Woman is selling her virginity to help poor people

20-year-old Brazilian beauty Catarina Migliorini is auctioning off her virginity and most of the proceeds will go to providing housing to the poor in her native town of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

She’s not the only virgin auctioning off her first time; this whole deal is part of an Australian documentary film project called Virgins Wanted. A man, Alex Stepanov, is also auctioning off his purity, but his current bid is only $1300 to Catarina’s $190,000 (that’s a 15,000% difference!)

According to The Daily Mail, Catarina will receive $20,000 AND 90% of her auction price, and she plans to donate most of those earnings to build housing for those in need.

Catarina insists that selling off her virginity doesn’t make her a prostitute, and that she couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity. She told Brazilian newspaper Folha:

“If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer.

The auction is just business, I’m a romantic girl at heart and believe in love. But this will make a big difference to my area.”

Catarina replied to an advertisement from Thomas William Productions two years ago, and Justin Sisely will film her emotional reactions before and after the encounter, which will take place mid-flight on an airplane to circumvent prostitution laws. The winner of her virginity will receive a full round of STD tests beforehand, and a condom will be used.

The auction ends October 15, so place your bids now!

Here’s a trailer for Virgins Wanted:

  • Gross.

  • Aina

    While I think it’s great this girl wants to do something for her community, she really doesn’t understand what she’s getting into. Only doing it once doesn’t mean you’re a prostitute? Get a clue honey, if you only murder a person once, you’re still a murderer for the rest of your life. She may not prostitute herself ever again (although if she’s so cavalier about selling her first time, I’d bet this is the life she ends up in) but she’ll always be a former prostitute. There are going to be mental scars from this-she may not be physically attracted to the guy at all, he may be rough and hurt her, and I’d bet she’ll regret this in a few years. I think it’s sad that she believes this is the only way to help her community.

    • Danielle

      She doesn’t give a f*ck for her middle-class community. I can assure you that.

    • couldnt have said it better. if it walks like a talk and talks like a duck its a …..DUCK! Ya your not making a habit of it but it is still prostitution.

  • bloggaplease

    Girls have been doing that every day since time began. Just that the poor people r their families an they dint put it on tv or get in the paper

    • Sadly, you are not mistaken. Poverty is timeless and humans are often brutal.

  • ashley

    That’s sad.

  • tab

    um, selling your body for any reason, whether it’s once or 100 times, it’s prostitution.

  • Kelly

    There are so many ways of raising money other than selling your body. Your virginity is something you can never get back, and any sicko could be bidding to take hers. The fact that she is treating it as a business transaction is disturbing, and it shows how this girl is in no way mature enough to be making any decisions about sex. I hope either she or someone else has the sense to stop this from happening.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad that she has no respect for herself. I think one of the OTHER reasons she is doing this is because she just wants to have sex and is desperate enough to do it with anyone. She will regret it one day.

  • CocoaKrispies

    If you kill just one person you’re a murderer. She’s an idiot.

  • moonliiight

    You guys should be worried about the starving childrens in poor countries!

  • Danielle

    She’s not doing this for her community, she’s an middle-class girl. Her parents and brother are totally ashamed by her decision to be in this crappy documentary. She lied to her father – he thought that she was in an exchange program in Argentina. I just saw an interview with her a few days ago. She said the money will help her pay for her education.

    Oh, and Santa Catarina is the state where she is from. Itapema is her hometown.

  • Nathan

    That girl is not that cute. I’d like to know what pathetic guy would pay $190,000 to sleep with her.

  • Jay Z

    Does anybody know if the backdoor will be included? If so, I will bid up to $250,000 – my whole life savings.

  • kn

    Amazing how everyone has a negative opinion of the woman and no one has made a single comment about the idiots doing the bidding :-/

  • micro OP

    Is it technically prostitution if she can rightfully prove her body is being used as a non-for profit organization?

    In all seriousness tho, this is not a good idea because doing something like this only attracts the creepiest of creeps. And it’ll likely be very very gross. It doesn’t matter if its your first time or 1,000th why would you ever want to sleep with a creepy person?

  • Sweet Venom

    I don’t care what anyone says…she’s a damn prostitute. What’s the difference between her and a mother selling herself out on the street to feed her kids? Nothing. You’re still a prostitute.

  • shak

    OMG what a RETARD!!!!!!!! aaasddghgvvbfddfggggg idiot, stupid, sped, idiot, sped, dumb, stupid retarded retard grow some brains