PHOTO Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend John Parra works for Ryan Seacrest

Farrah Abraham and boyfriend John Parra

Farrah Abraham appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show earlier this morning to chat about the Teen Mom series finale which airs next week on MTV. While on the show, Farrah revealed some surprising news including the big reveal of her new boyfriend. That’s right, Farrah’s got a man and she plans on holding on to this one!

Farrah had gone on a date back in June with one of the staffers on Ryan’s show, John Parra, and the two really hit it off. Farrah tells Ryan that they have been talking “like every day for two months.” In fact, things are going so good that Farrah is even crashing at his place with her daughter Sophia while she’s in Los Angeles to promote the series finale of Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend John Parra

Last night, Farrah and John went out for sushi in Chino Hills. “It was like a sleepover,” Farrah told Ryan. “He has an awesome family and they’re super fun.” (I’m assuming that means Farrah didn’t drop another “lone bird” bomb.) Farrah also revealed that when they woke up, they found a huge mess in John’s refrigerator, courtesy of Sophia.

On top of her new relationship, Farrah announced another big change — she moved back to Omaha, Nebraska, with her family. After more than a year in Miami, Farrah has returned to her roots. However, now that she’s in a relationship with John, could a Los Angeles move be in her future? It’s a possibility but it would be difficult for her to manage her restaurant in Omaha! During a recent Ustream chat, Farrah revealed plans to open F & S (which stands for Farrah & Sophia) in the city “soon.” No word on an exact date or location. (Any Omaha locals wanna help us out?)

Farrah also hinted at a possible reality show comeback — something we initially reported on back in March. She told Ryan, “Cameras will probably still be in my life moving forward, but I’m just happy that I get to show the older side of me now.”

For more of Farrah Abraham, tune in to the final episode of Teen Mom this Tuesday night at 10/9c.

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  • micah

    So if they got married, her name would be Farrah Parra. Awesome.

    • Agnes

      OMG:D LOL 😀 You’re right 😀

  • Please No

    Ughhh yeah right Farrah. People don’t watch Teen Mom to see you. Half of us fast forward through your segments.

    • Arielle

      Hell I’d go as far and say at least 75-80% of us fast forward through her. I haven’t watched a segment of hers in I don’t know how long- the recaps are plenty. Just reading her words are enough to sufficiently gauge her bitchiness. She truly is a disturbing human being. This guy she is with is gonna be used and verbally abused by her. I hope he knows what he’s getting into.

  • Wanda

    So I assume she didn’t finish school, since she was only there a year?

    • Caroline

      She graduated from college in Iowa and then moved to Flordia to get an advanced degree, I believe she said she wanted a masters. I was able to finish my masters in 1 year but it was very difficult year long including full summer program so I doubt she finished. As much as I dislike the way she treats people, she is the only girl on the show to finish college. I also glad we don’t see picturss of her with her tongue out and half drunk.

      • Ashley

        She received her Associate’s degree in Iowa, and was in Florida for her Bachelor’s.

  • Steph

    He looks very old..

  • klhbrown

    Yes, he does look old. Creepy, old, sugar-daddy type. Fail.

    • coco

      I was thinking the same thing. He looks old and unattractive. But he works for Ryan Seacrest so that means Farrah has her pipeline to fame.

    • Nat

      Ikr? Slum much Farrah? D@mn!

  • Rally

    Career advancement, plain and simple.

    Her looks are fading surprisingly fast and with her lovely personality she realizes that she needs to milk her looks quickly before it’s too late.

  • paige

    thought they lived in iowa, not nebraska? there is an omaha, iowa.

    • Starcasm Staff

      They live in Council Bluffs, Iowa which is right next to Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a little confusing.

