PHOTO Danielle Cunningham gives birth to second child, feuds with fan over the child’s name

16 & Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham baby bump photo revealed

Danielle Cunningham gave birth to a healthy baby girl this morning following days of pelvic pain, a hospital visit and plenty of pain medication. This is the second child for the former 16 & Pregnant star and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jamie Alderman.

At exactly 5:38 am on June 7, Danielle debuted the first photo of her baby girl to her 22,000 fans on Twitter. Along with the adorable photo, Danielle revealed that her new baby, whom she named Jayleigh Rae, weighed in at 6.13 pounds and had arrived at 5:10 am.

Danielle Cunningham's daughter Jayleigh Rae Cunningham

Shortly after the birth, Danielle got into a mini Twitter feud over the child’s name. One of Danielle’s followers accused her of stealing the name idea from her niece, but Danielle quickly denied it, telling the fan, “lol i dont even know you. So no i did not.” Unfortunately, things didn’t end there.

The user pressed on, tweeting that she wished people would be more original but Danielle didn’t back down and insisted, “Nobody took your name. Stop being so full of yourself. Wtf is wrong with your ignorant a**.” Since then, Danielle has stayed off social media, as she should.

On Tuesday, Danielle began having pain in her pelvic area which led her to head to the hospital, assuming she was in labor. However, after hours of being watched, doctors gave her some pain medication and sent her on her way.

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  • Jenna

    Danielle is just another classless person who should not be having children. Her tweets are disgraceful and she should be ashamed of the way she ‘talks’ to people.

    • Goggles99

      What’s more disgraceful is a self-absorbed fan trying to leech notoriety by claiming that someone who doesn’t even KNOW her niece stole the girl’s name. People these days. SMFH

  • Danie

    because Jaleigh and all the many ways it is spelled is an original name. It boomed in 2004. Ive had at least one Jaleigh/Jaylee/etc in all my preschool classes for the last 7 years.

    • Mickey

      That’s exactly what I was thinking lol

    • anjealka

      I wish parents would stick with traditional spellings. these trends annoy me. There are 4 Jaxon’s in my daughter class and I looked at their history tests and so many kids wrote the president as Andrew Jaxon!

      • Sirius Blackcat

        Yup, its a lifetime of spelling it out for people. My old neighbor had a huge tiger lily tattoo with his daughters name under it “Lilly”.

  • Courtney

    Danielle is the poster child of TRASH! I would be so embarrassed to be her for even a minute! Poor kids of hers!

    • Guest

      You want trash go goole taylertradgedy and check her youtube videos now that is TASH hahahah

  • LexiconD1

    Well if they weren’t ‘trash’, they’d not be ‘teen’ Moms. Sorry to all this will surly offend, but that’s the truth.

    • jeff

      I suspect the only people who would be offended would be the ones who are also trash…

      • LexiconD1


    • Courtney

      I think what you meant by “they” are the actual cast of Teen Moms, not all teen moms in general. If that’s what you meant then I agree. We saw them at a young age where they still seemed somewhat innocent and their strong personality wasn’t very visible yet. Baby or not they still would have become the same trashy, tattooing, getting arrested girls.

      • LexiconD1

        I meant most, not all, of teen moms (not just on this show) are trashy. I haven’t met one, in real life, who had their lives put together and trashed it by getting pregnant. Smart girls, usually, don’t put themselves in the position of getting knocked up.
        Sorry, that IS the truth.
        I am using the words, usually or most, because it isn’t all of them, but it IS truth for most of them.

        • Isabelle

          … I had my daughter at 18. I’m at University and raise her on my own. She’s smart, polite and I’m far from trash. Just because you’ve met some shitty teen mums doesn’t mean we’re all that way.

    • Goggles99

      I had my first child at seventeen, and NEVER relied on government assistant beside my husband’s military benefits. You have no right to judge other people by the age at which they become parents, because I am NOT trash. However, I am going to be the bigger person and end this now, rather than name-calling.

      • Emily

        no you relied on your husband, if it werent for him you would probably be on welfare. you arent any better. did u even watch her episode of 16 & pregnant? none of these girls were ready and the majority of them still arent ready. now they are adding a second child to the mix, yea sorry but thats just stupid.

        • Goggles99

          I don’t rely on my husband, thank you. I work as a substitute teacher, but unfortunately there are no schools open during the summer who need subs. Who the hell do you think you are, saying I would be on welfare? Because you don’t know myself or my husband.

          • holla

            She say I don’t need to justify myself on the internet then 2 second later she’s trying to convince us that she’s not as trash as we think she is. Ahh people these day.

        • Goggles99

          At least my husband stepped up. Not many fathers stick around.

          • jeff

            Now who’s judging?

            • Goggles99

              It’s not judging. But why should I be justifying myself to a bunch of people on the internet? None of you know me in person. Nice try, though, but that wasn’t aimed at anyone.

    • Danielle

      I see 30 and 40 year olds who end up dumping their kids into the system. In reality, anyone could be a crappy mother, no matter what age.

    • Mercedes Hardy

      I hope that’s not an implication that ALL teen mom’s are trash… because while a lot are less than classy, some of us take great pride in the fact that we hit a bump, got over it, and made a decent life for our kids. Don’t judge a whole class of people on the one’s you see on tv, they aren’t a true indication of the “norm”.

  • jeff

    It’s funny watching two brain dead retards go at it.

  • Ace

    The name just makes me think of jelly

  • Goggles99

    I doubt Danielle would steal the name of a complete stranger’s niece. Just putting that out there.

  • Sorry not sorry

    Both of her kids are ugly.

    • Kir

      They are KIDS, how can you even say such a thing??

  • amtrack

    Wait… she stole her nieces name that Danielle has never even met? U mean to tell me she even stole her last name too?! Oh hell no! Lol this chicks hillarious! If she wants to play the they stole the name game we would have wars all over the place! I know about 15 girls with my name and its not to common! This is funny and so what if Danielle has a second child she’s in school and works and keeps her kids unlike jenelle … Danielle has been with Jamie that’s it she isn’t bringing in guys after guys she may use some foul language and that isn’t good but she’s doing a lot better for herself and her kids now don’t judge someone u don’t no u all aren’t perfect either I’m a teen mom I’ve been on welfare before it doesn’t make me a bad mom I wasn’t abusing the system like most adults do! Yes there are crappy teen mom’s but there’s also crappy parents too! Don’t go blaiming age!

  • Sirius Blackcat

    Jayleigh? Why is it cute to make up stupid names? She is going to be spelling that for people her whole life.