PHOTOS John Travolta and Kelly Preston together at Savages world premiere

John Travolta and Kelly Preston together June 25 2012

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston showed up together for the world premiere of Savages held at the Village Theater in Westwood, California Monday night. The appearance comes just a couple weeks after the two reportedly took a “togetherness” trip to the island of Kauai in Hawaii to try to deal with the stress caused by the numerous recent allegations that John had sexually assaulted various men and had consensual sexual interaction with many others.

A “friend” told In Touch the weekend went well:

“Kelly has always given John a long leash, and that’s why their marriage has been successful,” explains the friend. “But after Jett died, his need for solitude only increased…

“Jett was John’s best friend – a part of him died then. Kelly believed the best way she could support him was to give him space to grieve. If John was with his family more, she feels these kind of allegations wouldn’t surface…

“They will survive this,” predicts the friend. “In the end, their friendship and love for each other always wins out.”

But The Enquirer had a different story to tell!

They stayed with friends at a private home in Kauai, but things didn’t go as planned – and a source says Kelly exploded in a fit of rage soon after they landed.

“She boiled over and ripped into him” after our disclosure about John’s long-term sexual affair with his pilot lover, the source said. “She lashed out at Travolta and is wondering what’s next…

“The reports about the affair with the pilot put her over the top. She told him she was packing her bags and leaving, but he begged her to leave with him and instead to make onlookers think they were a happy couple. She reluctantly agreed.”

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston at the World Premiere of Savage June 25 2012

Obviously, it was unclear to everyone where the couple stood. But, John Travolta and Kelly Preston were at least trying to look like they’re still a couple at the premiere, although it’s hard to tell with the usual insincere posing that happens on the red carpet.

So far there have been no lawsuits from any of the young men working at the theater, so that’s a good sign.

Photos: Jen Lowery / Splash News