Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Courtland Rogers addresses his criminal past

Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Courtland Rogers

Most fans of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans jumped for joy when she announced she was dating a new man and proudly declared, “I think I have broken the “Gary/Kieffer” Spell I was under! YES!” on her blog. But that joy was tempered a bit when it was revealed Jenelle’s boyfriend, 26-year-old Courtland Rogers, has a criminal past that includes larceny and drug possession.

Courtland opened up to us about the series of events that led to his felony drug possession arrest in 2004. “I was riding with a bunch of people,” he explains. “It was was a girl’s car that I like. The dude that was with me in the back seat had drugs on him [when] a cop pulled us over because she was speeding.”

The police office wound up searching the car, but not before “the dude beside me threw his drugs on the floor of the car,” Courtland says. “The cop asked 5 or 6 times, ‘Who’s is this?’ And nobody would tell them. So they were about to charge the girl because it was her car.”

“Not thinking, I took the charge for it, even though it wasn’t mine,” he continues. The ill-advised chivalrous gesture “ended up getting me a felony on my record leading to probation.”

Then, Courtland got into trouble again in 2008. “I ended up violating my probation and ended up going to jail,” he says.

But that was the last time Courtland has been caught on the wrong side of the law. “I haven’t gotten in trouble since the charges,” he says. “I’ve been out of trouble for 4 years.”

Courtland Rogers boyfriend of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans

Courtland says he learned a lot from his past mistakes and that he continues to perform community service to better himself. “I’ve learned how to be a man from the hardness of this situation. I’m a very trustworthy person and learned my lesson from this. I live with it everyday.”

It sounds as though Courtland has paid his debt to society and I for one am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, from what I know following Jenelle and her friends, four years without getting arrested in Brunswick County, North Carolina is pretty damned impressive!

So let’s cross our fingers and hope Jenelle (and Jace!) have found the stable figure they seem to so desperately need in their lives!


  • Nathan

    “Plus, from what I know following Jenelle and her friends, four years without getting arrested in Brunswick County, North Carolina is pretty damned impressive!”

    Yeah, I’m sure the cops in Brunswick County just go around and randomly arrest as many people as possible. That’s got to be the reason why Jenelle is always in trouble.

  • Emma

    That’s the problem. Jenelle doesn’t NEED a stable figure or any figure – she needs to stop bed-hopping and get herself straight. Moving in with some guy you’ve been dating for a month is just irresponsible. This will end, like all the rest of her relationships, with police and court.

  • Noname

    If u were innocent and just said it was urs to save the girl… What could have you done to jail?
    Hmmm You would think probation would be easy for someone who was really innocent…

    • Noname

      Done to violate probation and go to jaill?*

  • Ashley

    These articles are so ridiculous. To violate his probation what did he do? Obviously something drug related or illegal. So he’s not an angel who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • Charla

      Playing devils advocate… You can violate probation by missing a meeting with your probation officer, not making curfew, failing to complete community service or rehab classes, etc. Everything isn’t criminal.

  • Jana

    You spelt for wrong ..

    • Christina

      You mean spelled?

  • Keepthechange

    You can voilate probation for all sorts of things, many of them minor, not completing your community service on time or missing a meeting with your probation officer.

    • Noname

      Of course you can violate it with something minor. But, come on, 4 years in prison? He definitely did not just miss a meeting or not fullfill the community service required.

      • Noname

        Just notice my mistake he said he was out of trouble for 4 years. My bad.

  • Mrs.bags

    Nice article but really? Really

  • Nikki

    I believe his story. I mean, come on, dude has a neck tattoo. That definitely shows that he is a classy, upstanding citizen.

  • glk900

    Strange that on his own facebook page he talks about spending 3 months in prison in 2010…but hey, who would expect a bf of Jenelle to be able to count or tell the truth…

    • SanJoseMama

      No one spends 3 months in prison, jail maybe but not prison! Prison is for 1 yr or more of time.

      • thats a lie..many prisoners spend only a few months in prisons..I should know im a prison wife or was one….so keep up the facts and not everyone who goes in and out of prison is bad just made mistakes…

  • Courtney

    I love how its “someone else’s fault” and he gives every detail but when he mentions HE violated parole he doesn’t give any details! Not disclosing ALL the information or sugar coating is JUST AS BAD as lying! I have a feeling there’s A LOT that Jenelle doesn’t know about him and its stuff he doesn’t want her to know!

  • Courtney

    He says he continues to do community service, dude STOP sugar coating everything…. Admit you’re doing community service because you HAVE to! Or stop saying you continue doing community service when really you only did it when required and haven’t been back since!

    • micro OP

      He thinks he’s serving the community by getting Jenelle off the streets. He might have a point.

  • Areyouserious

    Because we can all count on him to tell the truth..? Lol I’m sure Jenelle put him up to this story to get people off her back.

  • Sarah

    It hasn’t been 4 yrs.check his record.
    Like JE,he’s a liar.

  • micro OP

    So he’s already doing interviews. Well I hope he enjoys his five minutes of fame. Jenelle’s boyfriends only get 1/3 the spotlight time because she’ll soon move on to someone else or beat a girl up differing attention away.

    Are they tweeting how in love they are yet? Because that would be so cute and meaningful. Barf. Enjoy ur drugs.

  • Funny that he “supposedly” got stopped at a checkpoint and got caught with some drugs and went to jail over the 4th of July! Well, that was his story!!!!!

  • Sam

    This is hilarious. I was in drug treatment with Courtland about 4 years ago. It wasn’t his first time in rehab either or his last from what I hear. Courtland is a crack head, don’t let him fool you. Everything the kid says says is a lie. That drug story sounds so stupid, I’m sure the drugs weren’t his. LOL

  • U know

    Just to get courtlands past correct there wasn’t a girl driving it was a guy and it was courtlands car and that isn’t how it all went down bc I happen to b the female that was with him and ended up getting charges for him stealing a credit card and for his drugs and his friends he said my family will get u out yea right I sat there and ended up going to prisoon for a year bc of him at the age if 16 so get ur story right mr Roger