What did Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss do for a living? And how much money does he have?

Storage Wars Barry Weiss The Collector

When watching your first episode of Storage Wars it doesn’t take long to realize one of these folks bidding on abandoned storage units is not like the others. Dubbed “The Collector” by A&E, Barry Weiss is an eccentric personality with attire and the transportation to match. Barry seems to pull up to each and every every episode in a different vehicle from his apparently endless collection of antique and custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles, sporting his trademark skeleton gloves and custom West Coast Chopper glasses – not really looking for things to make money on so much as looking for unique and collectible items to add to his collection.

So how is Barry able to afford buying all those lockers when he usually only keeps one or two items, or even nothing at all? Internet rumors suggest he is a former Hollywood producer, which isn’t that far from the truth spelling-wise. The real answer, believe it or not, is produce.

Now 60 years old, Barry made his fortune along with his brother Joey Weiss selling wholesale fruits and vegetables. “I owned a produce company,” Barry tells AOL in an interview, “and we exported and imported, my brother and myself. I did that for years.”

The name of the produce company is Northern Produce (or Northern Produce-Mushroom) and it’s still open and located at 5354 E. Slauson Avenue in Commerce California. Here’s a Google Maps street view photo of Northern Produce – you can see it there in the back and in the inset:

Storage Wars Barry Weiss used to co-own Northern Produce Company in Commerce California

According to the company’s website Joey is still the CEO. He delivers this message on the home page:

Welcome to Northern Produce

Northern Produce is a wholesale produce distributor serving Southern California since 1938. We have earned a reputation of the highest quality fresh produce coupled with unmatched service. We strive to be the eyes and ears of the chefs we supply. Our level of communication competitive pricing has allowed us to develop long term “exclusive vendor” relationships with some of the finest properties in California. The northern Produce team looks forward to the opportunity of serving as a strategic partner in your food service operation.

Joey Weiss, CEO

You can keep up with Northern Produce on Facebook as well, where they share amazing photos of some of the exotic produce they have available. (I can certainly see Barry Weiss getting excited about fiddlehead ferns, red flesh dragon fruit, and fairytale squash, can’t you?)

UPDATE – Barry Weiss is getting his own show on A&E! Click for details about “What Are You Worth?”

Storage Wars Barry Weiss photo

So when did the collecting start, and is Barry still pushing produce? “I’ve been an antique collector my entire life,” he says, “and I was in the produce business for 20‑25 years, and I retired about four years ago. I just was traveling around the world and enjoying life, really.”

UPDATE – Click here to see a blond, long-haired version of Barry Weiss when he was living the life of a 1980s wholesale produce rock star!

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com produce is a great way to support a collecting hobby because they assess Barry Weiss’ net worth at right around $7 million. (Of course, that’s if he sold off all his custom cars, skeleton gloves, and rose-colored chicken glasses.)

The Collector Barry Weiss from A&E's Storage Wars showAnd how does a retired produce salesman with a penchant for collecting wind up a huge reality star with a perpetual stream of Facebook marriage proposals? “The way this opportunity came along was a close friend of mine, Thom Beers, who is the creator of the show, was over one night. I don’t know, we were having a few drinks. He said he was working on something with these storage lockers, and would I like to be a part of it? And basically that’s sort of how things unfolded.” Yuuuuuuuup! That sounds pretty much exactly how I imagined it went down!

In the interview Barry also addresses whether or not he keeps or sells most of the interesting things he finds in the storage lockers and why his approach seems so much more laid back than the others. “Well, that’s my problem … that’s why I don’t make as much money as the others, because if it’s cool, and I enjoy the item, I’m going to keep it … if it looks as if I don’t take (the business) as seriously as the other guys, it’s probably because I don’t. The other guys do it for a living, and they should take it seriously. But I don’t actually do it for a living. So to me, it’s just more fun.”

