot…its clearly a publicity stunt IMO. Who would want a relationship with someone whos b-hole is blasted (literally) all over the internet?

  • Jinx the cat

    Anyone who believes this is real needs their head examined. She paid him for the photo shoot and I bet they are never seen together again. Girl can’t survive without attention.

  • twelfthnight

    I saw pictures of them yesterday and couldn’t figure out why snotbag Farrah would go out with an average looking guy. I thought he had to be rich. Close, famous..ish. Anything for Farrah to keep her name in the headlines.

  • Roxiee

    Wait, where is Sophia? Oh, yeah Eveything is more important then her, even a guy! -_-

    • Caeleigh Shae

      Proved by her new tattoo of “Mom.” – It has nothing to do with HER mom…..it’s all about her.

  • Lisa Marie

    In the porn the guy had to use his hand to tighten her up. She is BIG down there. And she looks like she is nearing 40. What happened to her face? It looks like she was hit in it with a bag of hot nickels.

    She is a terrible mother, too. She thinks her daughter is an accessory. When this guy dumps her, he is going to be talking crap about her. Cant wait! LOL

  • Dani

    What happened to staying single to prove how grown up she is?

  • Kara

    If he appreciated his life he wouldn’t be with Farrah.

  • Caz

    Probably have the same manager…….

  • HoardersFan

    So Farrah was dating DJ Brian Dawe and James Deen at the same time?! lol

  • Felicia R Faulkner

    If you look at the guy who is suppose to be her ex-boyfriend in next weeks Couple Therapy episode…. ITS NOT THIS GUY. Seriously. The whole thing makes zero sense. What a train wreck.