    • gem150

      Omaha sits right NEXT to Council Bluffs IA. It’s such a small city, and Omaha,NE is bigger so most people from CB end up driving down to Omaha for a lot of things. That’s why in her scenes when she says “say bye Omaha” it’s because she’s been flying in and out of Eppley Airfield in Omaha. It’s the main airport for most of Iowa and Nebraska (since most towns are too small for their own public airports). Also all major hospitals as far as I know are located in Omaha, the closest to Council Bluffs being University of Nebraska Medical Center (where she had Sophia, I had my brain surgery there as well during my 4 years in Nebraska lol). A lot of the scenes shot of her in restaurants such as Wheatfields or in the earlier teen mom episodes where she’s working at Goodnights, or eating sushi at Blue, were filmed in the Old Market which is basically Downtown Omaha and a major attraction there (that’s also right next to Council Bluffs). But yes, even though they are two different places people will often just go with Omaha since it’s larger and easily recognized. It’s kinda cool to watch and be able to say I either recognize where she’s at or say that I’ve been there, lol. 🙂

  • Crystal

    She couldn’t find anyone younger looking?

  • savannah

    I honestly don’t know how ANYONE could date this girl. She is so rude, and socially awkward. She has NO people skills. Bringing your daughter on a “sleepover” with a guy you went on a date with back in June and then only talked on the phone since? Sounds very responsible…

  • tab

    i’m sure she’s just interested in him for his money and an “in” with a big name like ryan seacrest.
    i genuinely hope she’s happy, i’m so glad she’s back near her family. sophia needs as much family around her as possible.

    sophia shouldn’t be meeting this guy after only 2 months, and certainly shouldn’t be sleeping at his house. ick, farrah.

    • sammi

      Its like she thinks its ok for men to meet her child after a few weeks and thats crazy to me. A mature mother would wait MONTHS before introducing them, not a few weeks or days. She doesnt consider the fact that she has a little girl and there are some sick men out here, not to say that if she had a boy it would be ok, because it wouldnt. NOt to mention, what about if it doesnt work with these ppl and sophia gets attached or starts to ask “Where’s XYZ?” here she subjected her child to possible confusion that didnt have to be. Farrah is so.. rhymes with “cupid”

  • Jayla

    Farrah parra, Hahahahahaha :'(

    Anyway, he isn’t even half as hot as Daniel. I do think Farrah could get a long term guy, but he would have to be as nassicistic, stuck up and oblivious to how he comes across as she is. And the saddest part is if she doesn’t grow up and humble soon then little sophia is going to turn out exactly the same way 🙁

  • OhMyGeez

    Wow, she is just latching on to whoever she can sink her claws into. Regardless of his looks, I hope he treats her and Sophia well. Farrah needs to learn how to treat people and be tactful when speaking. She is a mess and I don’t see how she will succeed in the restaurant business with her lack of people skills.

    • Nat

      I hope someone has Gordon Ramsey on speed dail to stage a restaurant intervention. Can you imagine him telling her off? Lmao

  • Angela

    He has never had a girlfriend before!

  • Christina

    Farrah is starting to look really old in her face, same thing with Maci. They both seem to be aging quickly. Very strange for 20-21 year olds to have skin like that

    • Nat

      Partying, drinking, drugs, smoking and hoeing will do that to you. Which ones you wanna check off her list of daily chores?

  • darah

    if he works in radio, he is more like a splenda daddy

  • sammi

    Farrah clearly has no regard who she brings in her daughters life. Here this is the second guy, that we know of, could be more, that she has brought around her little girl. These guys could be molesters, abusers, anything, and she just parades her daughter with them like she’s an object and not a real person who’s safety needs to be regarded. Ps. You sleep that hard that ur toddler can run a muck in a refigerator trashing ish. I dislike Farrah more and more.

    • Really?

      With that logic no one who has a child should date ANYONE EVER, or get married, or let the father of their child even be around the child, and they themselves shouldn’t be around the child, because guess what – anyone can and will abuse.

  • BBT

    lol oh Farrah, you so pathetic.

  • BBT

    you’re ^ omg. Time for a nap…

  • Abbie

    Caroline, Farrah got her AA in Iowa and wanted to get her bachelors in Florida. Since she left after only one year, we can all assume she followed the Teen Mom trend and didn’t finish school.

    • tab

      she doesn’t need to finish school! haven’t you heard her new songs and seen her video?? she’s on her way to making millions! don’t forget about the sauce she’s selling, too….

      • BBT

        She should be making her own hairnets. The way she misuses them and has her bangs out the front is so unsanitarily fashion-forward!

  • Ashley

    So they’re dating but they live in totally different states? That must be why he can stand her, he is not around her!