Barry’s joy is absolutely palpable on the show with his bizarre and humorous antics (such as using a psychic, a little person on stilts, night vision goggles and a remote control helicopter camera to inspect the lockers) as well as his clever commentary and catch phrases (I like to call them “Weiss cracks”). But is he really having fun or is it just for show? “Yeah, are you kidding? I really am, and as long as I continue to have fun I’ll continue to do it.”

And as long as Barry continues to do it, millions will continue to watch! (It’s the number one rated show on cable on Tuesday nights, btw.) You can watch Barry and the rest of the cast of Storage Wars Tuesday nights at 10/9c on A&E.

Want more Barry Weiss info? (The answer to that is a resounding “Yuuuuuuuuuuup!” I’m sure.) Then be sure to check out our post about his badass “Cowboy Cadillac”, our post about his infamous glasses, our post featuring a photo of Barry Weiss as a long-haired strawberry blond stud muffin from the 1980s, and our post about his shocking… celebrity godson!?!

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  • Diana

    Love Barry! He reminds me of Jack Nicholson. The guy is hilarious 🙂

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      Barry reminds me of Peterman on Seinfeld

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    I watch Storage Wars because of Barry Weiss! He totally makes the show imo.

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  • Barry. Awesome and fun personality he is why I watch storage wars…

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    I love him!! I wish he were my Dad or my next door neighbor so I could see him all the time.

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    Barry is coolness personified. He should have his own show.

  • yvonne miller


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      Liam who??????

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    Barry, Barry, Barry. I love him on Storage War’s. Especially his “Barry-isims” I would love to sit down and talk to him over a great bottle of wine (or two)! He seems to know a lot about a lot.

  • Gerald w Sims

    If you ever need a side kick call me

  • Val Larson

    Love the show and love Barry so much I had to “google” him. I kept thinkin’ “he’s got to be somebody I knew”…lol

  • Zoe

    Love Barry! He is the reason I watch the show too. He makes it fun. And, his cars are to die for!

  • jt

    hey people Barry weiss is no extranger to been in front of a cameras, any ways the guy is a piece of work . love to see him even on repeats of the show, by the way how is the bunp on your head pal? lol

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    Barry is the reason I watch this show. Kinda wish he were my grandad.

  • Jeffrey Stockton

    His 1940s custom Cadillac has got to be the coolest car I’ve ever seen.

  • Betrayer

    Its been nagging at me and my wife for months now, and finally…. I looked over and said to my wife, (who believes barry reminds her of Jack Nicholson) “He looks like the guy from Romancing the Stone.” Which is Michael Douglas. So there you have it. Barry Weiss is the love-child of Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson. 1500 to buy a little head lol…

  • stew

    I wish I worked with Berry instead of adults that wine all the time like Hester. How about brandi yuuuuuup!!!

  • monica

    i love barry just because he is so laid bacak.. he makes the show fun with his personality and way of going about things. He adds flavor to the cast, because the rest do it for a living, so they take it more serious.

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  • Peoples

    Hey Barry ur one cool dude don’t let yup put u down .

  • andres

    What a cool dude man I love that cadillac you got if ever insterested in selling it contact me

  • Paully

    Barry is a right guy and helps the show go, I do sometime wonder what he does with the stuff he doesn’t want. Some people could really use that stuff, I hope he donates it. I live in Costa Mesa and I have been to dave Hestor’s store (rags to riches it is over price crappy stuff)in 2008 a little after he open it up, in my opinion he is a Jerk . I can see why his family bought him out and was put out to start his own place, sonmeday he will take it on the chin. Brandi and Jerrod are cool I would like to see their place, darrel is okay

  • Javier

    Hey man u r one cool dude . Love to be in your show .Thanks berry for being u hope to meet u some day.



    • Sharon

      I agree Pamela, I think Berry is great, but It makes me feel bad when he throws and breaks good stuff, he could have Good Will or a church or homeless charity standing by to help him unload anything he doesn’t want standing by, and take it out and away for him. Other than that, I think he is so funny, and I love seeing him drive up in his old cars.

