PHOTOS The Jersey Shore cast moves out of the Seaside Heights beach house for the last time

Jersey Shore cast last day filming Season 6

It’s the end of an era as the cast of Jersey Shore wraps filming on their sixth and final season of what is one of the biggest hit shows in the history of cable television. Even the MTV crew members seemed more relaxed, allowing themselves to be easily photographed along with Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D, JWoww, Vinny, Ronni, Sammi and Deena as they all carried their suitcases down the steps and to their (very nice) vehicles one last time.

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JErsey Shore beach house final day of filming Season 6 July 6 2012

In addition to millions and millions of fans the infamous show has garnered its fair share of detractors, but even they would have to admit that Jersey Shore will go down as one of the most influential television programs of the last 20 years, proving that scripts and creative concepts are no longer necessary for a hit show – the only ingredients you need are charismatic and entertaining people (in whatever capacity that may be) that viewers want to watch.

The business of television is largely “just” entertainment, and I think it would be the staunchest of Jersey Shore haters who would attempt to argue that this collection of pre-middle-aged good timers were not entertaining to watch. And they would be wrong.

Jersey Shore cast leaving the Seaside Heights beach house for the last time

I remember when this show first came on less than three years ago and watching the previews thinking to myself, “a bunch of tan and drunk sex-crazed Jersey shore partiers living in a beach house together? No thanks. I think I’d rather take my chances with The Real World.”

It only took one episode and I knew I was wrong. I began doing background posts on the cast members because I knew viewers were going to want to know more about these addictive characters! Some of this site’s biggest posts early on were thanks to our early coverage of Jersey Shore. We dug up The Situation’s old MySpace photos from several accounts he had under many different names, and we found some jaw-dropping promotional shots of JWoww in a bikini on a motorcycle with a gun that she took to promote her pre-Jersey Shore social networking project Ignition Nation.

Jersey Shore cast and crew pose for photos on their last day of filming Season 6

I’ll be the first to admit that the concept and even the characters have gotten a little bit old after five seasons, but quitting after six seems just about right. I believe it will provide MTV the opportunity to send their superstars off with most all of them embarking on much more mature and adult stages of their lives.

Judging from some of the recent headlines I’m sure we will see a lot of the usual drunken shenaniganry during Season 6, but I’m also guessing (hoping) that we will see a Seaside Heights beach house wrap things up with very little animosity amongst its inhabitants as the end of an era draws these dynamic personalities together with the shared experience of going on one of the most amazing rides in pop culture history. (See: group hug photo above.)

Suitcases for the cast of Jersey Shore on the last day of filmin Season 6

I think MTV or the CDC need to buy that beach house and reopen it as a museum – sort of a Gracelessland. “Look dad! It’s the Smush Room!”

(It’s amazing to think that there is a human being out there who walked out on this show. Poor, poor Angelina.)

Photos: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News

  • jessica

    Sad to see it go but its time

  • CiCi

    I can’t believe (and can’t believe I’m admitting) how much I’ll miss these guys. Merp!

    • Brittani

      same i liked the show and thought all of them were so sweet and i wish i could meet them

  • Marissa

    Some of them are actually very close to middle age. Sammi Giancola took off YEARS off her actual age and only those very close to her know that! The picture of her riding a bike with her messy bleached out hair was actually taken in 1990. In the picture she was eight years old. Do the math. Look at her face when she has no makeup, and right away in the morning. She looks her actual age; she even looks older than that sometimes. Sammi Giancola also had a hair transplant on her front hairline going back to the crown. Since middle school she was suffering from Alopecia Areata and had something very similar to male pattern baldness. She had to have transplant surgery to restore a more youthful hairline. For the rest, she just uses a lot of extensions and clipins. Sammi has hardly any natural hair.

    Not sure why the public believe everything they’re told by the Jersey Shore camp. SO much of it is not true.

    Sammi’s old neighbor

  • Marissa

    By the way, anyone who does not believe me, find an old pic of Sammi Sweetheart YEARS ago before she did the show. She is very bald on her front hairline. The proof is in the pictures.

