Farrah Abraham’s children’s book “Passy Perfume” now available

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Say what you will about former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, but that gal is productive! Less than a year after publishing her New York Times best-selling memoir My Teenage Dream Ended as well as recording an accompanying soundtrack, the momtrepreneur will soon be making another contribution to the media world in the form of a children’s book titled Passy Perfume!

The book is published by Farrah’s company F&S (which stands for Farrah and Sophia) and is available for download as an ebook on amazon for only $2.99. Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

Your most beloved reality star baby and mommy duo Farrah and Sophia Abraham from MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant original cast are back with their second book. New York Times best selling author for My Teenage Dream Ended, Farrah Abraham wanted to expand her literary creativity and make a book relatable for all parents and children and the answer was Passy Perfume. Farrah has struggled with Sophia for two years back and forth through her baby and toddler stages trying to break the bad habit of the pacifier, through crying, bribery, and exhaustion. Farrah finally won with promising Sophia one thing, her very own Passy Perfume, something that is timeless and has no bad consequences like crooked teeth! Farrah Abraham plans to bring Passy Perfume to market for all parents and children alike to have children sparkle with happiness with their timeless keepsake “Passy Perfume.”

The book features 18 colorful pages illustrated by Kacie VandenHull of Hippocorn Designs and is narrated by Sophia, who is well aware that she has a pacifier problem, but isn’t going to give it up unless she gets something of equal or greater value in return. As it turns out, that thing is Passy Perfume! (Which, as mentioned above, Farrah plans on bringing to market soon.) It’s basically the same concept as Paci Fairy, just with a little smell-good spin.

UPDATE – Farrah spoke with In Touch about the book and why she chose to release it only through Amazon Kindle initially. “I chose to release it exclusively with Kindle, because I thought it would be best for parents in so many ways,” Farrah says. “After 90 days, families can purchase from other book retailers and in print. I also loved that I could share our story at a very reasonable price and that’s especially great around the holidays!”

She also confirmed that she plans to release “customizable and engravable mommy and me fragrances” to go along with the book. “It’s what every female and child or parent wants, the perfect gift!” she tells In Touch of her upcoming perfumes. “The engraving will be great for parents who want their child’s name on it!”

Here’s a video clip of Farrah and Sophia promoting the book, which of course starts off with Farrah talking about the Mayan calendar and the imminent end of the world:

I always try to give Farrah the benefit of the doubt, but much like her musical endeavors, this book is probably going to get brutalized by the internet. Combine the unfortunate spelling of “passy” (with the brush script font used in the book the eye can be tricked into seeing a slightly different, more feline word) and the really heavy-handed language we’re supposed to believe is Sophia and not just Farrah trying to sell a product, and you have a recipe for lots of criticism. Here’s an example passage from the book in which Sophia is looking back on all the fond memories she has shared with her pacifier and explaining why she hasn’t been able to give it up:

“My mom has yet to capture the history I’ve had with my passy and give me something new, valuable, taking my passy to the next level of ages with me. Is a keepsake asking too much?”

No word if there will be an accompanying soundtrack for Passy Perfume, although Farrah has suggested in the past that she and Sophia were working on some music together. Perhaps another future project?

Oh, and it seems there may have been a bit of a mix up as to when the book would be available because Farrah tweeted earlier today, “SO EXCITED! count down til my first Children’s Book release!! DEC.11 get ready # PARENTS :)”

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  • Ace


  • Ashley

    Uhh, no child I know who still uses a pacifier (or is even remotely interested in pacifiers) would understand that sentence from the book.

    Also, I believe that Farrah’s sister Ashley posted on her twitter recently that she (being Ashley) finally broke Sophia of her pacifier habit.

  • ohmygeez

    Her book covers are horrible and that sentence is a mangled mess.

  • K

    For one horrifying moment, I honestly thought the title of this book was “P*ssy Perfume.”

    • haley

      me tooo!

