Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter Carly has a little brother!

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra daughter Carly and adopted parents Brandon and Teresa

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra recently wrapped up their speaking tour of the Northeast, and on Thursday night in Wayne, New Jersey they dropped a huge bomb: Carly has a little brother! That’s right, Brandon and Teresa have adopted a little boy, making Carly the first original Teen Mom baby to gain a younger sibling.

But that’s not all! Catelynn has been working closely with Bethany Christian Services, the adoption agency that handled Carly’s adoption, to help provide emotional support and advice to expecting moms considering adoption, and one of the women she was working with was Carly’s little brother’s mom!

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra with their adoption counselor Dawn Baker

Here is a transcript of the talk, which included Catelynn and Tyler’s adoption counselor Dawn Baker (seen with Cate and Ty in the photo above) from Bethany Christian Services:

DAWN BAKER: One of the things that I love about Catelynn is that she is awesome at building up birth moms that feel really deflated, and feel really low, and feel terrible about themselves, and are really in an uncertain time in their life – and she has been really great at that. And just recently, back [on February 20], she was a labor coach with me with a birth mom, and I want her to tell you a little bit about that.

CATELYNN LOWELL: Well, I’ll say her name.

DAWN: Just the first name.

CATELYNN: OK. Her name is Beth, and she’s a little bit older than me, and she was carrying a son, and a dad was not involved, and she was all by herself. Mom kind of like my mom, but not so bad … she was pretty much living in her car and I felt bad for her. And she was making this greatest decision … But, what made me even closer to her is because she was carrying Carly’s little brother. And so that was very special to me – not only because of that, but because she was a birth mom, and I had helped other birth moms.

But me and Dawn were there [during] labor – I was holding her leg, I watched that little boy take the very first breath, and you know, I was just there to support her and tell her how I felt and express my feelings, and she really connected with me because it’s the same family. She met them and I was hanging out with them all together with Carly and her, and it was the most amazing thing to watch. You know, I watched my daughter being born and her being placed with Brandon and Teresa, but then again I got to sit back and watch Carly’s little brother be born and placed with them.

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra with Brandon and Teresa

CATELYNN: It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had happen to me in my life. Even though after she gave birth she was like, “You guys need to get out of here,” and I was like, “OK, bye. But call me!” And I was calling her all the time, making sure that she was OK, just talking to her. And you know, right now she’s doing wonderful. She’s doing great. She accepts her decision. She’s feeling better about it every day, and I’m still here to support her, I still talk to her on a regular – and it’s just really awesome, you know? And especially now that Saturday is Birth Mothers Day, which is awesome because I have my own Mothers Day. So that’s one of the birth moms I may be buying a gift for is her, because I’ve gotten particularly close to her and she’s like my sister because I feel like her child’s mine and she feels like my child’s hers you know? It just works out that way. But, I love her.

DAWN: So that’s one of the beautiful things about open adoption, where if it was closed adoption, they may never know if Brandon and Teresa adopted a second child, and here they were able to be a part of that experience. And they truly are all like an extended family to one another, and that’s just a beautiful picture.

And I do really appreciate Catelynn. And Tyler as well, because Tyler has talked to lots of birth dads that have either tweeted with him, Facebooked with him, emailed him, and he’s been very great at – I know it’s hard or you to believe – but teen girls very often will talk to Tyler as well.

CATELYNN: He’s got some good advice!

DAWN: Yeah, he was really able to kind of point them in the right direction and help them to get some clarity on their own situation.

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Anyone who has watched Teen Mom couldn’t help but fall in love with Brandon and Teresa, and hearing that they’ve expanded their family is absolutely wonderful news. The fact that Catelynn was able to help another girl in a similarly troubled situation only makes the news that much better!

Catelynn is currently studying social work in college in hopes of becoming an adoption counselor herself. Tyler is also in college and is also looking to go into the social work field, but he hopes to work with at risk youth such as young men in juvenile detention centers. Their story really is an amazing one, and I think being on Teen Mom has empowered them to succeed and find a meaningful place in the world helping others overcome obstacles similar to what they had to deal with. Amazing.