  • Paula

    They’re already leaving? Summer just started! You would think they would’ve left in like August. Guess they’ve been filming for a while, though.

    Glad they’re quitting while they’re ahead.

  • Lisa

    What’s the deal with Sammi’s Flintstone Toe?
    Can’t seem to find any info.

  • Marissa

    Lisa, she has freakishly big toes and Ron was always teasing her about it. Thing is, Sammi would call Ron “stumpy” and then get hysterical when he would comment on her big toe. Big deal, right? Really big deal for an extremely insecure woman like Sammi Giancola. I don’t blame her for all of it, though. Sammi was rather neglected as a child and grew up in a home that was dysfunctional. As a kid she was always a loner, not much different than she is now, unable to get alone with most people. Her family was pretty much all she had, and that was a troubled family. Sammi has also struggled with her weight which has been yo-yo-ing since childhood. She was always thick, with short legs, just like now.

  • Marissa

    That is, she was unable to get ‘ALONG’ with most people, sorry. We were only neighbors all those years ago and she was already difficult! I remember her not being well-liked and always by herself, or with her sister. Sammi was just below average on all counts, didn’t have good grades, good looks, just very unremarkable.

  • Brittani

    I Wish I Could Meet The Jersey Shore Memebers

  • Fun Guy

    Marissa, how old is Sammi? My guess is she is about 29 or 30? I found it odd that Sammi claims to have been in college 5 years but still hasn’t graduated? Also your description of her as a kid is dead on, from what I have seen of her on the show I would say she suffers from borderline personality, she always sees herself as a victim and thinks everyone is out to get her

  • Marissa

    FunG–You hit it dead-on when you wrote Sammi seems to suffer from a borderline personality disorder. I’ve thought that dozens of times. I have an extensive education in counseling, but not being licensed, I would not technically be able to make that diagnosis. (But you know, and I know, and a whole lot of people know–that Sammi is deeply unstable.)

    Sammi is about 30, maybe 31. Since others on the show are in their 30’s as well, I think it is silly to lie and make herself out to be 25. Why? I suspect she wanted to appear to be younger as the women on the show are younger than her, a couple of them considerably. Although Sammi’s age is the least of her worries.

    If I were to counsel Sammi and Ron, (would never happen, I know, just saying,) I’d advise them to separate immediately. I fear that something very violent could conceivably happen between the couple and it is NOT Sammi I fear for. She is so obsessive about Ron, and coupled with a disturbing temper prone to violence, I think Ron runs the risk of being severely injured or worse as long as he remains with this woman. Does Ron think he is actually safe because Sammi is a woman?? IF so, he is incredibly naive.

    I’ll never forget the fight they had where Vinny was literally holding Sammi back from attacking Ron as she screamed an almost demonic sounding ‘I HATE YOU,’ over and over. WHAT would she have done, had they been alone, and Ron turned his back for a second??

    The sad part is that people are still turning a blind eye toward violence against men in part because people have a hard time believing that women are truly capable of seriously harming a male partner. I really hope Ron comes to realize the danger he is in!

    FunG–I also saw that Sammi suffers from “persecution complex, paranoia, and other anti-social characteristics. It was creepy the way she would deliberately draw Ron into horrible arguments, and then proceed to manipulate him and cry and ultimately Ron would feel like HE was the bad person. Classic anti-social personality at work.

    • ThatIsNotTrue


      there is no way she is 30! i guess if you were really truly her neighbor though, you’d know that. she’s only 25. you are cray cray.

  • Tinia

    Im glad the show is over. MTV was beating a dead horse by season 3. The fame and the money had changed the characters so much that they were no longer fun loving, charismatic people. They were your typical overpaid, obnoxious, arrogant, self entitiled C-list celebrity. I stopped watching it that 3rd season. I just didnt find “plastic” Jwow,”full of himself” Mike, “wannabe” Vinny, and “over the top vulgar” Snooki endearing anymore.

  • Marissa

    I hear that, Tinia. The whole dynamic had changed, and lots of people said they actually found it “stressful” to watch. Stressful! People watch television to escape their own stressful lives, not experience other peoples’ messes. Watching Sammi and Ron fighting had a huge hand in killing that show. The world watched in collective disgust. To bring the whole thing back for a 6th season is so redundant. I did like JWow; I thought she had a good heart.

