PHOTOS Lady Gaga in various costumes from the Born This Way Ball Tour

Lady Gaga on a motorcycle during the Born This Way Ball Tour

Lady Gaga is more than two months into her hugely successful worldwide Born This Way Ball Tour, set to make landfall in the United State in early 2013. As you would expect, the Mother Monster has put together yet another AMAZING stage show with numerous elaborate sets and a mind-boggling amount of costume changes for Gaga. And we’re not just talking about swapping out colorful dresses, we’re talking about Tim Burton level elaborate costumes!

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Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Tour Mother GOAT costume

I’ve wanted to compile photos of the different costumes worn by Lady Gaga on the Born This Way Ball Tour, but haven’t gotten really great photos of a lot of them – until now! Australian photographers Blue Wasp/Grey Wasp took some really amazing shots of Lady Gaga performing live in Perth, Western Australia last night in which you can see Gaga in almost all of her Born This Way Ball costumes in stunning detail. There’s even one shot of a hungry Little Monster trying to add a little protein to his diet by grabbing at Gaga’s meat dress! (Yes, I suppose that could be a euphemism, but it works either way)

Lady Gaga wears a meat dress during her Born This Way Ball Tour 2012

And how about Lady Gaga’s Predator/Alien cage costume?!?

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Tour alien costume

Remember, that’s a human being in there performing a concert!

Anyways, here are the rest of the photos along with a breakdown of the Born This Way Ball Tour set list from Wikipedia. I’m guessing Lady Gaga will mix things up a little bit before taking over America in 2013, but it should give you a pretty good idea what’s in store.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball costume motorcycle  Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball gold costume with hat  Lady Gaga plays guitar wearing sexy black costume during the Born This Way Ball

The Born This Way Ball was divided into five acts, and is imbued with political and social themes such as discrimination and government control. The show begins with “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)” with an extended intro, which Gaga performed while atop of a mechanical horse out of the “electric chapel”—the three-story medieval castle prop. The dancers and Gaga walk around the catwalk, or the “Monster Pit”. Metaphorically, the scene alluded to the assertion that “everyone is entitled to love, no matter what their sexual orientation”. After this song is finished, the stage goes dark. Spotlights are shone across the stage with a helicopter sound being played. The audience then hears “Mother G.O.A.T.” speak for the first time stating that “alien fugitive Lady Gaga has escaped”, and that “Operation: Kill the Bitch”, is in order. We then see Gaga dressed in an alien costume come out from the castle and sing “Government Hooker”, in which she “seduces” a dancer who is dressed in a suit before she kills him and flees off the stage. Following the conclusion of “Government Hooker”, Gaga’s dancers reenacted the birth scene akin to that in “Born This Way” along with an extended intro of the song. Coinciding with the routine, Gaga moans and simulates giving birth. The singer then performs the song after coming out of the zipper-like vagina of a large, inflatable body. After “Black Jesus † Amen Fashion”, Gaga sings “Bloody Mary” in a hovering Aliens-esque costume featuring a masked that obscured her face.

Lady Gaga wears a biker costume with black wings on the Born This Way Ball Tour

Lady Gaga as a biker with an elaborate spiked hat during Born This Way Ball concert  Lady Gaga in a white dress and hat during Born This Way Ball Tour concert in Australia  Lady Gaga wears a blue costume on the Born This Way Ball Tour 2012

The Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto I, an interlude accentuating Gaga’s alter ego Mother G.O.A.T, soon commences and recites the opening dialogue of the music video of “Born This Way”. For “Bad Romance”, Gaga performed the song in a plastic white dress topped with a ram-horned headpiece. Gaga then delivers a speech about her identity and her ‘imprisonment’ before being taken away, screaming, by guards, representing government restriction and ‘betrayal’. After being taken to the top of the castle, Gaga performs “Judas”, before escaping. Wearing a blue latex dress. She then performs “Fashion of His Love” in the castle, followed by “Just Dance”. “LoveGame” is performed in a clear bathtub built into the stage on dates with the monster pit, it is performed on the runway in the crowd with a new remixed ending. “Telephone” is then performed, with the original choreography. An interlude follows describing “Gaga’s take over of planet earth”. “Heavy Metal Lover” is performed next, Gaga appears in an “Giorgio Armani” fringed sleeve top laying on across the body of a motor-“tricycle” with her arms in two slots, making her look as if she is a part of the vehicle. This is a recreation of the Born This Way album cover. After “Heavy Metal Lover”, Gaga has a small chat before saying the words “I don’t give a f**k”, before going into “Bad Kids”, which feature some choreography. She then performs an acoustic version of “Princess Die”, inspired by her deepest, darkest thoughts. She also perform a slowed down version of “Hair” and the studio album version of “You and I”. After You and I she plays Electric Chapel on a guitar before leaving the stage. She returns in a recreation of the meat dress and performs Americano and Poker Face, at the end she is lowered into a meat grinder. A moment later she emerges from the stage sitting on a meat couch and performs Alejandro with her gun bra. Then Mother G.O.A.T. fly’s around the castle lip-syncing the words to Paparazzi until Gaga returns and with her new disco stick and kills her. Gaga says she was the last to die and then she performs Schebie and says “this is the last song”. After the song the stage goes black. Moments later Gaga returns in a tower playing a acoustic version of The Edge of Glory and performing the album version. For the last number Lady Gaga performs Marry the Night and at the end is lowered into the stage.

Photos: Blue Wasp/Grey Wasp/Splash News