  • philip

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    Barry – You really are a Mensch! Keep up the great work. If you are ever looking for someone just to sit back and kick it with in LA, just challah !!!!!

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      Barry was born in 1951… He is only 61 this year…..keith don’t worry u r that cool!

  • shelly

    I just bid on a unit (after watching the show for a few months) I paid 425 and in came with about 14 tripple head candy machines, halloween decorations, tools, a brand new drill press, a brand new still in box range hood, and tons of other things! Thanks to this show I will be pretty much trippling my money possibly more! Thank you barry for the inspiration! 🙂

  • Dianna

    Berry You are it I got this anytime Back east buyer and seller love it retired at 47 with bone morrow cancer hoping to live to be 100 ;0) love junken anytime

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    I would leave my husband for you Barry..j/k. Although you are the bees knees
    I bet there would never be a dull moment!

  • Dwayne

    We have only just received this show. Love Barry. I find his personality, I find it addictive and I just can’t get enough if Barry’s games and antics. A real breathe of fresh air.

  • john

    In my opinion, storage wars ANYWHERE in America is B.S. A unit should be SOLD for no more or no less then what is owed on it. It is basically a law. The previous owners are due residules? Ugh…..

  • Adam

    I agree. Barry makes the show quite entertaining. And I second the doppelganger reference. He is the spitting image of Michael Douglass!

  • Anna

    Actually Barry is the CEO of Def Jam do your homework people!

  • Brian

    Barry makes the show. Love his style and attitude. More barry please

    • Andy

      Barry Weiss is a guy who likes to spend money buying lockers full of stuff so he can throw it in a pile and smash it.

      • Roni24

        He doesn’t talk about them in every show but in some of the shows Barry talks about calling his guys to come and finish up with the locker. Just because he is only there using HIS time looking for one special collectible doesn’t mean he leaves the locker as is and leaves. When purchasing the contents of a locker you have only 24 hrs to have EVERYTHING cleaned out of the locker. Every one has their own personality in the show and Barry’s is the eccentric, millionaire collector that does it for the fun/find and not for the funds. When first entering the locker Barry may break certain things whether on purpose of not but he always looks and makes sure the things aren’t really worth anything to resale used. Barry seems like the most kind hearted person on the show. I root for Barry every show to get the best buy. Go Barry; the “Weiss’t” person on the show.

        • Victorai Benson

          Barry is also the Most Likable person on this show. He’s smart and funny, and the most honest..Just gotta love him..I heard he may be getting his Own show..I hope this is true..he’d be great.

  • Kathy Chrispell

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  • Kathy Chrispell

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  • russell german

    hey there… mr. barry i’d love to join you guys on the hunt ) i watch you all the time…you guys are funny! you all seem very nice…keep up the good hunt don’t give up…i have 2 tonka toy dump trucks 1 is 1976 the other 1 is 1979…worth anything? my cell is 901 826-1945 russell or rusty

  • jose

    He was a drug supplier.

    • Evan

      Let’s hope so

  • John M.

    I really like your sense of humour. I get the feeling that you’re not in this for the money…. you’re just having fun aren’t you? What a great way to work through your 60’s Barry.

    You make the show and yes at 64… I’m a fan. Wish I could trade you places.

    John M.
    B.C. Canada.

  • Love your show, but can’t you shoot a new episode once in awhile. Back to Pawn Stars……

  • tony heiman

    why does storage wars keep showing the same episodes OVER AND OVER again???? where is the new episodes?????? also where is a site I cane get some skeleton gloves from barrys hsnds??? thanks TONY NEW MEXICO…

  • Eamonn O’Neill

    Barry you are a true gentleman,whip Heiss asse.

  • j

    Isn’t that “Yuuuuuup” quote from the ever-annoying Dave? Not who the article’s about…..

    Barry’s awesome. I usually can’t stand any kind of reality show, but Weiss makes it worth watching. I really like that the footage at the end seems to have evolved from extras/bloopers to what-barry-does-behind-the-scenes.

