Lil’ Kim puts Wendy Williams on Twitter blast

Wendy Williams Lil' Kim

A teaser was posted to Wendy Williams’ Twitter account yesterday linking to a video in which the talk show host discussed rapper Lil’ Kim’s “dramatic new look.” Lil’ was tagged in the tweet and let’s just say it certainly caught her attention.

During the “Hot Topics” segment from Wendy’s show, she rolled out the following photo of Kim which drew a gasp from the audience. Williams followed up by saying, “See, take the pin and pop her, she’ll fly right back to Jersey.”


Wendy went on to discuss how Lil’ Kim is upset, believing that the image was doctored. The host sort of came to her defense by arguing that the photographer arguably caught her in an unflattering moment with bad lighting. Williams concluded by telling Lil’ Kim not to blame photoshopping but to blame her plastic surgeon.

Here’s how the multi-platinum artist responded to the critique:


So far Williams has not responded… This isn’t Lil’ Kim’s first beef with the former on-air radio personality as she expressed pretty much the same sentiment as above in her song “Shut Up Bi**h” back in 2005. “Don’t come around here with that Wendy Williams s**t, get your facts straight or shut up b**ch.”

Top Image: Alberto Reyes/ | C.Smith/

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  • Ann

    Yikes. Plastic surgery gone horribly wrong.

  • Jayson

    Lil Kim? Thought that was the tranny that banged Ed Helms in Hangover 2

  • Maiko Higa

    She is so unrecognizable. She should have just said no to the knife.

  • killy_sd

    Kim still puts out music?

  • frankswif3y

    WOWWOWOW!!!! I can’t stand Lil Kim but it’s about time someone puts Wendy’s ugly manly ass in her place. LOL

  • Nikki

    Lil Kim has no class!! Her vocabulary is disgusting which throws Wendy a thumbs up! She has the right to come back on Wendy but show some class, act like an adult! Lil Kim is damn 40years old! And I agree that Lil Kim looks horrible from the plastic surgery!

  • Nikki

    By the way the REAL and TALENTED Queen Bee is #BEYONCE! Lil Kim sit your ass down! People would think of you as talented if you carried yourself better – instead of putting out dirty raps & rhymes and calling females B***ches!! #Team Wendy!

  • natalie905

    Lil’ Kim is behaving like ghetto trash but who is Wendy Williams to call anyone out on plastic surgery? She would melt if she got too close to a candle.