Demi Lovato solicits Mattel to produce Barbies with average bodies, cellulite

Demi Lovato Wants  Normal Barbie

A few months away from turning 21, Demi Lovato made an unusual birthday wish.

The singer added that an average-shaped Barbie would be “one dope 21st birthday” present.

While encouraging her 14.7 million Twitter followers to tweet @BarbieStyle, Demi also suggested Mattel create a Barbie with some cellulite: “After all, around 95% of ALL women have it!!!”

The X Factor judge’s fans were quick to back up Demi.

“I’d buy a @ddlovato Barbie in a heart beat… I’d actually buy like 1,000 and give them to every little girl i see,” wrote one, who Demi retweeted.

Last year, a fan threw a Barbie doll at Demi while she was performing in Brazil. The young star then took a moment to give a very grown-up speech.

“I spent my whole life trying to be this and trying to look like this,” Demi told her fans. “And guess what? I’m not this. And it means the world to me that you guys still love me no matter what.”

With her words, actions and example, Demi is quickly becoming one of the most body-positive women in Hollywood. She has been open about her past struggles and supportive of others who deal with depression, self-harm and eating disorders.

Past studies have shown that Barbie’s proportions are physically impossible for women.

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  • Lana Leigh

    Leave Barbie alone FFS.

  • Dani

    Anyone else remember how well the Rosie O’Donnell Barbie went over…or rather not well?

  • Nathan

    The number of women suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders is dwarfed by the obesity epidemic. I’m getting tired of this nonsense about “healthy body images” being promoted by the media and using anorexia as an excuse.
    Obesity is a much bigger problem and is killing a lot more people. Crap like overweight Barbies just fuels this epidemic by making people feel comfortable with their fatness.

    • frontdoormom

      I agree. It just “okays” being overweight. Its okay to be healthy. The need and want to be as “perfect” as Barbie I feel stems from mental and self esteem issues. Why not encourage and promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle? You can still be a little heavy but healthy. I think making Barbie with cellulite is a bit much.

    • Der

      That’s funny, because I’m pretty sure she said “average” and not overweight or obese. If you think an average barbie would be overweight then YOU are the one with an issue.

    • Kelly

      Yeah, only she’s not saying make Barbie overweight. She’s saying make her average. As in not thin as a toothpick, and not overweight.

    • me

      You haven’t had an eating disorder. OR compassion for that matter. I have both.

  • Ashley

    I’m so sick of her. She milked her disorder, self hamring, and weight issues enough. We get it, you had issues. It’s the only thing she ever talks about. It’s gotten exploitive at this point.

    As someone who used to self harm, and still struggles daily, I’m sad this is our mouth piece. Shut up already.

  • jessie

    OK, first of all….GO DEMI LAVATO!!!! YOU ROCK AND WE NEED MORE VOICES LIKE YOU OUT THERE! Oh and Ashley, this is not a competition over who is the “more experienced self harmer” here. She talks about it to let others, like YOURSELF, know that they are not alone and recovery is possible. I don’t know your situation and am absolutely not trying to down play what you may be going through but come on, don’t say such ignorant things about someone speaking out and raising awareness over something you still claim to struggle with.

    • Ashley

      Where did I say I cut more then her, was better at it then her, or in any way implied that it was a competition. On that note, where did I make an incorrect or bigoted statement. Unless by “ignorent” you meant “doesn’t agree with me”. In which case, you’re using that word incorrectly. I’m entitled to dislike Demi and have an opinion.

      • jessie

        Well its when that opinion of yours puts down someone who is only trying be a positive voice and shed light on something you claim you struggle with yourself I really don’t understand that, but hey, thats just my opinion and I’m entitled to have one also!

        • Ashley

          Because yours didn’t put me down right? You called me ignorent, competitive and continue to imply that I’m lying about self harming myself.
          You also didn’t answer my questions about your accusations and name calling.