  • Fun Guy

    All good points Marissa, I didn’t pay attention to Sammi when the show first aired because she had no personality. But when I saw reruns of the first episode I found it odd Sammi was walking on the boardwalk holding hands with the Situation three hours after meeting him? I thought this girl probably has abandonment issues and throws herself at guys. Just a few days later Sammi found out that she had nothing in common with the Situation and really can’t stand him.
    She also in unable to control her rage, when she asked Ronnie if he was talking to Jenni and he said yes, she punched him in the face. She commited assault, if that was the TV show Cops, Sammi would have been arrested and charged for that. I don’t know if she actually breaks laws but her borderline personality is very close to anti social personality. It’s almost like she presses Ronnie’s button’s just to see him blow up and that makes her feel like he loves her. When she finally moves on to the next guy this will happen all over again, unless she gets therapy she won’t be able to change her co dependent ways, she literally gets addicted to the guy she is with and her whole life then revolves around it. Thanks for sharing your insights with us Marissa

  • Tia

    What the heck?

    Marissa, get off the freakin internet you nutbag weirdo!!!

    You are spreading lies about Samantha and it isn’t nice. You were NEVER her neighbor, and if you were you should be ashamed for lying. You’re just a psycho and you’re the one that needs counseling. That kind of stuff will come back to bite you in the ass. Post your picture here so we can judge you on your ugly looks. Sam is very pretty and always has been. Stop LYING.

  • Mickey

    They need to BURN that house! Who knows what kind of diseases are roaming the walls of that place. UGH

  • Marissa

    Tia, Darling, how would you know? Unless you are the Sweetheart, herself.

    Obviously I hit a nerve, huh? LOOK again at the pictures of the Sweetheart dating nearly 10 years or MORE back. Alopecia Areata, yep. Hair transplant, YEP. Wigs, hairpieces, clipins. We all saw that for ourselves.

    NJ is extremely overcrowded and LOTs of people were neighbors to the Sweetheart nutcase.

    “Pretty?” She was below average on all counts, and has used a 100 props to make herself passably attractive. One the actual attractiveness scale, she doesn’t come close to Magro, and she is painfully aware of that. Like I said, old pictures don’t lie.

    I could write way more embarrassing things about that sweet ole gal, but I actually used some restraint. If people knew EVERYTHING about her, they would reel.

  • Marissa

    Miss Tia, being a former neighbor to the Lady Sammi is no big deal. Working class neighborhoods in NJ are very densely packed, and is precisely why I don’t live there now. And in those neighborhoods, and back in the day, everybody knew everything about everybody. If a family had problems, everybody knew it. But then–you KNOW that don’t you??

    NJ has some VERY beautiful areas despite what detractors say, and I’ll always miss the beach. But I can’t take the overcrowding at my age. As for posting a pic of myself, what, exactly would be the point. I am NOT on a world wide viewed reality show and humiliating myself just for the sake of money, am I?

    As for whether I am ugly or otherwise, once again, completely irrelevant. Stop using false arguments because you are embarrassed,
    Sam, oh I mean Tia!

  • Fun Guy

    I don’t think anyone is saying Sammi is ugly, she actually looked good in the Miami episodes when she dropped 15 pounds during that time, her legs looked lean and her stomach was flat. These messages are pointing more towards Sammies horrible personality and the rage and mental issues. She seems so unhappy during the day that you wonder if the Sweetheart is bipolar? She seems a little more happy at night at the clubs with a few drinks in her. Now that Jersey Shore is done I don’t see much of a future in the spotlight for Sammi, she doesn’t have any charm or personality to carry any type of show and as her fame fades so will the nice paydays to show up at clubs.
    Paris Hilton used to get a 100 grand an appereance and now that she is in her mid 30’s no one even cares about her anymore. My guess is Sammie will probably try to jump start her career by posing in Playboy and showing off those tan legs that she is so proud of. Again, I think Marissa is just pointing out that Sammi is no Sweetheart

  • Fred Flintstone Toe?

