Breaking Amish Reunion Part 1 recap

Sabrina Jeremiah Kate Breaking Amish Reunion SpecialBreaking Amish Reunion Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Byler

TLC’s breakout reality hit Breaking Amish wrapped up its inaugural season earlier tonight and the finale was followed by an hour-long “Breaking Amish The Shunning” in which the cast members answered questions about what transpired on screen this season, as well as all the things that transpired off screen that called into question whether or not the show’s premise was truthful. [Apparently those questions will be answered next week in Part 2]

UPDATE – CLick here for the Breaking Amish Reunion Part 2 recap!

Here are the bullet point highlights of what the cast had to say about their on-screen antics this season:

• When asked about how things were different since appearing on the show Rebecca says people think they have the right to judge them now because they chose to go on the show.

• Sabrina hated New York City. “If I had a gun I would have shot myself,” she said.

• In contrast, Jeremiah seemed to take to New York City like a fish to water. He said he viewed it as a challenge then he said, “I didn’t come up to to just sit in the hotel room and walk the sidewalks with Amish people.”

Abe Schmucker Breaking Amish Reunion

• “I thought he was a cocky little sh!t when I first saw him.” – Abe on Jeremiah

• Abe was asked about his use of the work “sk@nk” [sorry, we can’t actually type s k a n k due to restrictions by our advertisers] and was asked to define what that meant to him. “A sk@nk to me is like a woman walking around with her ass cheek hanging out and her t!ts hanging out.”

• Eventually the sk@nk talk moved over to Jeremiah who wanted to clarify that he wasn’t hooking up with sk@nks. “I didn’t meet any sk@nks in New York City. Now I did meet a lot of chicks, and I did meet chicks that acted like s|uts. I called some chicks s|uts [Sabrina and Kate] that I shouldn’t have and I regretted it and I apologized for it.”

• When asked why she made fun of Rebecca for not having any teeth, Sabirina revealed that it was probably because she was extremely sensitive to the coments Rebecca made about how much she ate. She confessed that she once weighed over 200 pounds and was anorexic for a while as a result.

Katie Stultzfus Breaking Amish Reunion

• Kate said her drinking was just her giving into peer pressure, that her cast mates wanted her to drink so she did. She had just gotten her DUI in Florida and says her intentions were to not drink at all while in New York City. (Whoops)

• Kate wanted to point out that Jeremiah drank just as much as she did. Jeremiah didn’t argue the truth of the statement, but pointed out he could hold his alcohol a lot better that KAte could and he never blamed his drinking and blacking out for things that he did.

• When the subject of the infamous flipcan incident came up in which Kate allegedly woke Sabrina up in the middle of the night recording her with a flipcam and saying something about monsters, resulting in Kate getting booted from the room, Sabrina confessed that it could have all been a nightmare. She also pointed out that when Kate left the room crying she went after her, something that was not included int he final edit.

• Abe and Rebecca admitted they slept in the same bed at the hotel.

Sabrina High Breaking Amish Reunion

• Sabrina had some shocking revelations about the two times she and Jeremiah hooked up, which sounded completely and entirely believable. If the world wants to know, we did it and we enjoyed it. OK? Jeremiah announced. “And I made you stop,” said Sabrina.” The host looked a bit shocked and asked Sabrina, “What do you mean you made him stop?” Sabrina answered, “I did. And he knows it. I was drunk both times. We were both trashed and started messing around. He sticks it in, and I was like, ‘No!’ Well, everybody’s been asking, and he just stuck it in and I make him take it out.” She later added, “I don’t consider that actually doing it.”

Jeremiah Raber Breaking Amish Reunion

• Jeremiah said he had feelings for Sabrina when the show was taping, but no longer feels any different towards her than the rest of the cast. Sabrina says she thinks of Jeremiah like a brother. (You know, one of those brothers who “sticks it in” when you get drunk?)

• They aired the clip in which Jeremiah made the now-infamous comment, “You would be surprised how many Amish married men confess to having sex with animals.” Abe says it didn’t happen in his community but did happen in the community next to his one time. Jeremiah said it happened multiple times in his community and the men had to confess it to everybody. Rebecca summed the whole thing up by saying it wasn’t just something limited to the Amish community and “You can look up animal porn on the internet, let’s just put it that way.”

Rebecca Byler Breaking Amish Reunion

• Rebecca still isn’t really clear what happened with her grandparents moving. She talks to them about once a month.

• Abe’s mom got shunned for two months for going to New York City and for allowing herself to be filmed. Abe says he talks with her about once a month, but it’s difficult because she has been ordered to not talk with him by the Bishop.

• Kate says she still talks with her parents, but it’s just a check in.

• Sabrina didn’t answer the question about whether or not she still talks with her adopted parents, she only said she was willing to talk to her parents and it was up to them whether they talked to her or not.