  • K

    Glad to see Sophia has been recognized by the NYT for her literary achievements. I particularly enjoyed reading about her father’s smelly semen and branch-sized manhood.

    • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN Bebe

      Lmao at that last sentence.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.abraham.56 Mike Abraham

      K I dont know you but Its Farrah (my daughter) not Sophia (my granddaughter) thats recognized by the NYT. As for you sick comment in your last sentence …why don’t you get in my face and say it so you can reap the pain of being dis respectful just not to my family but Derck’s family…and that was not in the book. So little boy if your a real man show your face.Your words are not an option but slander towards my granddaugther ….you a pig and if I had the opportunity I’d tell it to your face.

      • Pathetic

        Michael do you have nothing better to do with your life than stalk Farrah articles and argue with anyone that doesn’t like your daughter? You must have a lot of free time. You should know by now that Farrah is one of the least liked teen moms. If you don’t like what people say then don’t read because I can assure you 95% of people have nothing good to say about your money grubbing daughter. She didn’t care Derek was dead until she saw she could use it in a storyline. She proved that by not bothering to mend things with Derek’s parents for the memory of Derek or even her own daughter. She lost any inch of respect she had after writing that book and those shitty songs. Screw off Michael.

        • http://www.facebook.com/mike.abraham.56 Mike Abraham

          Pathetic…your a judgemental person that have not facts to back up your bullshit. Farrah has a great relationship with dereck dad Jerry and there are reasons that the courts supported farrah from keeping Stormy away from Sophia which I will not get into but its enough for the courts to suppot Farrah. as to mentioning Derek it was nothing to do with money it was about protecting both families and it was facts about Sophia that was supported by court order. Your a little person with no facts…show your real identity …I have …stop hiding you shit..

          • Sketchbook

            Awww Sweetie, look at you trying so hard. <3 It's such a shame you didn't put this much effort into raising your daughter when she was younger. Oh well. Let's hope Farrah isn't so screwed up that she raises Sophia to have that disgusting personality of hers (poor Sophia, the odds aren't in her favor).

            That said, what I really wanted to comment on was this:
            "show your real identity …I have …stop hiding you shit.."

            My first reaction was, "lol #oldpeople", but I'm dying to know what your end-game is here. Say "Pathetic" did give you their full first and last name, then what? It doesn't change anything, their comment would still be as valid as it was before. So what are you expecting to gain from it? And is it worth looking like an impetuous-old-guy-super-creeper over?

            In the future you may want to try a different internet tough guy strategy because I have so much second hand embarassment for you right now.

            "show your real identity" how ridiculous.

          • Pathetic (Michael)

            What is the point of showing identity to simply comment on a blog site? Nobody cares who anyone is. Care to explain why Sophia doesn’t have Derek’s name if she adores Derek so much and wants her daughter to feel connected? Of course she liked Derek’s father he has no interest in seeing Sophia. She only hates Stromy because Stormy wants to have grandparent rights and see the only remaining thing of her son. Of course Farrah is too selfish to go with that, and the courts agree with the mother in nearly every court case. Doesn’t mean the mother is right. Nice try though Michael. Also can you explain why Farrah said Sophia was not only and author of this book but on the NYT best seller list? I hope she gets charged for fraud. Wasn’t aware we can just slap NYT on anyone now.

            • YO

              It never fails to shock me how stupid people still are on the internet, in 2012. That is obviously not Farrah’s father. Just one look at his disqus profile shows ‘he’ comments on every teen mom article talking useless crap. Michael Abraham would not be wasting this much time on freaking starcasm trolling through articles. HOW ARE YOU ALL THIS STUPID!!??

      • Jen

        Michael, why r u flipping out over the comment made about dereks semen or him being so huge it was like a tree branch? Your daughter is the one who described her experience with him that way! How can you say that is slander? Why dont you try correcting your daughter instead of everyone on these message boards.. Perhaps if u do she will become a nicer person and make friends cuz it doesnt seem like she has any.