  • Boat Assude

    Barry the fun comming your a blast to watch

  • Bill Davis

    Barry, you’re great. Dave, your an idiot-I can’t stand you and I can’t believe nobody has kicked your butt. What a jerk. Keep it up A&E!

    • whitedemo

      i would kick hester ass what a jerk in real life to he’s off the show now thank GOD

  • Debbie

    I think Barry is too cool! I would love to meet him. I bet he is fun to party with. Come to Laughlin some time.

  • Cindy Halpern

    I watch the show because of Barry Weiss. He really a cool kind of guy, but he really seems like a nice guy, too. And he has a great sense of humor.

  • Don

    Barry is the reason i watch the show. he shows compassion to others on the show. I will sit for hours watching the show.I am an auto body mechanic and would love to see all his vehicles. send me some photos Barry

  • Sadie

    I will love you forever if you make a new episode & kick Dave Hester right in the beans. I mean it… <33 forEVER =)

  • long island friend

    Dude you rule. The minute I saw the chicken car you won me over on this show. You don’t trash anyone like the others. You reek of class. Enjoy and keep stealing the show.. If you were not on it I would change the channel… Your friend from Long Island…

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    I personally think he is kool ,laid back ,enjoys what he doe’s and i’m always laughing my ass off on storage wars. you go Barry!

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    p temps

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  • Steve


    You enrich lives by your real sense of humor. You are the richest because you make people feel good! I hope your personality enriches many more lives for a very long time. You have a great attitude which will hopefully make people realize that life is worth everything!

    Keep up the good work,


  • Jake

    This story of Barry Weiss and his occupation and age are totally wrong. There are two Barry Weiss one a music producer http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/w0011233.html.
    Then there is Barry Weiss from Storage hunters.
    from his own mouth of what he did to make his estimated 7 million dollars net worth. He is a kick on the show and just does it for fun. So that is the confusion and solution to who Barry Weiss really is.

    • Starcasm Staff

      This article correct. It states very clearly that Barry made his millions from selling wholesale produce, not from “Storage Wars” (the show is not called “Storage Hunters”) or being a music producer. In fact, we even sourced and quoted the AOL interview with Barry Weiss you link to. Did you even read the article above before you commented?

    • You’re an *&^^*&&^*, learn how to read,WE know who the Other Barry is!!

  • manuel

    Barry your the man!!!! Keep on trucking

    • John

      I think Berry is awsome.
      I like collecting also,but dont have 7 million
      to suport my hobby.Storage wars rocks.
      Brandy is a hot Moma!!

  • big al

    To Heck with the lockers, I want to see a tour of hid garage!!……And you can tell he really is into bikes,because anybody can(and do) show up on a Harley. But to show up on a couple of different Harleys AND then on a Moto Guzzi cafe racer is different because most people are hardly aware of them and it does take a certain deep involvement to ride two wildly different styles of bike!

  • Barry is the reason why I watch storage wars, my girl put me on and im always curious to see what barry pulls up in. He is a punch line king!

  • Barry is the most fun to watch on the show. Most recently he won a $5,000 bet with Hester! BEST show ever! Any time you can put Hester in his place, you go for it, Barry. Yuuuuup that, Hester, you egomaniac!

    • billbo_66

      hester got kicked off the show,,,,Im glad.

      • Yolo

        No he didnt dipshit

        • Jac

          Yeah he did num nuts!!!

  • Dmfp

    At first I was like who would watch a show called storage wars… After watching it with my girl I was addicted just too see what barry is going to do next, this guy is awesome

  • Brandon

    Barry is the TRUTH…Love that guy

  • Darren

    im with “big al”,lets see barrys collection.probably be a show in itself!,with barry commenting on the history of where they came from and how he came to accuire them……interesting???

  • Cindy

    Barry will you marry me???!!!!

  • kmkl

    Barry is my favorite. Followed by Darrel Sheets, then Brandy and whats his name.
    I can’t stand Dave Hester.

