A stab at transcribing Farrah Abraham’s debut song

Farrah Abraham dropped her debut single “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” on Friday and already the song has made massive waves among the Teen Mom community.

The song, released exclusively through InTouch, makes extensive use of auto tuning, which has been pointed out by thousands of passionate commenters. In some parts this technical manipulation can make it difficult for even the most trained ear to decipher the lyrics to the song.

The soundcloud app used to post the song shows a listen count of over 50,000 as of this post. So it’s apparent that inquiring minds want to know!

Given that fact, for your knowledge, here is starcasm’s attempt* at transcribing the lyrics to Farrah Abraham’s “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom.”

*Disclaimer – I have no idea if this is accurate. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s not, but darnit I gave it my best shot.

Lyrics for Farrah Abraham's "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

According to Farrah’s official website you can get your own copy of the full album which will be a soundtrack for her book My Teenage Dream Ended. The soundtrack will be free with ebook purchases and also available to buy on its own via other outlets such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify on the same day of the book release, August 14th.

The songs on the soundtrack were put together by Farrah, “to show her emotions of her favorite 10 chapters in her book.” The Teen Mom star encourages fans of her music to, “request your favorite song on your local radio station”

  • CherryQueen

    OMG you can’t un-hear that! She isn’t even singing…

  • Brittany

    I thought it was “heavy traffic on the highway” and #look back fast discover that girl is here to stay.”
    Haha I have an easier time doing calculus.

    • Kee

      I CAN’T DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what her mom has to say (LOL)

  • Josh

    What do you say when a talentless attention wh0re tries to extend her 15 minutes of fame?

    Not today!

  • shawna

    no one waist your time on this I have herd ok songs with Auto tone but this WOW is all i have to say.

  • bailey

    She is nuts.

  • Diane

    Stop yelling at me Farrah! Geez, what’s with all the exclamation points?

    I really don’t have anything good to say about this woman, she’s so ugly on the inside I instantly get turned off by anything she says or does.

  • Sweet Venom

    This is pathetic. There are thousands of people out there who want to be writers and singers and this loser manages to accomplish both? Although I don’t consider her either. Why is she doing this though? Is she actually trying to BE and DO everything?

    • Jitters

      I guess all you gotta do to get there today is get knocked up at 16, get on a tv show and your career is set! No hard work, no starting from the bottom and working your way up. Pathetic..

      • Jay

        She obviously had to put some work into it to get where she is going. If it is sooooo easy, then where’s your success?

        • Sweet Venom

          How can you even measure success? She popped out a baby at 16 and just refused to let her 15 minutes of fame die. Next you’re going to tell me Kim Kardashian is successful, and why, because she has money and is on TV? To me that is not success. The only thing I ever admired about Farrah was her determination at obtaining a good career, but this singing garbage is not a step in the right direction considering the girl cannot even sing.

  • Sweet Venom

    I just listened to the song…this can’t be the final product right? That shit is crap…it’s so choppy, damn I wish I were deaf.

  • jane

    “copy of the full album” oh please say it ain’t so. 🙁

  • Sadie

    Myself out of my own frame?
    Nahh, I like my translation better. I prefer “My stove is out of my ice cream”

  • Sadie

    Or rather, theashley’s translation 😛

  • Sarah

    You know what astounds me the most? The fact that she talks about it (the CD) like she’s just sure that it’s going to be a hit. It’s like she can’t even fathom the idea that people will think its total crap.

  • Nikki

    Sounds like she got hold of one of those T-Pain microphone toys, recorded herself playing with it, then decided to call it a song. This “song” is just terrifying.

  • michele

    Pathetic..is what that is you cant understand what she is saying and the the song makes no sense the wording is horrible its like a frist grader wrote it…

  • Diana


  • D

    They should totally use her album during police interrogations, make them listen to it until they’re ready to tell the truth. I bet they’d never have to go past track one.

  • bianca

    OMG. i just bought it on iTunes… is there a refund button?!

  • even when i see the lyrics written down the song still makes no sense.. and i dont have anything against farrah i might even buy her book, i feel bad for her but she should def quit her music career while she is ahead. although that ship might have already sunk