  • LaDy

    “Next level of ages with me” – …wha?

  • sammi

    Unfortunately this caca drops on my bday lol. Also, im confused as to what Passy Perfume actually is. The title is stupid, and she needs to stop treating Sophia like one of her friends/business partners. This girl (Farrah) needs adults to talk to. Do u see how she explains and talks to Sophia as if the little things is 20 yrs old. This is a major fail and starcasm is right, the critics are gonna chew this up and spit it out.

    • Ace

      I still don’t get what the ‘passy perfume’ is either. And hell yes it annoys the crap out of me the way she talks to Sophia, like do you realise she’s a toddler right? She’s so dumb.

  • haley

    err all i can think of is p*ssy.

  • Ally

    “Your most beloved reality star baby and mommy duo”Yeah.
    I think she needs to read what people say and think about her if she really believes that bs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.abraham.56 Mike Abraham

      Ally we monitor every site…and the facts…not opinions prove that the things of the pass….judgements from people like you are …are growing more positive. Besiding do you feel good bad mouthing my daughter’s work that pays for feeding and caring for my granddaughter? if so you and every hater is sicker than any trait that might be bothering people about Farrah…

      • Addysen Leigh

        Michael… you can defend your daughter all your want. Its your child. You should do that. But the fact of the matter is.. your child is very vile and her mouth is disgusting. You raised a horrible person. I can’t stand her on that Teen Mom Show because of how she treats everyone around her and anyone I have talked to that has met Farrah backs it up saying she is just as a snot bitch as she is on tv. Poor Sophia. We can only hope it doesn’t rub off on her.

      • Lauren

        Mike, I lived near your daughter here in FL. She’s very inconsiderate and mouthy, making side comments about my weight and rolling her little eyes at my husband when he said hello to her. She has no respect for the people around her. She’s a very selfish, rude little girl.

      • Mendi Mayhem

        Your daughter is a liar and a piece of shit excuse for a mother and role model! Go ahead and blame yourself for that, loser! Passy perfume, huh? Sophie is STILL using a pacifier and her top row of teeth show the terrible repercussions.

  • ohhhhno

    I’m beginning to think Starcasm doesn’t read the comments posted on their articles because I think we’ve all made it clear over and over again that none of us care to see anything that involves this blubbering idiot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.abraham.56 Mike Abraham

      ohhhno your wrong….the fan base is growing and the facts are there to prove it…yes Im Farrah’s dad…stop speading rumores …or yes please do…its move intrest for my girls…

      • ohhhhno


      • Ellie

        *Youre. Proof reading is your friend.

  • Amber

    For a split second, I also thought the title was ‘P*ssy Perfume.’ Geez. And, for the record, if Farrah (or her family), wants people to stop bad-mouthing her, then she needs to drop her attitude. No parent can sit here and tell me that they would allow their child to speak to them the way she speaks to her parents. I can almost guarantee that if she treated people nicely and with respect, she would not be getting so much backlash. She comes off with this attitude that she is better than everyone else and can speak to anyone any way she pleases. That’s not how it works. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Maybe if that were instilled in her when she was little, she wouldn’t act so bratty, entitled, and hateful now. That, Mr. Abraham, is why people do not like her. You can continue on about how her fan base is ‘growing’, but we all know that is just a big joke. She needs to stop posting so many videos on youtube and go take care of that little girl before she turns into a carbon copy of her mother.

  • Sweet Venom

    I am not even going to read this post because I am just so sickened by Farrah at this point. There are tons of great writers out there trying to get published and the only reason this camel face gets published is because of Teen Mom. That’s our world for you.

  • Jess

    because its every childs dream to read a book about perfume!

    • Jessica J


  • Gigi

    Obviously this isn’t father’s father,ahahaha It’s so ridiculous it’s funny. “Michael”, for such an educated and successful man, your english is atrocious.