Photoshop Adventures: Mariah Carey’s American Idol promo

Mariah Carey American Idol promo photoshop

Mariah Carey’s first promo photo for her $18 million American Idol season looks a little — photoshopped.

There are definitely worse photoshops, but Mariah’s already got a nice body, no need to make her look like a cartoon.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the real Mariah with the ‘shopped job. They chiseled at her waist in a way that doesn’t look natural:

Mariah released this statement about her new gig:

“As a singer, songwriter, and producer, it’s going to be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and give back with American Idol.”

Mariah’s $18 million dollar contract is only for one year, so she can walk if she wants to.

Will Mariah be enough to save AI?

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  • tab

    she’s one of the ugliest people to ever walk the face of this earth. both inside and out.

    • Notsomuch

      Really? REALLY? You are freaking dramatic. Get some perspective.

      • tab

        how am i being dramatic by stating my opinion of her?
        i’ve plenty of perspective, thankyouverymuch!

        • Notsomuch

          Your opinion was dramatic. Get it? What else would I be referring to if not your opinion? When I think of “one of the ugliest people to ever walk the face of this earth” people that come to mind are Hitler, Osama… but Mariah Carey?!? Not so much. Like I said, perspective. 😉

  • Sandra Reed

    your funny have you looked in the mirror lately? probably not.

    • tab

      have you taken an english class lately?
      probably not.

  • Reevan

    hey, in what position are you to tell like that? ugliest person on earth?? ROTFL!!! that woman was listed as people choice magazine’s most beautiful woman for 2012… get it?? what are u MR or MRS universe or something?? i bet mariah’s feet looks prettier than ur face!! mothaf**kin bastard!! u dont like her shut the f**k up man, and what u said to sandra reed?? “have u taken an english class lately”?? ow come on

  • jffhdyfrk

    I personally do not find Mariah Carey very attractive, I never have. But saying she’s the ugliest person to walk the face of the earth is pretty harsh. She’s got a a great voice and doesn’t look like…let’s say Nicki Minaj =P haha. Why would they photoshop this? That’s just stupid….