    Why do people always talk about her Fred Flintstone toes? Sammi is usually wearing flip flops in every photo you see of her, it looks like she takes good care of them, her nails are always done nice. They look like regular feet to me? I have scene alot worse

  • Tia

    I don’t think so Marissa. The point is you’re posting slanderous lies on the internet, period. That could be considered quite serious. Do you forget what you write?

    It’s truly sad. You have nothing to back up your lies either. The link I posted proved that one of your lies were wrong, but of course you just overlooked that. At least back up your crap. I feel sorry for you, I really do. Get help soon or go slander someone else before you’re hit with a lawsuit. Hope she doesn’t really know who you are. 🙂

  • Brandy


    could you please post a link to the pics of sammie you’re talking about? i’ve never seen em.. one of my friend’s cousin has that disease and she has no hair at ALL. not even eyebrows either or hair on her body. i think sammie has eyebrows so i think maybe you’ve got her confused with someone else? you can’t get eyebrow translpants! lol. all da girls on the show get clips and weaves and stuff, it’s really not a big if that’s what you’re talking about then i guess they all have it! i think sam is very pretty too but she ugly makes faces all the time and should smile more that’s all!

  • Fred Flintstone Toe?

    Actually I remember one episode where Sammi Sweetheart was talking about the hairpiece she wears, she said if she doesn’t wear it she looks like Pocahontas. So Sammi herself is talking about her hair loss problem. I don’t know about her age, I guess MTV had to see a birth certificate. If everything Marissa said is the truth than in a court of law that would not be slander, truth is a defense.

    • Tia

      She never said she had a hair loss problem, or a “hair piece”. She wears clip-ins and may get a weave. As Brandy stated above, most women do that these days so that their hair looks longer than it is.

      A simple search on the internet would reveal her age, as did the link I provided. Websites like intelius would tell you that information. Marissa is quite weird. Don’t know why she feels the need to lie.

  • Guest

    Does anyone know whatever happened with Sammi and her texting buddy Arvin? are they still friends? Arvin reminded me of an Arab version of Ronnie, short, very insecure and uses steroids to overcompensate for the little man’s complex they have. I remember when Ronnie asked Arvin on the phone if he ever slept with Sam he said no they just made out. Then Sammi got on the phone with Arvin and said she never kissed him but later admitted that she did. So she lied to Ron then lied to Arvin on the phone when he was telling the truth about them kissing. I was like wow, this girl doesn’t tell the truth to anyone? no wonder her life is filled with anger and drama

  • elisa

    Dang Marissa wow Get a life dude seriously!!!! You need some help like Tia said get off the internet and I bet your fun guy 2 … You must really hate Sam and Fyi She don’t even know who you are!!!! Lmao

  • Fun Guy

    I am not Marissa, I was just responding to some comments she made that made sense to me. Is Tia really Sammi herself? I can’t imagine Sammi having a fan this loyal since she is not well liked by people, that could be a self post by Sammi

    • RObabe

      LOL. Uhm…I don’t think the cast cares about what people say about them on the internet. It’s all part of being a celebrity. Unless something really horrible is said or some sort of defamation of character, but especially not from a message board!
      I doubt Sammi or any of the other cast members have time in their busy lives to even read that silly stuff, let alone take the time to comment. Anyway, it’s sad and yet bittersweet to see the show possibly go for good.

  • Marissa

    RObabe: I have to disagree with what you’ve written about the cast not caring about what people say. Fact is–they care very much.

    You’re forgetting that reality show ‘stars’ are not bone fide “celebrities.” They are average, sometimes way below average people, who are typically chosen for these shows because they are ‘characters’ so to speak. That can be anything from very bodacious to downright unstable. Sammi is on the extreme end of self-centered, and I think she is hyper aware of her public ‘image’ which is actually quite negative. Violence is always repulsive and the hard copy of Sammi slamming her boyfriend in the face out of pure jealousy and spite is on the public record forever. If we are all still here in 30 years, the clip of Sammi behaving like an anti-social miscreant will still be there for the world to see. I know I would not like having to live with footage of myself behaving that way!