    Interesting she moved back to Iowa (please, as my father’s family is from Nebraska, do not mix them up….Farrah is from Iowa and NOT from Nebraska =) ).

    • rjboell

      They mention Omaha because it is a well known City unlike Council Bluffs which is just a small town less than a mile from Omaha.

  • kim

    im sorry he is not attractive. maybe for someone older…like late 30s/40s.

  • Cindi

    I want to puke, I can’t stand that girl and fast forward through her segments.

  • girl101

    OMG I live in Chino Hills! I could have seen her! Oh Well!

    • gem150

      I was just in Chino Hills not long ago, now that I’m living in CA again maybe I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  • V

    This guy looks so much older than her, maybe just a bad picture of him…dunno’

    • sammi

      HE does doesnt he? lol. Like that guy she dated when she moved to Fl, he looked about 35. She dated another older guy like last yr who also looked late 30’s ish. Maybe she’s that type thats into older guys.

      • Jenn

        I think shes looking for a meal ticket.

  • OhMyGeez

    I honestly think Farrah just wants someone to take care of her and Sophia. I don’t know how she plans on running a business when she has such horrible people skills.

    • sammi

      I do too, I think part of it is that she wants that complete family and a father figure for Sophia cause she will never know her real father. Farrah is gonna have a difficult time holding on to any relationship because she is such a negative and immature person. She seems like the type that will never look at her own faults, she will always justify them and think everyone else is the problem. Her disrespect for her parents alone is enough to turn any man off. If you wont respect the ppl who gave u life, u wont respect anyone. I can almost guarantee Sophia will be the same way. She’s gonna model her moms behavior because that is who she most influenced by. The whole family is nuts, and her sister is just a rude, dilusional, and disrespectful as Farrah is

      • Kari

        Michael IS her real father.

        • jane

          Pretty sure sammi was saying that SOPHIA will never know her real father

  • Nicole

    She will never find someone like Derek and she knows this. She just wanst somebody to be a “father” for Sophia

  • rjboell

    I live in Omaha and have not heard of any new restraunt with that name.

    • gem150

      I used to live in Omaha too, fortunately never ran into her filming segments, but apparently some of my friends have in the past out there. I even had an ex coworker tell me she came into their workplace with her mom and that Farrah was a total bitch. We were like , “And you were surprised by this??” haha

      • gem150

        Also I went back to visit recently and didn’t hear of any restaurant either by that name

  • enjoythesilence

    She probably only booked a gig on Seacrest because of this guy LMAO. Why else would she be on? I hate to break it to her, but she’s the most disliked (besides maybe Amber) of the Teen Mom franchise.

  • Jenn

    Well we know why shes with him LOL. I guaranty its not love or anything in common with the guy. Making connections by spreading your legs… Farrah didn’t that get you in trouble in first place?? Hope she don’t sing to him. Lately her actions has really lost any support I had for her.

  • Lu

    he seems like a sweet guy! watch her walk over him! at works for Ryan Seacrest? shes just using his work, so she can stay in the spot light…i don’t think he seen her attitude towards other ppl around her..she changes bfs like changes her underwear! before you can get with a good mature man, make sure you wear your big girl panties!!!

  • sojo58

    He looks like a total “Farrah pushover”. You can tell that she is using him—he’s probably a very nice guy who is so excited to be liked by Farrah and she is able to totally push him around and work her way towards connections with Ryan Seacrest in order to further herself along in some way.

  • Vick

    Definitely haven’t heard or seen anything about that restaurant opening here! Sketch! Idk where she would even put a restaurant like hers.

  • yourmom

    Shes an oppertunist. I highly dislike her as a person. She should not get s show cause shes a trainwreck

  • Kari

    She has known him for TWO months and leaves her daughter in his care while she flies to LA? THat’s CRAZY.

  • sammi

    Clearly, Farrah will leave her child with anyone who has a pulse. She was only in Flo for a few weeks and already left Sophia with a neighbor to be babysat while she went on a date with Daniel. What logical mother does that? Its different getting a hired, professional babysitter with a clear background check, but some neighbor u know nothing about? I hate mothers like Farrah with a passion.