VIDEO Maci Bookout is coming back to MTV… as a host!

Maci Bookout to host Teen Mom 2 after show specials on

It’s official! Former Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has a new job with her old boss as the host of the Teen Mom 2 after shows on! The reality star made the announcement in a video posted by MTV just moments ago.

Maci is looking and sounding great! She even went with a slightly more conservative (or dare I say “professional?”) hairdo, which looks fantastic!

The announcement shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise given that Maci has been hinting all week on Twitter that she was in New York City at the same time as the cast of Teen Mom 2:

November 4

had the best #sundayfunday ever with Bentley and my friends… off to NYC tomorrow to work in the city! #grind

such an early morning tomorrow.. and straight to work!!!

November 6

all politics aside… today is such a big day for me! #getit #careermoves #nyc

cant wait for you guys to know what im doing…. first day on my new venture [with photo below]

Teen Mom Maci Bookout gets job as host for MTV

November 7

headed south, i had an awesome couple of days in NYC starting my new stuff and working hard! happy to be goin home, later players

so happy i got to spend a lot of time with @ChelseaHouska @KailLowry @TM2LeahDawn and @PBandJenelley_1 really enjoyed yall!! see u soon!

Plus, the announcement should come as no surprise because Maci has always been interested in pursuing a career in television journalism. She was pursuing her degree in it at Chattanooga State Community College, where she often co-anchored “Today @ Chatt State.” Her educational background, combined with being able to relate to the cast of Teen Mom 2 like no other journalist could, helped land her the job, which was previously done by Su-chin Pak.

Congratulations to Maci Bookout! It sure seems like a perfect fit — let’s hope we see her doing more with the younger ladies of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3! (Can you say Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew and Maci Bookout?)

  • Kari

    I didn’t even recognize her at first. She looks great!

  • J

    She looks good but my god that accent is annoying. And she was so boring/stiff. I don’t think is going to go well.

    • She has no personality and was obviously just reading. And they thought that was the best take. Yikes.

      • Ashley

        I actually like her accent, but you could see her eyes move as she read the cue cards/teleprompter, and her personality was so flat.

  • She is hosting the online after show. That’s not even on TV. They are barely throwing her a bone. Guess that degree is really paying off….

  • B

    any link to this video for those of us who don’t live in America? I wanna see it. I saw a video of her presenting the ‘news’ at her college and she was incredibly crap so I’m wondering if she’s any better now.

    • noname

      Still crap. You aren’t missing out, believe me.

  • jeff

    As long as it is not that blubbering retard Farah, I’m okay.

    • ohhhhno

      I really cannot “like” this enough.

    • Jeff….when you call my daugther a retard I hope you have a degree or two earned (which Farrah has earned with excellent grade). Yes you have your right to your opinion…so do I …. so Jeff I’d like to give you a chance to PROVE your not a retade too! wants your education levell?….you get my drift……

      • jeff

        you’re reading starcasm, looking for any shred of media on your kid. Like the immature enabler you are. Your kid is loud, annoying, obnoxious and a social failure. See how many ‘likes’ my post got? No one likes your kid buddy, or you. You just made it worse, which is pretty funny in a way; father of the retard.

      • txmom1

        Seriously? A degree in cooking? Your child has no respect for you or her mother. Very little respect for herself, and I feel sorry for your granddaughter being raised by that trainwreck.

  • CP

    Once again. Another handout by MTV. I wish I could say I’m happy for her but I’m not. I’ll watch this show again if MTV pays them nothing while filming them really trying to provide for their children. I was a teen parent and I didn’t get any handouts. I work hard to be where I am now.

    • W

      I dislike that reasoning ” I didn’t have it easy, so why should others”.
      People used to slap their kids a lot, to have them work hard, there is still genital mutilation of girls in some countries, etc. … should that have continued/continue so that nobody gets treated better than other people before them?

