Why was Catfish’s Average Joe Sumeniski arrested?

Catfish Joe or Average Joe is Joseph Sumeriski

Tonight’s “Catfish: The Reunion Show” on MTV was quite the dramatic doozy with lots and lots of tension between most of the couples they brought back. Though Mhissy and Jasmine clearly had the most animosity between them, Kari Ann Peniche impersonator Rose and “Average Joe” weren’t far behind as they answered questions very abruptly, seemingly without even being able to look at each other.

One particular exchange raised a number of virtual eyebrows (including this blogger’s):

Max: After the show aired did you talk at all?

Joe: Nope.

Rose: No, he got arrested after the show.

Joe: Oh, I did.

Rose: Yeah, he texted me and told me he got arrested. That’s the last thing I heard from him. Ever.

SuChin Pak: Because of what happened on the show? Or … something different?

Joe: No, just being – being stupid and – yeah.

So what the heck did Joe do?!? Did he lock someone up in his beat up car with chains all over it? Did he crash his four-wheeler while intoxicated? As is often the case, the truth is stranger than fiction.

We located this little blurb from a local police blotter in Joe’s (full name Jospeh Sumeniski) hometown of Warsaw, New York on May 1, 2012:

Joseph Sumeriski, 20, of Warsaw was charged with criminal possession of stolen property, petit larceny and trespassing.

He allegedly stole returnable cans and bottles. He was jailed in lieu of $250 bail and is to appear May 9 in Village Court.

Now that’s old school! Do they even still make “returnable” cans and bottles? I know you can get 10¢ for bottles and cans in Michigan — or at least you used to be able to. Do they do that in New York as well?

* I want to thank Kovey from Twitter as well — she tweeted the above information to us while I was doing my best Nev and Max by tracking it down myself. I saw the tweet after about 15 minutes of research and the room was filled with a resounding “D’oh!” Gotta trust that the Twitter peeps will come through!

Sadly, I have been unable to turn up a mug shot photo of Average Joe yet to add to Sunny’s in our quickly growing Catfish mug shot gallery. If anybody knows where I can find it, just comment below!

As far as photos of Rose, those are a little easier to come by! She seems to spend a lot of her time in front of the camera lens wearing as little as possible:

Catfish Rose Chiauzzi modeling photo