VIDEO Maci Bookout on why Farrah Abraham is not returning to Teen Mom


During last night’s Ask The Moms special, Maci Bookout addressed the reasons why original cast member Farrah Abraham will not be returning for the upcoming Teen Mom reboot.

But before she did that, Maci reminisced as she told Amber and Catelynn about how her son Bentley used to crush on Abraham, “He loved her. I remember we would all go to a dinner and I would be like, ‘Farrah sit on the other side of Bentley’ and his face would turn red and smile.”

So why was Farrah left out? Pretty much for the reasons that most fans assumed…

Maci, whom Farrah once called “attention seeking, insecure, and desperato” explained:

Well after we stopped filming Teen Mom we all went our own directions… Kind of started our lives without cameras and Farrah made some choices that didn’t really match with what the show is about. If one of us is not making decisions that go with our message then it kinda takes away from what we’re trying to do in the first place. It wasn’t our choice to not have her on the show with us but… We wish her the best.

Well there ya have it!

Here’s the complete Ask The Moms special (the comments from Maci about Farrah start around the 5:38 mark in the first section):

In the last section MTV provided a little preview of the upcoming season of Teen Mom. This comes in at the 34:45 mark. Be warned – there is gratuitous footage of Gary Shirley kissin’ up on his lady!


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