EXCLUSIVE Katie Yeager catches fiance Joey Maes in the act of cheating, moves out

Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager and Joey Mays the father of her daughter Molli

16 and Pregnant Season 4 alum and rumored Teen Mom 3 cast member Katie Yeager has been tweeting some rather harsh words about her fiance Joey Maes over the last couple days. We have just spoken with a source close to Katie and confirmed what the not-so-subtle tweets imply. “He has been cheating on Katie with a girl named Brigette,” our source reveals. “Katie caught him in the act and immediately moved out.”

In case you missed it, here are Katie’s really p***ed off and heartbroken tweets:

Don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not baby when I know you’re only sorry u got caught But u put on quite a show u really had me going

Perfect explanation [with the video for “Happily Ever After” by He is We – below]

A homewrecker is a type of girl I will never understand. Hope your happy bitch

A supportive fan tweeted, “@Katiebyeager Been there. While I was pregnant too. People suck, I’m sorry girl 🙁 You can get better anyway!” to which Katie responded, “@Wtf_heather87 thank you. I’m just so disgusted”

“@SoDamnTrue: No, I’m not jealous of your new girlfriend. I feel sorry for her, because she’s dating an unfaithful selfish assh0le.”

“@tattedbrunettez: I just wanna break down and cry.”

[@theSaraPeace RT] “@Notebook: You can’t force them to love you or want you, but one day you’ll make them realize what they lost.” @Katiebyeager

[@JoeSantagato RT] WhatReallyTurnsMeOff Pathological liars.

Brigette White, the girl Joey was allegedly caught with, is also a mother and according to our source has an on-and-off relationship with the baby’s father. (According to her Facebook page, she went from being “in a relationship” to “single” on June 2.)

We are really big fans of Katie Yeager (and we thought Joey as well), and this news is really sad to hear. We wish Katie and her daughter Molli the best. And if you want to do the same, hop over to Twitter and send lots of ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Katie’s way! (Haters will be prosecuted.)

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  • Kelly

    That’s disappointing =\ seriously, if he wasn’t in love with her anymore he should have ended things in a dignified manner. It would have been difficult, but at least there would have been some respect. I hope he doesn’t treat Molli anything like he treated her mother.

  • Mickey

    That has to be heartbreaking </3 I don't know what I'd do in her shoes

  • kt

    thats just wrong on so many levels, also that this girl is subscribed to Katie on facebook like WTF i wonder if this was before or after she started screwing around with joey

  • Steph111

    Something very similar happened to me. My daughter is 3 now, and although it feels awful at the time, it will only make you a stronger person in the end. She is a very happy, beautiful, smart child and is none the worse for coming from a “broken” home. Best of luck, Katie. Lean on friends and family – it takes a village!

  • Stephanie

    I am so sorry for her, I know exactly how she feels.

  • Forrest


  • Katie

    What a home-wrecker!! I swear I feel like all us moms have this little code, and the first rule is DO NOT SLEEP WITH SOMEONE’S BABY DADDY!! You’re not only ruining the woman’s life, but the child’s too. People are so selfish!! And for what? So they can get a quick lay, thats why. Pathetic.

  • Paula

    Sad. Nothing is sacred anymore.

  • savannah

    IMO, the “homewrecker” is the guy. Who is wrecking his home to sleep with someone although it takes two to tango, as I’ve grown up a little I realize, most of the blame needs to fall on the guy who’s willing to give up what he’s got for someone else. I feel awful for Katie, as I’ve been cheated on before, but never in a situation where I had a baby to think about. But as most heartbreaks do, this will make her stronger, and will help her show her daughter to only demand respect. Wishing her all the best through this awful time.

  • Grandma

    Don’t believe everything you read. This is all unsubstantiated.
    Just remember – it takes two to make a relationship and it takes
    two to break it!

  • Gwyn

    There is never an excuse to cheat. If you’re unhappy, and feel yourself slipping, get yourself to church and/or Africa, and see what good you can do, for people who actually DO have a hard life. It’s a very sad thing when a family breaks up. I know they’re just children and are too younge for all this, let alone sex, but once they made that child it was time to grow up. My heart goes out to Katie, she must be feeling so used. She has been my favorite of the new girls so far.

  • Jess

    I was cheated on by my two children’s father. Yeah it sucked. By now im married to a wonderful man that treats me with respect and my children with respect. I was also a teenage mother. You will find someone else that will make you happy. I know it hurts but you will move in and find someone that deserves you!!

  • stephanie white

    you guys dont know the whole story…my daughter is a great person and not a home wrecker….they are just all going thru changes that come with adulthood … they were great together yrs ago…and they are great together now….i love them both….

  • Aristotle

    It’s sad, wrong, you name it. That being said, I can see why the guy lost interest in Katie- she was selfish, demanding, and constantly asserted how much smarter than everyone else she was. I see her as the type of mom whose job is #1 and kids and husband come 2nd and 3rd. He probably doesn’t enjoy being made to feel less than adequate all the time, but hey I am sure she’ll find a guy that will bow to her…

  • nebraskabitches

    This shit is scripted and im friends with brigette! she is not a homewrecker and actually had dated joey on and off since they were kids!!! katie is an ugly lil floosy and needs to worry about her kid not a man that dont want her ass anyways

  • JustME

    Katie’s comment is lyrics to one of Rhianna’s songs

  • wow

    So is this the other girlfriend that Joey abused? I know Katie’s friend talked about him breaking Katie’s nose during a fight and said that he also abused his next girlfriend. Joey has obvious anger problems and needs help. I’d love to know what actual rehab he went to for his former meth addiction, because that’s not a drug you just put down and forget about. He’s obviously violent and abusive and I can’t imagine him around Molli when she’s 3 and getting into everything. As a nurse, I see people show up in the ER with their toddler who has a dislocated arm and they always say they “just lost their temper”, they don’t see it as abuse. Joey easily seems like that type. I know Katie wants to co-parent but she really should insist on supervised visitation because I really don’t think Joey is mentally stable. Katie’s so smart but she’s also obviously a sweetheart and will give that guy a million chances. If I were her I would raise hell in court before letting my kid spend a weekend alone with him.