Catelynn and Tyler’s speaking tour has wrapped up, but I’m guessing we haven’t seen the last of them on stage! You can check in over at to keep up on any new tour announcements.

Let’s leave things with a photo of big sis Carly!

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's daughter Carly
  • Kay

    I love them! Catelynn and Tyler are so amazing! They need their won spin off show!

  • K

    They’re amazing people and should be so proud of what they have over come and achieved!!!

  • ds

    These are kids we need more of in the show – kids that came from crappy families that knew it was best to make a hard decision, but then used that decision to break the cycle. They are actually making something of themselves, and helping others.

  • Forrest

    I myself came from a crappy family. And was in foster care, untill I was adopted at 6.

    Anyways I am 16 now, and am a legal guardien of a 4 month old.
    Long story short, a girl at my school claims that I got her pregnant even though I never had sex with her. I was there threw the whole pregnancy. She had the babar and is now excluded from her, the babys, life.

    I am ANTI-adoption and now caring for two other peeps child.

    • cj

      i come frm a crapy famly and am in foster home.and i nver got adopted i used to have a baby but not anymor cus none loves me 🙁

    • BBT

      Dude, this is either BS or you’re a complete idiot. You didn’t have sex with her, but you stood by her through the pregnancy as if you did?

      If it’s not even your child and you KNEW that and SHE knew that, why would you start this bs in the first place?

      And if you’re 16 I doubt you’re caring for children that aren’t even yours as a legal guardian. That does not happen.

      • Forrest

        No, this isn’t BS and I’m NOT an idot.
        Yes, I DIDN’T have sex with her and yes I did, but no.
        She knew that I knew she wasn’t biologically mine.

        And I’ve been 16 since Christmas ’11 and I am not caring for children that aren’t mine. And I AM.

        Only God knows. . .

        • Anon

          But why did you decide to take care of the child? If you never had sex with the girl but she was claiming the child was yours then a DNA test would have solved everything. Why did you decide to take in the child instead of undergoing a DNA test? Just confused.

        • Laura Goodbrand

          If its not yours isn’t that the same as adoption? Food for thought

      • cj

        now without my purposly horrible spelling but
        wagner never had sex with her but stood by cause baby a didn’t have a daddy and now she don’t have a mommy. since a is no longer here…….
        ohhh an i am anti adoptin tooo

    • Elle

      I’m calling BS on this.

    • Cel

      Just to clarify, BBT & Elle, this isn’t BS.
      It is a shame how “Baby A” came to be but “Wagner” to step up to daddy role all by the lonesome , my family is very grateful.
      Older sister of “A” so I would know.

      • Forrest

        Oh thanks Callan and Cel.
        Am very grateful to be daddy of Av 🙂

        • bad move man

          only thing worse than lying, is then making 2 accounts to make your lie seem real

    • Caitlin

      I’m not quite sure how it would be possible that a 16 year old who is NOT the baby’s father would be given custody of a child, but ok then.

      IF this is true, what does you being adopted have to do with it? It was YOUR choice to be a “father” to a child of a girl you say you did not even have sex with. Being adopted isn’t an excuse for your poor decisions.

      Had Carly NOT been adopted she would be living with Catelynn and Tyler who would be GREAT parents but at the same time would not have the financial means to really support her and she would also have a grandmother (Cate’s mom) who is immature and unstable at times and just horribly mean when she wants to be and a grandfather (Tyler’s dad) who is in and out of jail because he can’t stay away from drugs. Instead Carly has a great life and family and will still always know her birth parents and how much they love her. But you’re right adoption is terrible.

