Florida man leaves 3-year-old son in truck while drinking in strip club

Jordan Caraway mugshot

Early Sunday morning, DeLand, Florida’s Jordan Caraway made his bid for bad Florida dad of the week when he left his 3-year-old son unattended in his truck while he enjoyed some drinking at the Dixie’s Gentlemen Club.

The 25-year-old gentleman was said to have been inside the gentlemen’s club doing gentlemanly things for around 20-30 minutes before a deputy was alerted to the situation by one of the club’s employees. Caraway explained that he hadn’t got carried away, and that he had left his son in the care of a buddy while he was inside the bar.

An employee of the club told the authorities a different story, noting that the man Caraway had claimed was outside watching his son was actually in the bar with him drinking the whole time. The employee took the child inside the office of the establishment until the cops arrived. The child was crying hysterically when officers showed up and was said to have had grease and dirt on him and dirty clothes.

According to the club’s manager, Caraway might have left his boy alone twice that evening. Someone had reported a child being left alone outside in the parking lot at 10:30 Saturday night, but the vehicle was gone before the employees arrived.

Caraway was booked yesterday and charged with neglect of a child.