    I will look for the pics of Sammi’s baldness. Her balding was primarily along her hairline, (more like a non-existant hairline,) and extending toward the crown. She has very little hair all over her head, though.

    And “Tia” my pet, if Sammi does ‘know’ who I am, what will she do? Punch me??

    • Anonymous

      Wow Marissa. You do sound very crazy. Did you forget that Ron shoved Sammi several times, cheated on her, and also smashed all of her belongings including her glasses?! Get a grip on reality honey. It doesn’t sound like you even watched the show at all. Are you perhaps Angelina or some hobag that is lusting after Ron? I think you are. 🙂 In any case you’d be perfect for reality TV.

      You’re a nutcase!

  • Marissa

    Elisa: I “bet” you’re Tia! Does that make sense?

  • Fun Guy

    When Ronni was crying in the middle of the day after Sammi left I said, wow, this guy has serious emotional problems. That is not normal behavior for a grown man, more like something a teenage boy would do. Put that together with Sammies low self esteem and anger issues and you have a cocktail of disaster. They are two co dependents that have no idea how to be in a mature relationship. They do nothing but say horrible things to eachother then make up like nothing happened. They should stay away from eachother and both seek therapy to find out where all this anger and rage is coming from? I have a feeling it was there in both of them long before they met

  • Guest

    Does anyone know why Sammi chose the nickname Sweetheart for herself? There really isn’t anything sweet about her personality. I think the name Sammi McNasty would have fit her better

  • Marissa

    No, I’m not “Angelina.” What a silly assumption.

    Sammi is quite disliked in the public sector and that is bad news for her as she is desperately trying to hawk a perfume line. She knows her days as a “star” are numbered. Seriously lacking in talent and natural good looks, she simply does not have what it takes to be successful independent of the show, as Jenny is, for example.

    I agree with FunGuy in that this couple is disastrous together, and has the potential for a tragic outcome if they do not seek help. ANY counselor would advise them to part ways immediately and stay that way. But those two seem bent on a bad outcome. I do hope that is not how things end, as I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I hope their miserable example will serve to remind young people of the truths of domestic violence and serve as a deterrent. It is hardly humorous, or entertaining. Couples who end up as murder/suicides always have a similar history as Ron and Sammi do.

    Sammi SHOULD have been prosecuted for domestic violence. And in any other venue, she likely would have had to answer for her abusive actions. This would hardly have been cruel, but might have served as a wake-up call and may have started her on a different path. But she was not made responsible for her actions in any way.

    IF she ever does make something positive of her miserable example by getting help, breaking with Magro, and then becoming involved in advocacy for domestic violence, then she will have done a great thing. I HOPE she takes that route eventually.

  • Guest

    MTV has a double standard when it comes to domestic violence. If Ronnie had punched Sammi on film he would have been arrested but it was no big deal when Sammi punched Ronnie.

    I think the Jersey Shore cast will be alot like the actors on the TV show Friends. Together they had a hit show, but when they seperated they had nothing but failures in all their movie an TV projects.

    Pauley D will be OK because he has a DJ career but for the ones who think they are going to skate on their Jersey Shore fame they will be in for a surprise. Sammi will have a very rough time, once her name fades and the perfume doesn’t sell that will be it for her. Maybe she can get paid to appear at clubs? I don’t think anyone would pay if she wrote a book. There are long stretches of time on Jersey Shore where you don’t even hear Sammi speak? There were several episodes where you just see Sammi sitting on the couch with a pissed off look on her face

  • Mullet Puncher

    Now that Jersey Shore is over it looks like Sammi Sweetheart may have to get up in the morning and go to a real job and actually work. No more getting paid to get drunk at Karma every night and no more fat paychecks to sit on the couch at the Shore house and complain about Ron every day

  • Katelynn

    I think its hilarious how much Marissa is bashing Sammi and being so negative. Jealous much? Get a hobby hater!! Only a loser would have time to sit there and point out negative remarks about someone all day and reply over and over trying to “make people realize what a troubled nutcase Sammi is” do everyone a favor Marissa and get off it already. Its not healthy to obsess and negatively lol