      • bad move man

        exactly. these kids at their young age, had the right mind and maturity to say, you know what, our situation is different, yes we want to do it, yes we love our future child, but we don’t want to raise our kid around a jailbird in butch who is really a bad guy. you have april, who is just a terrible person as well, shes trying NOW, but at the time of it all, I wouldnt have trusted her with a 15 year old let alone a child. did you see farrah’s mom fall asleep and let the baby destroy the darn dog etc? thats called a bad parent, who had a kid, who had a kid, who is now trying to claim to be the good parent she never was.

        you can be anti adoption, but I fail to see an argument, in their situation, where going any other route made sense. the baby is now well taken care of, on a path to have success in life, safety, support, and free from drug filled butch, tirade filled april and whatever else we dont even see on TV

    • Ruth

      So you are anti-adoption but you have adopted a child? That makes no sense. If you are raising a baby that is not biologically yours and you are “grateful” to be doing it then surely that makes you pro-adoption? Without making a judgement about the truth of this very fishy story, you are contradicting yourself. Did you have a point to make? If so, I missed it.

  • tab

    so happy for brandon and theresa!

  • Allison

    When I first saw the headline, I thought Catelynn was pregnant, then I thought Teresa had gotten pregnant. lol. Truly extraordinary that Catelynn was able to be a part of that.

  • Ashley

    Adoption is awesome.

    And I’m so glad that Catelynn and Tyler made it to college!

  • Tracie

    Congratulations to Brandon and Teresa and Carly!!! I love Catelynn and Tyler. They are such amazing people!!!

  • Blahblah

    beautiful. tears running down my face.

  • Nikk

    It is great that Brandon and Teresa adopted these children. I could only read bits and pieces but like listening to Catelynn on the show her manner of speaking is atrocious.

    I am glad this is the last season for this cast and hope there are no spin-offs. Catelynn and Tyler need to move on and they cannot do that as long as a camera is in their face with producers feeding them the “how do you feel about giving Carley up” lines. Their story played out in season one and now it is nothing but their parents’ drama. They are not a teen mom or dad. They were birth parents and need to move beyond that to have the lives they wanted to have and let Carley have the life they wanted her to have with Brandon and Teresa.

    • Kaylie

      I agree about that first part. Catelynn is not qualified to be giving public speeches. She could barely graduate high school for pete’s sake! It’s great that she wants to spread awareness, but she should probably be pursuing some speech classes if her presentation speaking is at all similar to her voiceover/conversation speaking.

      • Bailey

        Again, Kaylie, you’re ignorant “for pete’s sake”.

      • Jessica

        I said the same thing on the last article about them. Neither of them are qualified to be giving speeches about that. They are both very insecure. Catelyn is jealous of anything Tyler does away from her and he always looks scared to death when they need to make big decisions. Yes it’s great that cate came from an (drug) abusive home and isn’t an addict herself. But that in no way qualifies her to be a motivational speaker.

        • bad move man

          jessica, of course they have immaturity left in them. their brains arent even fully developed, they are barely what, 20? are they even 20 yet?

          how many of the people at even 23, 24 are really mature? free from jealousy as well? please. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLE. despite their age, despite their upbringing, despite having parents constantly telling them to do something the other way, they made the agonizing decision to let the baby go(something another teen mom ended up not doing, breaking the woman’s heart)

          your issue is that caitln gets jealous? of course she does. everyone constantly tells her how fat she is in the media, and everyone tells her how awesome tyler is and how lucky SHE is to have him. its all we hear on the show too, and is it true? maybe, but they are two peas in a pod. soul mates in a weird way.

          how mature were you at 18…19…20?

      • bad move man

        she can very much be effective in changing lives without giving a lot of public speeches, however its far different to read a teleprompter, than it is to say, go off the cuff as they do on the show. she will get better, shes trying, and thats sort of what makes it all so amazing. someone borderline in what some call intelligence, but seems to have this ability to just know what is right now, and that was to give her kid a better life, despite parents pressuring her the other way, she and tyler stood UP to them, stood strong, and found a great home for their kid. they both are working towards college, working towards a future, before they even consider marriage, let alone a child. thats a pretty mature duo for what, 20?

        look at their parents, then tell me caitlin is dumb and bad at speech

        • Jess

          Actually, she’s admitted that the main reason she gave Carly up was to keep Tyler. Hence, her constantly talking about what a great mother she’d have been, and in the season finale, admitting to Tyler when he asked, that she was afraid that Ty would have left if she’d kept Carly (which was also mentioned at the time of their 16&P episode).

