EXCLUSIVE Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Kirsten Cooper’s drama-filled last weekend together

Kirsten Cooper and Ryan Edwards together in Chatanooga

Ryan Edwards announced that he was in a new relationship with Hooters model/George Mason University student Kirsten Cooper just one day before Valentine’s Day. But now, just a couple weeks later, he is back on the market. While he nor Kirsten have revealed much about their break-up online, a friend of Kirsten’s is speaking out exclusively to Starcasm about the odd circumstances that led up to their split.

According to the pal, Ryan met Kirsten on Twitter earlier this month (although he told people they met in Knoxville, Tennessee), and after a few tweets and FaceTime sessions, the two became quite close — virtually. This weekend Kirsten flew to Chattanooga where she met up with Ryan face-to-face for the first time. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Kirsten flew in on Friday and after she arrived, both Ryan and her shared a few sweet tweets and even a couple of photos with their fans on social media. Kirsten stayed with Ryan at his parents’ house for the entire trip, and since he had Bentley that weekend, she got to know him as well. Things seemed to be going great and Kirsten was thrilled to finally be in the arms of her man.

Ryan Edwards and Kirsten Cooper attend motocross race

On Saturday, Kirsten arranged to spend some time with her cousin who goes to school in the area, but when she arrived back to Ryan’s parent’s house, their troubles began. “Kirsten was with her cousin all day Saturday, and when she dropped her back off at Ryan’s parents’ house around 11:00pm, he still wasn’t home. He ended up coming back at 2 am claiming he had a business meeting,” the friend tells Starcasm. It later became more clear that what Ryan was doing was attending Supercross without his new lady. “They were supposed to go together, that’s why he begged Kirsten to come this weekend.”

And after Saturday, things only got worse. Today, Ryan told Kirsten that he had a job interview that would only take 30 minutes but was gone for a whopping 5 hours. And where was Kirsten? Waiting at his parents house on her last day in town with no food or transportation and an aching heart.

Kirsten is now headed home to Virginia completely “heartbroken,” her friend says. Ryan told Kirsten that she could be the one and the two even discussed her possibly moving south at some point. She thought he really was falling for her, and now she’s left wondering what the heck happened. As if that weren’t bad enough, Kirsten’s friend tells us that Ryan is texting Kirsten with crazy messages including one in which he asks if she is coming back next weekend “to cuddle.”

Not exactly a textbook “catfish” scenario, but pretty close it sounds like. Maybe a muskie?

Photos: Instagram

  • BuckyBoyd

    LOL at the fact that they made their relationship official without ever meeting in person. I can see if they had been virtually talking for a long time but they went official in what a week or two after “meeting on twitter”? LMFAO. What did this girl expect from Ryan? He is and will always be a douche. Maybe she should have listened to her fellow Hooters gal Dalis who has publicly said she feels bad for any of Ryan’s future girlfriends.

    PS i bet he went to the Supercross race with another girl and i highly doubt Ryan was on a job interview (probably with same said girl from Supercross race). That lazy POS will never get a job or move out of mommy and daddy’s house. He couldn’t even stay moved out and in his own apartment for more than a few months before he came crawling back. And he’s 25 smh.

  • JustMe4You

    If they were planning on going to supercross together why did she come back at 11PM? Well after supercross started. Theres morebto the story it seems.

    • Stephanie

      umm, he SAID he couldn’t go to Supercross because he had a charity race Sunday! Then ditched her and went!

    • BuckyBoyd

      He told her they couldn’t go to the race because he had a race early the next day so she visited her cousin who goes to school in Tennessee. When she got back, he was gone and didn’t get home until 230am. Turns out he went to the Supercross race (with another girl, like i predicted) when the whole reason she flew out there was because they had plans to go to the race together. Read the damn article.

  • Rachel

    Thought this girl was seriously stupid for ever really thinking that she had a “relationship” with this guy…wasn’t he seeing some other girl just a week ago? Any way, who actually gets into a relationship without ever having ONE date? Now I really almost feel sorry for her! But not Ryan! He is a wanna be loser! His parents are to blame a LOT! Should have kicked him out on his sorry ass a LONG time ago! Getting some poor girl 4 years younger than you doesn’t make you a TV star. It doesn’t make you hot! It makes you pitiful! I feel sorry for Bently!

    • L

      Apparently SHE was with guys the weekend before anyway!!!

  • Sweet Venom

    lol poor girl. Ryan will run out of girls to date soon enough (hopefully).

  • E

    You really posted this? She is an idiot. He wanted ass.. he got it.. ok, thanks! goodbye, the end.

  • Jenny

    Just another hooters girls hoping to get some tv time by dating this dbag. Did she not see how badly things ended between him and Dalis? Or is she dumb enough to believe that it would be different with her?

  • Goodness, that nose.

    • Abrianna1234

      I know right. I was about to say the same thing.

  • Jen

    Who meets on Twitter? Snore. This relationship was over before it began. She’ll be embaraased about this in a few years

  • ohmygeez

    They look like an odd couple.

  • Kara

    Honestly, what did she expect?

  • Her nose is like an arrow pointing down. And it’s leaving a shadow on her mouth. lol
    Does no one else find it odd that Ryan had some girl he had never met in person spend the weekend with him while he had Bentley? What if it had been Maci that met some guy on twitter and let him spend the night their first time meeting? WTF?

    • Jenn

      Maci gets shit all the time for bringing guys around him, but Ryan lets a girl spend the night with them the first time they ever met. At least Maci knows the person more then just on the internet before she brings her child around.

      • Amber

        Umm wouldn’t go to far into that one…

  • Jenn

    Sounds to me like she wanted some popularity. Notice in the article it says “their fans”….she has fans? For doing what? Being a waitress who got to be in a calander? The girl wanted the attention that dating Ryan would get her. I mean what dumbass would date him and then pretend to not know he is a douche bag? His parents are to blame for his piss poor attitude because they support it 100%. I am sure sitting there with them while he was out doing who knows what sure was fun. My question is, if he had Bentley that weekend then where was he while he was out until 2am or gone for 5 hours on an interview? I have no issue with parents going out and having fun, but people give Maci shit for going out when Ryan goes out when he HAS Bentley for the weekend.

  • Smokey Joe

    Her nose looks like an arrow

  • JoAnn Ortiz

    He’s such a mess! I don’t understand why girls think that Ryan is so wonderful. He can’t even treat the mother of his child with any respect so, how can he treat anyone else any better? Wake up girls cause a woman would know the difference. Ouchy!

  • Whitney

    She looks like Snowmiser from those stop motion Christmas specials.

  • Rae

    I used to be a supporter of Ryan; from the beginning he had my support and everything. Not just because he’s “hot” but because I had faith in him. Though after breaking up with Dalis, it’s like he completely changed and not for the good either. I stopped following him on Twitter because he’s no longer the guy I thought he was but still follow Dalis and even Maci. I used to not like Maci at all but now I do. And yes, I did use to visualize what it’d be like to date him but now, especially after reading this article, not anymore. He’s not such a great boyfriend and am still mad at him for ruining his relationship with Dalis because he looked the happiest (and a changed man) with her.

  • andiecohenn

    Dalis is laughing right now & I don’t blame her.

  • tab

    he probably realized after meeting her in person that he’d never be able to get past that nose, no matter how great her body is. her face is BEAT!!

    • Harper33

      her tanner probably stained his sheets


    They are both such trash that it shouldn’t be a problem for them to get over each other and under someone else. She tries to act like she wants a boyfriend but she’s nothing but an orange nympho. Known that girl for years.