‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham talks about her lack of friends in Miami

We’ve seen a lot of Farrah Abraham’s life during her run on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. One thing we haven’t seen? Her friendships. She’s spent time with her parents and her sister, but she doesn’t seem to have many girl friends in her life. Fans did see Farrah have one girls night a couple seasons ago, that has been it. With all of her responsibilities as a single mom, she surely could use some support.

When Us Weekly asked her if she had a good girl friend to confide in, Farrah admitted, “I really can’t find one honest, great person here to be friends with. I’d rather not deal with all the drama and fakeness of people trying to claw at me. I do have a  couple of amazing friends in New York, and the girls on the show. Those are my close friends.”

On a past Teen Mom reunion special Farrah told Dr. Drew that she didn’t have any friends. Are her career aspirations getting in the way of her personal life?

Farrah also revealed that it has become hard for her to date “because people watch them on TV I had to think of everyone’s motives.” Fans saw Farrah go on a date with a new neighbor on Tuesday night’s Teen Mom. She later revealed that they had only went out because it was ‘convenient.’

One relationship that has gotten better since her move is her relationship with her mother, Debra. “We communicate better and really love each other. When I visit, we don’t get on each other’s nerves as much. The space was needed.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wahhh poor Farrah, life is SO hard.

  • Jessica

    Farrah has no friends because she is mean and she talks to people in should a rude way.

    • Katie

      Lmao, I was JUST about to say something along these lines. Look how she treated her date in the last episode! Even in her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode, her “best friend” told the whole school she was pregnant. Farrah has never had real friends, and probably never will unless she changes her attitude to everyone. The other ‘Teen Mom’ girls would have never been her friend had it not been for the show.

    • coco

      This. Exactly this.

    • LR

      Agree 100%!!! My thoughts exactly when I read this. She is extremely rude to people. And being a single mom: she wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. I have no sympathy for her. She has had it easier than a lot of other single moms.


    Farrah doesn’t have friends because she is an indescribable bitch, not because there aren’t honest and good people around.

  • Erica

    Well duh she has no friends because she is a rude sarcastic bitch! I’ve watched her on 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom and everybody she has come in contact with on both of those shows has been talked to like crap by her. I would rather have no friends than a friend like that

  • Paige

    She’s lucky that her family puts up with her, forget about friends. When you treat people like dogs, what else do you expect?

  • Crystal

    I mean wonder why she doesn’t have many friends? Can we take a look at the seasons of when she was on the show? That’ll give you the answer!!

  • Babyvamp

    She didn’t seem rude to her friends from past clips of the show…..but she does seem like a girl with entirely too much baggage. I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who was either always praising themselves or crying.

    • Geniya

      And she seems very self centered. She only cares about her own well being.

  • BBT

    I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s because she’s a b!tch, whiny and annoying as all hell.

  • Jenn

    SHe has no friends because she is the rude one.

  • Tracie

    Eeerr…she’s kind of a b!tch though. I mean who would want to be friends with her?

  • Vanessa

    Farrah has no friends because she lacks social skills. Farrah only talks about herself and her problem and the woe is me act is really annoying. Farrah is always the victim a friendship is two sided not one sided all Farrah talks about is herself. Can you imagine being friends with someone that self center. That they turn every situation about themself that is Farrah maybe people in miami are real. And they see Farrah for what she is and will not put up with crap Farrah is just nasty. For no reason and real people will put up with that and that’s why Farrah can not have real friends. And I pretty sure the friends she has now or only friends with because she is on tv. And once that ends nobody will care about her and nasty ass personlity she finally getting a reality check. Farrah you don’t walk on water you are not that great please get over self.

  • A.J.

    Of all the girls on the show, I agree that Farrah has a had the worst reputation with friends. But her attitude has a lot to do with it, too. She tends to push people away when they try to get close to her, and she can be very overbearing.

  • Sherita

    Farrah will never have friends because she has a pi$$ poor attitude and thinks the world and her parents owe her just because Derrick died. Who wants to be friends with a selfish c*** like her? It’s a reason why none of her friends stuck around. They didnt just up and leave for no reason.

  • Paula

    I think it’s only shown 2 of her friends on Teen Mom – that Alli girl, and an Asian girl, Christina or something. On 16 & Pregnant she was friends with a gay guy named Tyler, and that busy body that told everybody she was pregnant, Zabrina. Looks like she has DATED more people than she’s been friends with. It’s like if anyone makes her mad, they are out of her life for good.