          They’ve come to misunderstand their roles in their own adoption agreement, and *that* is why a lot of people think neither of them are qualified to counsel other people. It takes YEARS of education and experience to become counselors, and Catelynn has shown a lot of major no-no’s when it comes to counseling people. For one thing, she’s no where near as neutral as she should be, and that can have a major affect on the girls she’s counseling. Plus, the only thing she can go off of is her own experience; not nearly enough to counsel other people, because she has a natural bias.

          She’s a sweet girl and has the compassion needed for the field, but she’s overstepped her boundaries here. That’s all. I know a lot of people disagree, but that’s my opinion, coming from someone who has gone through schooling for this very field, and has years and years of experience in it.

          Get some education and fieldwork experience, and she’ll be golden.

    • sam

      Im sure that i know one thing, everyone’s opinion doesn’t really matter. Neither does mine! But we all have one, and mine stinks just like everyone elses…but I’m of this thought process…can a child ever have too many people love it? Do Caitlin and Tyler love her less than Teresa and Brandon because they knew they couldn’t raise her the way they wanted to. Does that make Teresa and Brandon better because they have had more time to prepare, and can give her all she needs. Obviously not, they couldn’t give birth. So, should C&T be afraid to not see their child again, or should B&T be afraid when she’s older that Carly might chose C&T? Where is it written that it takes two to raise a child? Why not four people who love that child with all their hearts, and willing to go through this hard situation. As king Solomon once decided, He got a knife and chose to cut the child in half. We know how that turned out, the “real ” mom wouldn’t allow it, and let her go, but it never stated that the real mom was the biological or adoptive mother.
      I say, this would be the luckiest child if she had all four parents, each with their strengths and weaknesses to raise this child. Non afraid that they would lose her love because of fear she might chose, but instead know that if she were to chose to want to spend time with one, the others would encourage it, and the one chosen would say, you cant chose one, when we all love you more than anything in the world! You could never be with just one or two, or you cant be the best you! You cant love one more than the other, we all love you the same amount, with all our hearts! What kind of amazing person turn out like? I would die to have that chance. Fear is the root of all the insecurity, my mom told me “wait to worry” why, because fear of the unknown is what brings on worry. All the grownups, you all have so much to offer this amazing child. You never know, you might start a new thing, putting what’s best for the child above your ajenda. You all started with a beautiful story, what happened? Its not too late to do the best thing! Ive been on both sides, given up, and bought a child into my life. But i wasnt given a choice, and neiher was one i brought in, but i pray she will have all her parents, she deserves that love.
      Pray about it, and see the beauty in what could be, without fear!
      you are all so special, what a very lucky child to have you all.
      God bless you all

  • InWonderland

    I love these two. I’m so glad for everyone involved.

  • CiCi

    How great is it to know that Carly has a good, stable life, with so many people who love her? I’m sorry that Catelynn and Tyler couldn’t raise her themselves, but it really does seem to have worked out wonderfully, for everyone involved.

  • Sherita

    How are Catelynn and Tyler in any position to give advice when they have not come to terms with the adoption and the boundaries set in it? They decorated their whole apartment out in pictures of Carly everywhere. He got a tattoo of her name on him and so did the grandfaher. They were overstepping boundaries and not fully understanding that Carly is no longer theirs and they can not expect her to be a part of every milestone they have and they cant be a part of every milestone she has. I remember Catelynn got mad because Brandon and Teresa would not tell them Carly’s new last name. I think they are mature kids and it took a big person to do what they did but they need to deal with things before soliciting advice.