  • Bri

    Hey Berry great show, we watch in the uk and we love the show and you make it pal.. Think your great SIr so funny great guy and we watch just for you… keep the jokes and laugh coming…. All the best and wishing you good Health and lots of love from Greater Manchester England UK…. From Bri T

  • How about a contest???? Win a week to party with Barry. I would pay just to listen to his stories.

  • Rob Sorensen

    Barry is a fun guy and doesn’t take himself seriously. Admirable! As a viewer, I’ve learned by watching him operate. Long live Barry, an old school gentleman. God bless!

    • Cy

      he lies about his age, 1951 or 1959?

  • brianmouland

    Fun loving old guy


    There aren’t many cool cats like the RAT PACK, Sinatra, Martin, Lawford, Bishop & Sammy, anywhere anymore!
    But Barry could easliy hang with those greats!
    His friendly , good natured way is going to make him live to 100!!!! 🙂
    Barry, just get a show of your own telling stories about the modes of transportation and other unique things you’ve collected over the years! Make sure you bring along your offbeat characters that are your friends to share in the hilarity!!

  • Garry

    Barry to me seems to be the nicest bloke on Storage Wars. He dont run the others down like the others do to each other. He just don’t have as much luck as the rest. But I guess his interest is differant to the others. I know you don’t need it Barry, but come on mate, find the big one, and the very best of luck.

  • JulieDB

    Barry is the best!

  • I agree Barry is way cool. And, a nice guy to boot. Dave Hester could learn a lot, and I mean a lot, from Barry. Larry

  • Ann

    I enjoy Barry alot because he loves what he does and it shows. He also cares and enjoys people he meets. The reason I watch.

  • tonnie

    goooooooo barry you are the best

    greets from holland

  • Zwick

    Staged show.. its good if your stoned i guess lol

  • Robert

    For a guy that sold produce, he knows a lot of famous people/characters, finds great antiques, has a extravagant collection of motor vehicles, and just makes the show awesome, next to Dave, Barry is the best, he is just the opposite and silly, but still manages to make a decent killing on the show

  • Twayne

    He’s also Jessie James uncle!!

  • Barry Weiss.. I am a single 51 year young chick who loves Storage wars. and BTW I would love to jump your bones. You are one hot MFer!!! JMO Rock on and have a Merry Christmas.!!!!!!

    • ron2win2

      Unfortunately for you ,you can’t possibly think you are the first young skirt to offer barry her bones .

  • Anton

    Barry is the only reason the show is what it is. The “Weiss cracks” are spontaneous, very funny and not always caught on by most of the other ‘losers’ on the show!! You rock mr. B!!!

  • Lupita

    My main reason for watching storage wars is because I enjoy Barry Wise so much, he has a way of talking that makes me want to hear more and more I Love him he is so cool!

  • Chris F

    Only in California…the fruits and the veggies get rich

    • Chris H

      That was funny.

  • He is also Jesse James (West Coast Choppers) god father.

    • ron2win2

      Well that means he has none of barry’s blood in him .Which stands to reason why jessie is such a miserable arse grabber.

  • Mole England

    Barry you are bloody mad and should of been English rather then being born with German name but I love watching you

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      Last names mean nothing in the USA.

  • Paul

    I want to be Barry. Coolest guy ever.

  • Jurriaan Luksch

    I like him in this program ( that’s the way how to act..normal and funny at the same time) God i have a older brother in the U.S.A haha!!

    Greats from the Netherlands

  • julie

    Barry is the only one I would love to hang with. The other bidders are aholes. Hester is in a league of his own, beyond major prick. I would egg his house daily!

  • love this show he,s my favorite

  • Barry your a true icon here in england,you add humour to the show,thats what it needed,i would love to take you to my local pub or bar as you would say,the entertainment would be second to none,all the best from england.

  • Barry is the show it is always interesting to see which transportation he will pull up in or who or what will be with him. He has amazing character Love you Barry Weiss you would be the coolest Grandfather or Father to have.

