American Pickers’ Danielle Colby is married! Meet her husband Alexandre

American Pickers' Danielle Colby husband Alexandre De Meyer

We here at Starcasm have made no qualms about pronouncing our affinity for American Pickers office manager (and burlesque dancer, and roller derby vet, and tattooed beauty queen, and music aficianado, and internet haters silencer, and…) Danielle Colby, but although we have covered her activities and endeavors quite extensively over the last few years, there’s one little fact that managed to slip under our radar: Danielle is married!

I realize your knee-jerk reaction will probably be like mine and that little, grumbly, manlier-than-you-are-in-reality voice in your head will ask, “Danielle is married?!? Who is this guy? He better not be some douchebag!”

Well relax folks, “Mr.” Danielle is the antithesis of douchebag. Actually, I’m kind of reluctant to admit, he seems super damn cool. How cool? How about a French dude with a huge beard who is an artist and runs one of the hippest screen printing shops in Chicago cool? (Oh, and I’m pretty sure he plays banjo too.)

Danielle opened up to her Facebook fans about her spouse after some folks assumed she was married to a man she was with in a previous photo she had posted:

Is American Pickers Danielle married? Meet her husband Alexandre De Meyer

No, no no no…. THIS is my husband. (The other gentleman was just a guest who came by yesterday, sorry my post was cut short, haha! He is adorable though and If I was 75 I would snatch him up)

My dudes name is Alexandre, he is an artist, he also is a brilliant man who designed the blueprints for the Michelin Museum in France as well as many other structures there. He is from Voiron France in the French Alps and is the kindest, most beautiful soul I have ever met. I adore his family and see why he is so wonderful, with parents like he has, it makes sense.

We do live in Chicago with my children and niece and 4 bunnies (rescued) and 6mo old pit bull (rescued). I do still work for Antique Archaeology, its only 2 1/2 hours away. I do keep a residence in Iowa but rarely stay there, Chicago is just too fun! I am a midwest girl all the way! Except our tiny little place we have in France, so we can be with family there. Its a humble, but awesome life we have I think that explains it all?

Alexandre De Meyer husband of American Pickers Danielle Colby

Alexandre’s full name is Alexandre De Meyer and he sells t-shirts, posters, and postcards under the name Neuf Vies. (Facebook page and website links) He describes himself this way in the “About Me” section:

Danielle Colby with husband Alexandre De Meyer in New York City

I’m a graphic designer artist from France, I work for bands, I create posters, covers artwork, logos, stikers, t-shirts design, merch design…

I also work in a screenprint workshop (Going Blind),

i make screenprintings posters from my own illustrations.

My work is inspired by traditional American tattoos, movie posters from the sixties and seventies.

I split my time between personal works and orders from bands,

I use traditional techniques and digital technologies.

(In an article on about Danielle Colby’s 4 Miles 2 Memphis shop in Chicago it says Alexandre is “co-owner.”)

And for those of you wondering, Alexandre does have his green card. Or at least he did back in September when Danielle shared this next photo of her tie-clad beau along with an excited caption:

American Pickers Danielle Colby and Frenchman husband Alexandre De Meyer

“Happy happy day! Alex gets his green card! The immigration office couldn’t have been nicer, that was an unexpected surprise. Maybe it helped that they were watching an American Pickers marathon when we walked in 😉 “

It’s not clear just how long the two have been together, but Alexandre’s name looked familiar to me and when I looked through my old posts about Danielle I realized he was the one who had created the 4 Miles 2 Memphis logo just prior to Danielle opening her first location near Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, Iowa. That post was written in November of 2011, so they’ve at least had a working relationship since then. (Perhaps they met when Alexandre offered to design her logo? Pure speculation!)

Either way, we reluctantly give our approval — though our approval means absolutely nothing, as I’m sure Danielle would be the first to point out 🙂 Hopefully Alexandre will make an extended appearance on American Pickers at some point so everyone can get to know him a little better!

And for those of you wanting a better sense of Alexandre’s aesthetic (other than women — which is obviously beyond reproach), here is one of his posters titled “Rider Jesus” from his website:

Alexandre De Meyer Rider Jesus screen print poster

(It’s only $24.99 for this three-color screen print numbered and signed by Alexandre!)

And just in case you missed the link above, Alexandre’s website is if you want to check out more of his work!

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  • american packers

    looks like a total douche

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      It takes a douche to know a douche….. and what kinda packer are you? HaHaHa…:@

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    its too bad you have to Vagazzle yourself. You’d be hot without the trailer park trash Leopard skin tatoos

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      You are just a hater…. She is beautiful with or without the tattoos… :-(*)

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        “it’s a girl?” – stevie wonder…

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      I guess your tinny little brain must think anyone with tattoos must live in a trailer park then. I am covered in tats from my ankle to my neck and both arms 7 rings in my left ear and 4 in the right, both my nipples and a 1 ounce ring in my helmet and although I aint got a clue about you ex your small braind head, I bet the house I own cost me more £ than
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      • Kay c

        You couldn’t be more right Rob!!!

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    • Colleen Moceri

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    • Lynne

      Don’t judge the cover, you have to look inside

  • Brian A.

    Danielle is smoking hot with or without the tats. She seems supremely confident and organized. If she feels Alexandre is a good man, then I have no reason to doubt her. It’s her life after all. Haters gonna hate.

  • Joan

    I can’t stand people who are so judgemental of all others, and look right past all their own negative faults.

    • John Gibbs

      do you know how funny it is, what you wrote?
      and that’s all she wrote…

    • MrMurph

      I can’t stand people who complain about others being judgemental. Useless and stupid argument.

  • Damo

    She is so hot that I had a broken heart when I found out she was married. She is not only pretty,she is hard working, honest and loyal. Her husband is a lucky dude.

    • MrMurph

      You need a life. And maybe start by getting your eyes checked.

  • Kay C

    Righteous Rob you are so right! I only have two tats, but Danielle is hot, and This is coming from a chicks perspective. She seems so down to earth, kind, honest and a hard worker. I don’t care if you are from a trailer park or a mansion. It’s what’s on the inside that makes you a good person, or someone like Jared, just being a judgmental a$$ that makes you a person no one wants to be around.

    • MrMurph

      Were you born boring or are you a product of your environment? Trailer-parks can do that…..

  • Harry F.

    Alex is a lucky man, Danielle seems like a fun looking lady that knows what makes her happy, her smile shouts that out about her. You go girl. I would consider myself a lucky man to meet her some day!

  • Robert Short

    You lucky son of a bitch!

    • Bc

      I love her she so so so ma type of woman on GOD earth!

  • Robert Short

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    i cant see tats on dark skin people it doesnt look good as on white skin. It excites me when a tat is around the private parts on a women. Keep picking mike and frank

    • Livian Reads

      You might not be married long after this post! I feel for your wife!

  • John Gibbs

    lucky guy – every time i tune in to the show, Danielle is just looking hotter and healthier. she glows!!!
    they should put her on TV!!

    • MrMurph

      Said the man with the coke-bottle lenses.

  • ShadowInc

    “He better not be some douchebag!”
    He’s not, he’s a French hipster douche bag.

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