    • Hannah

      I think it`s great that Catelynn and Tyler got Carly`s name tattoed on them and that they have pictures of her! She IS still theirs no matter who she lives with. Catelynn gave birth to her. If you gave a baby up for adoption wouldn`t you wan`t pictures of it? They know that she isn`t in their care anymore but she is still their daughter.

      • Jess

        She may be their biological daughter, but in no way are Theresa and Brandon less her parents than C&T, and that’s where the problem lies. C&T don’t seem to realize that when they signed over their rights to her, she became Brandon and Theresa’s daughter above anyone else. They are the ones she’ll call Mommy and Daddy, and they are the ones that will provide for her. C&T may have brought her to life, but she’s B&T’s now, NOT C&T’s. They have no rights to her life, or how she’s raised. They’re completely at the mercy of B&T, and it’s not a matter of “who she’s living with, she’s still C&T’s.” No, she’s not. The minute they signed over rights to B&T, she became their daughter, and the fact that they didn’t give birth to her does NOT invalidate the fact that they are her parents.

        • belle

          A signature on a piece of paper does not erase the long line of evolution that led a child to be born to her mother, carrying all the stories of her ancestors with her.
          Love can equal that, but no legal
          paperwork can.
          Adoptive parents need to respect that.

          • rose ann

            Are you adopted?

    • Shadow

      Keep in mind the show that we were all watching was filmed about a year ago. This article dates back just a couple months ago. A lot can happen in that frame of time like accepting reality. Plus; the tv show is just a fragment of what the teen mothers’ lives really are.

    • Deidre Windsor

      You are absolutely correct. They definitely planned to be part of the child’s life and having a strong family life with her involved in their graduation, wedding, etc. I felt sorry for Brandon and Teresa because I think Catelynn and Tyler made many demands that we did not hear about. I am not sure but I think at some point I heard the couple started to back away from the demands made on Carly’s time….I am very pleased they have another child and hope that C & T get on with their lives and realize they do not have a daughter.

    • Lisa

      They didn’t stop being her birth parents because she was adopted. Obviously you are not a parent. You never stop loving you child no matter where they are in the world.

  • Sandy

    I hate to break it to either of these idiots but the little boy is NOT Carly’s biological baby brother. Anyone with half a brain could understand that there’s no bio tie to the two kids. The headline and story was obviously written to snag attention. Sounds as if Brandon and his missus are set to start a Angelina-esque collection of kids. I hear Octo-ho’s 14 kids will soon be up for grabs once she loses her house….

    • Ruth

      This is such a stupid comment – nobody said the babies were biological siblings, but if they have both been adopted by the same couple then they are still brother and sister, exactly as written in the headline. And how are they starting an Angelina-esque collection of kids? Two children is a perfectly normal number of children to have and if they can’t have their own why shouldn’t they adopt? Don’t be so bitter and horrible and leave this loving couple and their beautiful family alone.

    • Shannon

      @ Sandy
      WOW ! REALLY ?!?!
      Get a life, and quit ripping on a DECENT Family ! I don’t recall it saying ANYWHERE in this story that this was Carly’s BIOLOGICAL Brother…
      NOW, who’s the REAL Idiot here ?!?! …
      Just like Ruth said, quit being so bitter & horrible ! Don’t try to turn a LOVING & CARING Family into anything besides what they are !

    • Shadow

      I mean technically in eye of the law they are brother and sister, and that’s all that matters to anyone anymore; that its on paper. Brandon and Theresa adopted both the children so on paper, they are carly and and the other little boy’s parents so therfore on paper, they are brother and sister. Whether you like it or not, they are going to grow up calling each other brother and sister.

      • Yes they will I am adopted and have a sister that is not biologically my sister and i do not call her my step sister i call her MY SISTER your stupid. That is very offense even to me. Think before you talk they are not gonna make a difference. They are not going to say Carly this is your step brother they are gonna say this is your brother. I even have a step brother biologically from my dad may not know him to well but I call him my brother and not my step brother.