  • Ladylow

    If she can treat her own mother n father like crap what makes u think she could respect a friend. As soon she is given an advice or opinion n she doesnt like it she is gonna tell you with her nasal annoying voice that u r wrong blah blah pretty much treat u like u r stupid like that date she had last episode.

  • cgirl

    She doesn’t have any friends because she’s a huge c**t.

  • Cindi

    If she weren’t such a bitch she would have friends. When her segments come on I have to turn the channel because she literally make me sick with her behavior.

  • Elle

    Gee, I wonder why.

  • tab

    agree with everything that has already been said. she alone is the only reason she doesn’t have any friends and a relationship with a man.

  • helloisitme

    Having friends is so important. Its one of the most important things in life. Its really too bad she has this struggle, and perhaps she needs to explore why, beyond the whole teen mom spectrum.

  • :)

    I love how everyone of her “friends” has disappeared since 16 & Pregnant. Remember when she tried calling like 5 people to come to the zoo with her back in season 1? Yeah, nobody answered. They’ve all trickled away, just like her personality.

  • Kelly of oz

    She is the most spoilt rotten b*tch on the show, everything is handed to her and she still doesnt appreciate anything. Calls her father michael, i find that so rude! On the last ep she just told “michael” to drive to florida and drop her stuff, no please or thankyou. Argh she annoys me!

  • Mike Abraham

    Ok everyone…first off my disclaimer – I am Michael…yes Farrah’s father Michael and I dont care if she calls me Michael OK! She calls me Dad now when she feels like it but she is an adult and I ACCEPT IT SO SHOULD YOU! and for those that think she gets everything handed to her maybe you should look at Farrah’s LinkiedIn account…and see the many jobs she has worked..sometimes two and three jobs at a time EVEN when she was carring Sophia so STOP judging if you don’t KNOW THE FACTS AND TRUTH!

  • KiKi

    Ditto to what everyone has said!

  • UGA

    she is so rude and disrespectful to her mother it is appalling i cant stand her omg have some respect and how the hell does she pay her bills anyway if i was her mother i would not give a dime

  • Valerie

    Seeing the way she acts on all of the shows, who would want to be her friend? She is a rude, inconsiderate, snobby, childish person. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be her friend. She is barely a parent to Sophia. Yes I know her mother isn’t perfect but I understand why she didn’t want her to take Sophia to Florida. She relies on everyone else to be a parent to her kid. She is a spoiled little brat.

  • Sherita

    I can see right now that Sophia has no discipline or rules handed out. Sure she is only 3 but she should not be yelling at her grandfather and demanding things without being told calmly thats not ok and lets not do this again. Farrah just straight let her scream at her grandfather and nobody said anything to her about it. Look at how she flips on Farrah on segments. I see she gonna get some of the same karma that she dished out to her parents.

  • L.T.

    Farrah doesn’t have any friends because she really doesn’t seem like a very nice person overall.

  • amelia

    she’s a beeyotch!!!

  • Alicia

    Hey ” michael ” she may work 2 or 3 jobs at the same time and care for Sophia but that’s not an excuse to talk down to those around her and be rude and disrespectful. I too am a single mom that works two jobs and live on my own and I sure as hell don’t talk to people to treat people like that and yes I have lots of friends I had my son at 19 and my friends from high school are still around why?? I’ve been kicked out of my parents house with a 6 month old but years later I still talk to parents with respect and I don’t hold a grudge. So to be she is selfish and self centered and bitch!

  • Helen

    I can see why she doesn’t have any friends. She has major attitude problems towards her parents and is so inconsiderate, cruel and nasty to them that I would think that nobody would want to be near her.
    I wonder also if the public spotlight being upon her has driven her to be even more nasty and arrogant ?
    She really should thank her lucky stars that her parents did not kick her out when she was pregnant. Instead she got support and her method of thanks is to kick her Mum in the face emotionally time over time. Some day her daughter will possibly see the footage and be horrified at her Mum. Then watch how it will be revisited on Farrah.
    I should also think that Farrah gets money on the side because she has become a public figure. For all the wrong reasons- really it is not the best idea to be a child, having a baby. Yet the programme glorifies it when it comes to this nasty little girl mum

  • Kathy

    Farrah has no friends because she is so rude, and thinks she is better than everyone! As far as a man goes she will never be able to have a relationship… her attitude, and the fact that she fact she feels so entitled .. no man will ever put up with that! Farrah will be a very lonely person for the rest of her life… and sooner or later her daughter won’t put up with her either!

  • Kathy

    If I were Farrahs parents.. I’d have kicked her out. Not that her parents are much better but I wouldn’t of put up with that attitude and backtalk from her!