* It should be noted that TLC addressed Abe and Rebecca’s daughter with a horribly awkward bomb dropping in the season finale. After ebing offended by the stripper hired by Jeremiah for their combined bachelor/bachelorette party, Rebecca blurted out that she was upset because she had a 19-month old daughter. She revealed that she got pregnant while still with her first husband, but he refused to admit he was the father. Abe just said it was a personal matter he refused to talk about. That merits a huge WTF?!? Seriously? That’s how they handle it? Erf. Anyways, it looks as though Abe will be pressed on whether or not he is the father in the Breaking Amish: The Shunning Reunion Special part 2 next week.

  • Unknown

    Jeremiah was def high!

  • Whitney

    I’m pretty sure Abe makes himself look dumber every time he opens his mouth! His behavior during the reunion was ridiculously rude & immature! “Do – you – understand – English?!” Rebecca seems like no prize either so they deserve each other!

  • ashley

    Sabrina singing amazing grace at the wedding….uhg and someone has got to help that girl with her eye makeup! Is she still dating harry? I sure hope not after his arrest last week.

  • lindsay.

    i don’t even know why i’m still watching this show. should have known they weren’t going to ask some ACTUAL questions like, “you guys are all full of shit, right?” Jeremiah was high as a kite FOR SURE. they all look like trash. they’re all on a high rated television show, don’t they have people to make sure they look good?? it looks like they discovered them all hanging out in a trailer park instead of a farm. basically all their teeth were disgusting & Abe’s looked like straight up corn. a lot of them dodged questions that could have shed light on the TRUTH. but really, what was the point of even making this show when it’s obviously all a lie? i just keep waiting for all of them to jump up and yell “GOTCHA!” /end rant

    • krystian

      yes jeremiah was high as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 and you do know that in the amish they do NOT visi hdentists….and don’t have tooth brushes, i asked the same thing.

  • athena

    This show was a joke, as are the cast.

  • Charley

    I haven’t watched any of these shows, I only caught this reunion one because my TV receiver broke and I coudln’t change the channel. Thankfully it’s fixed now. I just have to say it didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that they are all incredibly rude, childish, and insulting. Is this an attempt to try to make themselves look ‘cool’ or to cover up for their obvious lack of education? Not one of them can formulate a complete sentence without throwing in curse words. They come across like a 13-year-old who just learned a few naughty words and now tries to fit them into every conversation. The guys are the worst. “Drain the main vein”, seriously? I haven’t heard that since I was 15, and hanging out with other 15 year old kids who thought they were being funny and cool. Isn’t the guy Jeremiah in his 30’s, if not, he is aging quite badly. He dresses and acts like someone under 15 but looks to me like he is in his 30’s. To say something like that at his age just looks pathetic and I can’t help but laugh at what a loser he is. Abe (??) being insulting to the host was beyond rude. For him to ask anyone, especially someone who is obviously much more worldly and educated than he, if they understand English is also quite comical. Unfortunately, I don’t believe one of them will look back at this with any sort of reflection and think they perhaps need to mature, more than likely, they will all give each other high-fives congratulating each other on really ‘giving it to her’. It’s time for these people to go away.

    • tkaz

      THey’re certainly stunted because of the lack of…. I donlt know. Seperate gene pools? Pop culture? THe ability to choose your own way and destiny?
      I definitely agree they sound like 13 yr olds (I have one), but this I think this can act as a project of sorts. Psychologically repression stunts us in the worst way.

  • They all tried to make Kate look so bad on the show, but in my opinion, she has more class than the rest of them combined!

  • Rebecca

    Was it just me or was Jerimiah high as a kite on Shunning part 1?? He was totally blazed. Slouching, killing his chewing gum, his eyes looked like he was dazed, he thought everything was funny…need I say more? He learned how to smoke some herb from the English. Watch it again and see!

  • Mara L

    Why can’t you fools just quit trashing these people??? Do you think it makes you look good to say mean things about them, when you don’t even know them, much less anything about what they went through? Furthermore, most of you truly know nothing about the Amish. So don’t throw stones at them. My family is Amish, and you don’t know what anyone goes through. No one does.

    And, hello, that Beadle woman who did “the interview”, if you can call it that, was incredibly rude, especially to Rebecca and Abe. She doesn’t give a crap about human beings, just herself and the ratings. Being on a show does not give you hateful people the right to question anything they do. Rebecca and Abe don’t have to answer anything they don’t want to. Their life is……theirs!
    So why don’t you all go spread some happiness around instead of gossip and things that hurt people!

    • christee

      did you watch the same show we did? Because with the exception of kate and sabrina, those kids were incredibly rude. no one here has put down the amish. Frankly, I’d be willing to bet their communities are probably ok that they’re gone. Too much trouble out of them. If you can’t tell who was or was not rude on that, you need to go back to kindergarten.