  • Gunner

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  • Ormkvad

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  • ben dover

    barry’s the best…hysterical…should have his own show….

  • SandyLester

    The worst caricature on the show

  • pat

    The Problem with this article is they’re getting their “facts” from Celebrity Net Worth, which obviously got their “facts” from a storage Wars PR person who couldn’t even get their “fact checkable facts” straight. For instance Brandi and Jarrod aren’t married. You can stop right there. If they’re wrong about that….

  • BrendaDSnith3

    Love Berry and last night shows ending made us laugh so hard I almost peed on myself, in fact I recorded it so we can watch it over and over. Berry PLEASE don’t leave us/

  • rickers

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  • Tom Burkart

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  • Keith Hart

    Barry is the only reason I watch the show..he’s funny, and never gets into fights like all the rest of the idiots.

  • paul

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  • Chad Novak

    Hello Barry. I found a 1955 shakespeare spin-wondereel no.1735 made in u.s.a. model fc fishing reel. How much did you want to give me? let me know .Chad

  • Mike

    Barry is a real mensch. He values people and diversity. He brings coffee and doughnuts. He is nice to his mom. I like him a lot.

    • Lungi

      What’s a Mensch, Mike?

  • Sherry

    Berry. Just wanted to let you know I think your Awesome….I really enjoy the show, keep up the crazy things you do…Tulsa is watching…:)

  • IcyDream

    To anyone saying this is incorrect. Barry himself mentions his past in food produce in the episode ‘The Monster Hash’.

    • IcyDream

      I know cause I’m watching it right now 😀

  • poontofview

    greedy, and egotistical describe how I see Barry Weiss. I just can’t stand to see him mock everyone
    and portrays himself as being above and beyond reproach. Weiss continually demands attention and if he’s
    even perceived to be late for the start of the Locker Auction all of the other characters start chatting, “where’s Barry, where’s Barry?” Nope, can’t possibly have an auction without Barry! Yup! Barry is worshiped by all of the “Model Type” of women that either show up with him or magically just happen to show up on the set, that is, if they are $Paid to do so.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      Nah, he’s cool. He even hangs out with the cool cats of Austin Texas .. not the rich folk.

  • Monkeyhum

    Just ate at the Coffee Pot next to him and saw him film down Royal Street in New Orleans. Didn’t know who he was ? I will check out the show now :))

  • Oceantravler

    I like Barry’s antics in the shows, but he drives me nuts bringing all those custom cars, trucks, bikes and what ever else he drives. He is the one person there that appears to be enjoying himself. I suppose with his money one can do that.

  • Bluecatfish

    Barry is just one cool dude!. From fruit to fashion, who would have thought?? Hi IS the show, and congrat’s Barry on your own upcoming show!

  • AR

    I enjoy Barry on the show. But I honestly believe the show is a hoax. To many treasures found in lockers. Any storage unit owner would go through delinquent lockers to find this stuff before selling it for pennies on the dollar. Much of it is staged. Some of the items found on this show, have shown up on the other storage shows. It is nothing more than entertainment.

  • AR

    Yeah she and her appendages are nice to look at. I think they have grown since the show started.

    • raj

      with u on that man

  • Lungi

    Of all the storage lockers I’ve been in, this is one of them. – Barry Weiss

  • Ιορδάνης

    Why does it say Brandi: Jarrod’s wife and partner then?

  • Thomas

    I thought he was a trust fund “kid”. I knew he wasn’t in the lockers for the money.

  • George

    Hi Barry.Storage wars is currently running in our country and myself and my wife are both big fans of yours. We enjoy your down to earth way of going about your business although we wish you wouldn’t break so many things when you empty the lockers!! Keep it up Barry,no not that…o crap,you know what I mean! Best wishes.George & Leevona,Bloemfontein,South Africa.

  • disqus_XZxN0TReQJ

    I loove Barry, His personality is so essentric electric, I would love to meet you Barry!

  • Antonie Jovan Cashh

    Barry is a cool guy that’s why I watch storage wars keep up the good work