Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson are getting married tonight

Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms with Miranda Patterson and his twins

Tonight is a big night in the world of Teen Mom 2. Corey Simms, the ex-husband of Leah Messer and the father of her twins, is tying the knot with Miranda Patterson. For days, they have been tweeting about the momentous occasion and now, their big day has finally arrived.

“Spending the night before our wedding with my best friend @itscodyhilton & my momma! #SoExcited,” Miranda tweeted last night.

This morning, the tweeting continued with a very special message from the soon-to-be wedded pair. “Today in just a few hours, @CoreySimms2 and I will be joined in marriage. Happiest and most blessed day of my life. I love you handsome ,” Miranda tweeted just after 10:00am. Moments later, Corey added, “can’t wait to see your pretty self in a few hours.”

Miranda Patterson at her bridal shower

^ Corey’s dad tweeted the photo above along with the caption, “My future daughter-in-law,” back in April during her bridal shower.

Corey and Miranda became engaged shortly before the Christmas holiday in 2012 after several months of dating. Since then, they have been heavy in the planning process. In January, Miranda even attended a wedding expo for a cram session in all things wedding.

Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson engagement photo

In addition to their own joy about the upcoming affair, Corey’s dad has been very vocal about his excitement in adding Miranda to the Simms clan.

Last night, Corey’s dad Jeff tweeted to fans telling them, “What an eventful week, we laid one family member to rest and this weekend we add one via marriage. So excited for Corey and Miranda!” The death Jeff was referring to was the loss of his wife’s father on June 2. While it’s unfortunate to lose someone so close to a joyous celebration has to hurt but thankfully, it sounds like the Simms family is staying positive.

Prior to that, on June 2, Jeff said, “Excited about adding another ‘Mrs. Simms’ to the family! Super sweet young lady, obviously crazy about my son. Great couple! #love.”

While Teen Mom 2 season 5 has reportedly just began filming, it’s unclear whether or not this will be a part of it.

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  • PiscesTia

    Wow- they move fast in West VA huh? So I gather Corey and this chick haven’t even been together a year?

    • anjealka

      I think it has been around a year at least they have been dating. They got engaged at Christmas. I think it is short engagements there but spring and summer is wedding time? At least His wife to be has an established career(as some sort of police officer), no kids, and he has a home and decent job with benefits so they have a better starting place. Hope it work outs out for all.

    • Trinity Morealis

      That was my thoughts too. They’re young! Its not like they’re 40 sheesh (not that there’s anything wrong with being 40 and getting married, just that they usually like to be married before getting pregnant and at 40 there’s not much time and a good reason to rush imo).

    • Courtney

      This girl seems to be one of those “rare gems” and a “keeper”! I think that when you know, you know! When you find someone so perfect for you, you don’t care about how long it’s been or proper timing, you just know its right!

  • Tina

    how does this guy get such pretty girls ? must have a awesome personality because he’s no that good looking

    • Courtney

      He does have an awesome personality! 😉


      I think Miranda is beautiful.! Leah is so homely.!

  • Courtney

    FINALLY a Teen Mom article that doesn’t make me want to scream or throw something! Good for Corey! I TRUELY hope they have the best and most special wedding! I can see why the in laws love her…. especially because she’s nothing like psycho, cheating Leah!

  • savannah

    All I can say about this girl, upgrade! She’s beautiful! I hope they’re happy together, the two girls deserve to see everyone in their family happy and good examples of healthy relationships.

  • BEBE

    Lemme lemme upgrade ya

  • C

    WHY get married again? Why not just date for a couple of years? What exactly is the rush with these people?

  • Beautiful!

    She is GORGEOUS, good for corey. They are happy together so that’s all that matters. 🙂

  • Mickey

    I just gotta say, I’ve seen Leah congratulating them and I think Kail could learn a thing or two from this family. Even if Leah is faking being happy for him, at least she’s not causing unnecessary drama.