PHOTOS Gretchen Rossi cuts her hair, says she “might go shorter”

Gretchen Rossi presents her new single Unbreakable at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas

The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Gretchen Rossi is currently promoting her new song “Unbreakable” and just before her appearance at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas last night she made the surprise announcement to fans on Twitter that she got a new summer hairdo! The photo above is from the event and this next one was shared by Gretchen on her Facebook wall just minutes ago:

Gretchen Rossi got a haircut, shows off her new shorter hairstyle July 6 2012

And here’s how Gretchen described the changes, including the possibility of going even shorter!

Ok for everyone that keeps asking to see the pic of my new haircut here is a pic from last night in Vegas! I took out my extensions (I had in for extra long length) and cut my hair! Thanks for all the compliments on twitter about it so far! Fun new style for summer! I wanted to be different and change it up a bit! I might even go shorter, but wanted to try this length first!

So what do you think about Gretchen’s new look? If you’re like me it’s hard to really tell the difference without seeing the new hairstyle in a bikini. Gretchen – I know you hear me gurl! šŸ˜‰

It’s the weekend y’all! Let’s get this party started with a little “Funbreakable” from Diana Rossi herself, shall we?!? And we’ll pair it up with a photo from the Krave event last night that looks absolutely off the chain – like a gay Flaming Lips concert!!!

Krave Las Vegas Rush Fridays

  • Sweetiepie

    WOW she looks fabulous, I always thought she was pretty, and this new cut shows that off, you go girl!!!

  • OhMyGeez

    Not a very subtle use of the softening tool on her face in the 2nd photo. Pretty lady, really doesn’t need to be photoshopped.

    • Hayzii

      She looks like a cartoon. I understand photo-shopping in magazines (sometimes) but when people do it to their personal pictures it’s just sad. I can’t imagine being that insecure. I also hate that instagram crap that makes the pictures all blurry. Can’t anyone be real anymore?

  • Looks good, Gretch. I wonder if Alexass will follow suit.

  • Brittany

    I think she looks great! That being said, she does not have a good singing voice at all, but I guess a lot of famous “singers” now-a-days don’t either.

  • Courtney

    I agree w/ you OhMyGeez! Just about EVERY picture she posts she has the most airbrushed soft looking face! (and it NEVER seems to match w/ her chest and arms in the same photo! Worries me that she feels she has to airbrush and perfect herself even further in photos when she’s already a GORGEOUS girl! I think she needs to tone things down a bit and sport a more natural look! (I think she would look even more gorgeous!) just somewhere down the line she did too much and I’d like to see her not so “Hollywood” šŸ™‚

    • I also couldn’t believe it when I saw her pix of herself! It looks like an oil painting or like a doll made of porcelain. She is SO pretty to begin with she REALLY should go for the naural look! She’s at the age to where she looks her absolute best so show it off NATURALLY! She seems pretty down to earth and like you, I feel she is going Hollywood too much on us. I hope she reads some of these comments, she would look SO much better natural, she doesn’t need all the baloney!

  • Lisa

    Taking out your hair extensions does NOT qualify as getting a haircut. Give me a break already. The hair extensions will be back in her hair before long.

    • helloisitme

      Bahaha! My thoughts exactly. Since when is removing your weave a haircut?

    • Courtney

      Ha learn to read it said she took out extensions AND cut her hair
      Don’t be jealous cuz you probs have sh!tty hair cuz jealousy is a b!tch (:

  • Courtney

    Why does someone always use my same name after I comment? It makes it look like I wrote those harsh comments! I only wrote the one on July 8th