Kandi Burruss is in love with Bravo production manager boyfriend Todd Tucker

On The Real Housewives of Altanta Reunion, Part 1 Sunday night Kandi Burruss dropped a bombshell – she is in love with a Bravo production manager!

He’s super cute, and the couple are moving in together! Early reports on the ‘net claimed that her man, Todd Tucker, was a cameraman, but he actually worked behind the scenes as a production manager, so Kandi didn’t see him a lot. In fact, it was cast mate Phaedra Parks who scouted him out for Kandi.

“I didn’t really see him a lot, but I used to hear Phaedra say, ‘Did you see that Todd? He’s cute.’ Then, a friend of mine, was like, ‘I know somebody who likes you’ and they said his name was Todd,

Phaedra elaborated:

“I met Todd, and he was really a cute guy, and we talked, and he was just very articulate, really nice, real down to earth,” Phaedra said. “I want Kandi to have a great relationship, and I was pushing him.”

Todd went on the trip to Africa, and that’s where he really bonded with Kandi. They hung out for the first time on the last day of the Africa trip, and now they’re inseparable. When Andy Cohen asked Kandi if she was in love, she said yes!

It’s so good to see Kandi happy. This is her first serious relationship since her ex-fiance was killed in 2009.

Image via Straight from the A from Kandi hanging out with her man this February in Macon, GA.

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  • mira

    we wish the couple well, but it will only work if Mama Joyce can keep her distance.

  • annettee

    You say you and your Todd are moving in together. Have you thought about the example you are setting for your daughter is very young and you are teaching her it’s ok to shack up with a man without being married

  • elroy


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1023727973 Nonya Bizness

      TOdd is HELLA MF GAY!

  • Autumn Love

    Oh please with the gay rumors! Kandi is clearly not sexually repressed, and is comfortable with her sexuality. I am sure if she were gay, she would have no problem saying it.