      • CP

        What does genital mutilation of girls have to do with Maci not having any kind of college degree, but once again getting paid by MTV? I know so many people, including myself, who had children as teenagers. It wasn’t the best choice, but we accepted it and worked hard to provide for our new family. She and the rest of these Teen Moms live in a false reality. What teen mother in your life that you know is able to not do any REAL work (is not on reality tv), have their child in daycare, and fail miserably at attending community college but yet still buy their own home? None.

  • ohmygeez

    She looks good but doesn’t exactly have the personality of a host. She is quite dull.

    • W

      I won’t miss Su Chin Pak either – to me she seemed like she wasn’t very convincing at pretending to be interested. So, although Maci seemed not very relaxed in this clip, it is not like that she had to live up to some great hosts

  • Nikki

    Oh great…I guess now, she really doesn’t have to get an education or go to try to make it out in the real world. Great lesson, MTV. Get pregnant, get on TV, make lots of money…then when your show ends, we’ll give you a job. Awesome! I can TOTALLY see how this keeps teen pregnancy rates down.

    • Jenn

      Did you miss the part about her majoring in something that relates directly to what she would be doing? Sounds to me like she will be using her education in this job.

      • me

        Yeah and she’s 4 years in and still doesn’t have her associate’s hhahaha

      • ameliaBedelia76

        Did you miss the episode where Maci met with her counselor at the college and she managed to pass only 10 credit hours?

      • Nikki

        What education? According to the article, she WAS pursuing her degree, meaning that she does not have her degree. Why would she bother, when MTV will continue to give her a free ride? Can’t say I blame her, really, but let’s call it like it is. So many people come on here to defend Maci and talk about how wonderful she is, when all I see is a college dropout (who didn’t work, yet had her child in daycare, so there’s NO excuse for it) who flip flops between men, lives off of MTV money, and parties whenever she doesn’t have her son. All of these Teen Moms are the same. They rely on their fans and “fame” to keep them afloat, while they simply seek more fame, get married, and spit out more babies. Great role models, these girls.

    • W

      In my opinion the former hosts weren’t so great either – so I don’t care whether she is extremely talented/qualified or not.

  • LaDy

    Is this what Farrah was all up in arms about?

    • K

      Did she get mad about this on Twitter or something? I’d love to see that. Especially considering her “spin-off show” and “restaurant” and “spin-off book” are nowhere to be found.

      • K, farrah’s book came out and made the NY times bestseller list in two weeks and is very succussful (we have more books coming out and are being requested by hundreds of thousands of people) ….stay tuned for new shows from Farrah…and “other” surpises from our family members…..

        • K

          Michael I love Farrah, we just cannot keep waiting for all of her new things to come out… FANS NEED FARRAH NOW!!! Tell her to hurry up!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Her “educational background?” She took (and mostly didn’t pass) some classes at a community college and has still yet to earn a degree of any kind….

  • ameliaBedelia76

    educational background? Are you kidding me? She has 10 credit hours. Hardly a “background”. More like she got knocked up as a teen, that’s how she can relate.

  • enjoythesilence

    Still working on the “degree” I see. Oh who am I kidding, she’ll never get a degree. She’ll rely on MTV to pay the bills, and like the idiots they are, they’ll allow it.

  • I think I’ve seen enough of this girl for a lifetime & am all set…. Sorry, Maci!

  • bobz

    She looks like her MOM in this photo

  • Robbie

    She is a teen!? I would guess 35…

  • i think she was kind of nurves

  • sammi

    Spare me in regards to the whole “this job relates to her degree”. I’ll take Maci’s aspirations serious when she passes a class and not be in freshman mode 4 yrs later. She takes like one class a yr in college and swears she works so hard. Girl Bye!

  • Kyler

    She sucks

  • Kelly

    I will lose all respect for MTV if she becomes a host!!! What the hell are they thinking? Are they that hardup to find hosts? Hosts should be role models, there is nothing about these girls that makes them a role model. They got fame by spreading their legs at 14. Is that the message we are sending to young girls be like them and you will get famous!! I will never watch MTV again nothing but TRASH!!