  • Samantha

    All of you that are making negative comments about this article are just plain ignorant. Catelynn and Tyler are perfectly qualified to be motivational speakers. They are speaking about their own experiences and sharing what they have learned. And as for Catelynn not being qualified because she “barely” graduated high school, that’s crap. I “barely” graduated high school, and now I’m in one of the top nursing programs in my region. Also, even if Tyler does look scared everytime there has to be a big decision made, who doesn’t get scared when faced with life changing decisions? Catelynn and Tyler are an inspiration even to me although our stories are completely different because they are working so hard to make something out of themselves. That is what sets them apart from the others on Teen Mom. They are actually moving forward and improving upon their lives.

  • Tyronicia Miller

    I wanted to say that It’s tough making decision in your life especially when your young and now you made a decision to have sex then you have to turn around and make another adult decision to whether your going to keep your baby or not.continue to better your lives andjust know Carlton will become an adult as well and she will come looking for you and him. She will want to know who she is and why was she given up for adoption.That had to be a hard choice,Catelynn don’t get pregnant again! Make better decision for yourself,I wish I had done the same long time ago. I have four children and I’m and old woman now. It’s nice that your going to see your daughter at least she will know her mom and dad faces.Don’t rush into marriage so fast wow! Whats wrong with you young children today? You don’t even know yourself yet! Goodluck!

  • jazmine

    honesly why give ur child away when u made it i seen ur shows n its so sad how everything happend but if u would of kept ur bby girl u would of been able to support her n give her a good life i believe every girl in this world loves there mother no matter what soo it wouldnt have killed u having ur bby carly i know i shouldnt judge u and tyler but really u guys made a mistake even though u guys gave a bleesing to thoughs people with ur child but its just soo sad when ur kid grows up n thinks about what u did.. has god ever let u down no right have u ever stay with out food roof noo well he wouldnt have let u down when u had ur bby girl well may god bless u guys n ur bby ..


    catelynn i have seen all the teen mom shows and you are the only one that really stands out you was the only one in your seson that was with the babys daddy and yes you and tyler knew that you wsnt ready for a child and you did what was right for her. she is a so cute. you have put inperation in to some of the girls in my home town to think before having sex because they dont want kids yet

  • TheAverInn

    i love the show i cant stand catelynn and Tyler they are annoying the think they are smart and try act like they are grown up but all they dude is basked in fame and for what a child they don’t have and don’t get me wrong there nothing wrong with adoption i think they did a good thing giveing her up i did cry but then all they do a wine and grown a bout carly like oh my god shut up get over and live ur lives and stop tying to be big shots like they are trying to keep up with the other teens moms they repeat what other people say when trying to hold a conversation like they are trying to be half way intelligent and it wouldn’t get on my nerves as much if they would learn to hay yea or uh hu more expand ur vocabulary and here a another thing get over ur selves ur nothing special all u are is a another Illiterateeen who fucked ur step sister and had a child. sorry iv been holding that in for a very long time. I feel a lot better

  • G

    I’ve been following Catelynn & Tyler along their journey and I’m so proud of the two of them. The best way to honor Carly’s life is to make something wonderful of their own lives. Godspeed to you both, Catelynn & Tyler

  • james

    you know what? I read this article and yeah its great that carly has a baby brother but beth woodard (carly’s baby brother Graham’s birth mom) is a LIAR!! i knew her last yr through a few friends and first off she said in the lifelines magazine that she had a bf, she didnt have a bf she was sleeping with at least 3 guys the time she got pregnant and didnt know who the dad of her baby was and she wasn’t homeless living in her car!! she was working full time and going to school and living in a house her mother rented to her and all she had to pay was rent no utilities and the only reason she chose carly’s adoptive parents to adopt her baby boy was so she could get attention and fame so people would believe she is this nice person, that is why she is in all these news articles and she is not a true christian she is a lying deceitful person and how dare beth decieve these poor innocent people (catelynn, tyler, and brad and teresa) into thinking she is a good person when she is a dishonest little liar

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