Are Storage Wars’ Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz married?

The sexy Brandi Passante and Jarrod Shulz from Storage Wars

A&E has a genuine smash hit with their treasure seeking reality series Storage Wars. In addition to the addictive trash or treasure gambling element of bidding on abandoned storage units with only a cursory glance at the contents, a large part of the show’s success stems from it’s eclectic cast of charismatic bidders, including the sitcom worthy pair of Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante from Storage Wars

Admittedly having the least amount of financial resources at their disposal, Jarrod is still an aggressive, some might say reckless, bidder at the auctions. In stark contrast, Brandi plays the part of the beautiful buxom buzzkill babe by cracking the financial whip in an attempt to keep their fiscal risk taking to a minimum. The result is a wonderful dynamic often seen in male-female relationships on screen, with the guy having an irrational passion for something and the woman having to shake her head and keep him in check.

So with such the archetypal husband/wife relationship, it may be surprising to find out the answer to the question “Are Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante married?” is… Nope.

Storage wars couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz

Although they are promoted by A&E as a “husband and wife team of underdogs” on the Storage Wars site, all evidence online indicates they aren’t in fact married. They have reportedly been together for 12 years and have two children (a boy and a girl) together, but have never officially tied the knot. As recently as October, 2011 the couple was referred to as “Schulz and his girlfriend, Brandi Passante” in a story about the couple re-opening their “Now and Then Secondhand Store” by The Orange County Register.

UPDATE – Brandi offered to answer fan questions on Twitter during the Storage Wars season premiere on April 16, 2013 and when asked “How long have you been married to Jared?” Brandi responded with “Not married together for 14 years.” That seems pretty clear to me! (You can read most all of Brandi’s “interview” with fans as well as highlights from a rare, actual interview HERE.)

UPDATE – Brandi and Jarrod’s daughter is named Payton and turned 7 in June, 2012. I believe their son’s name is Camren, but I don’t know his age. Click here to see family photos shared by Brandi Passante, including one of Payton and a couple of herself as a child!

Some fans have pointed out that with the time they have been together that Brandi and Jarrod may have a common law marriage, but common law marriages are not recognized by the state of California. But anyone who has been married for any significant length of time can watch these two together on screen for 30 seconds and know that, even if they don’t have a piece of paper proving it, they are married!

(In case you were wondering, the answer is “yes.” I did only write this post because I was curious too and have an unhealthy attraction towards Brandi Passante. She’s one of those rare ladies that can make being a b!tch look sexy!) (And in Brandi’s case, “being a b!tch” is entirely appropriate, btw.)

All hail Brandi!

Brandi Passante Storage Wars

*** Brandi’s past is a bit mysterious and, as you might expect, there are all sorts of rumors floating around the web about her, including that she used to be a stripper at Playpen and the Seventh Veil strip clubs in California. NONE of this has been verified or backed up with any evidence whatsoever. Another unverified rumor? Brandi Passante wore a bikini at some point in her life. C’mon folks – help us prove that one to be true! All Brandi Passante bikini photos (and an others for that matter) are welcome at starcasmtips (at)!

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  • tab

    i love that show! but she seems like a total biotch on the show. maybe it’s just an act to play their “part”.

    • $10,000 for every appearance on Storeage War’s , i.e Brandi & Jarrod, Barry, etc… , they’re making Money hand over Fist . Fall into an OUT HOUSE & come out smelling like a ROSE , that what these PPL get Paid per Episode . Robt. D. Miles

      • the kidd

        Getting a glimpse of Brandi’s sweater puppets is well worth the 10 grand.

  • jessica

    I love this show Brandi and Jarrod are my favorite and Barry is so funny too.

    • jonnah

      my mom says dave hester is a pile of rich \ fat \ugly crap,and i agree with my mother too!

    • FannysMom

      I agree! Barry is so clever with all his remarks and I like Brandi & Jarrod too!

  • Darla

    Love them all, except Dave Hester. That is one annoying man. Kinda wish they’d lock him in one of the units & forget about him.

    • Mandy

      (Could not resist) 🙂

  • Mandy

    My husband and son love this show. I’ve seen it a few times but always hear it in the background. I think they also own or have something to do with “Outlaw Clothing”. He is always wearing their shirt and they have a poster or something of it on the wall in their store.

    • melissa

      He owns outlaw clothes, him and his friend opend it up, he wares it everyday to promote it!

      • Gomba

        Wear, not ware. Stop watching and do homework. LOL.

        • Sal

          oh hush, buzzkill.

        • BigR2

          Since Jarrod WOULD sell it for a profit I suppose “WARE” would be the correct word to use. I would ware a shirt for profit. LOL

      • stephen

        why don’t you just stick your words up your a$$ you b!tch

      • David Coon

        Do you know where I can buy Outlaw T-Shirts?My son really likes them.

        • Pixelpop

          For Outlaw clothing, go to the A&E website area for Storage Wars. They sell all things SW-related.

  • brandi passante

    yea, totally married man. they have kids.

    • Donnie

      Way to go baby!! Keep him in his place!!!!

    • J Miller

      Brandi you are amazing and Jarrod is a cool cat, you are perfect for the show ! Im rootin for you both all the way from Florida ! Kick Hester’s Azz !!

    • aaron aragon

      hi brandi nice to meet you say hi to jered for me i seen your shows its kind of crazy having dave hester there i really hate that guy when he doesnt let you guys bid on the lockers can you guys let me know how can i buy stuff from you guys tru internet i live here in albuquerque new mexico have a great day you guys

      • Duh

        Hey Genius, this is not Jarrod and Brandi’s website.

  • Hot Damn

    Branding is stripped hot…so what if she did strip? Nothing that isn’t on TV anyway.

  • The Doug

    She wants me. It’s true. She just doesn’t know it yet. All hail, Princess Brandi!

  • Kellie

    ‘the two are stuck together until death does them part.’
    This line cracked me up. Can you figure out why Asa?

  • bulluboyw

    Brandi Passante was a stripper in Orange County in the late 90’s, she worked at 7th Vail , Playpen , and a few other spots. This has been CONFIRMED

    • broheim

      damn, where was I? I’d pay large $$$$$ to see her live up close nekkid!

      • BS


        Nothing of the sort has ever been confirmed. You must be a giggly little beeatch…cause no true dude would even spread gossip like that.

      • the kidd

        I would have paid to stick my head between those giant hooters and let those babies tickle my ears. I bet her little golden triangle smells like French perfume.

  • 44suitcase

    great show like all the people that are on it obviously for different reasons

  • linda

    I love this show. I love Brandi and Jarrod. I hate Dave. I also love that goofy Barry you guys make the show much success to all 3 of you.

  • Ed

    Brandi is the “girl next door” kinda of beautiful! Jarrod is a cool cat, but should thank his lucky stars for landing her, especially considering the popularity she has now, due to the show.

    They look like total opposites, but some women like that “bad boy” look. Better not let her go Jarrod, cause there’s too many other guys out there that would be more then happy to take your place, brother! Just saying!!

  • liam

    brandi she so hot i like lick her feet and her ass

  • Jack

    My wife said that she would really like to screw Brandi….and damn, I almost blew my load when she said that!

    • Mr.Hung-like-a-Horse

      i like her feet

  • Jack

    So there

  • Mark

    Best show, I love it. I like them all oryginal 5… Just HATE that “newcomer” Nabila. Producers do as all a favor DITCH the BITCH.

  • ALAN

    i love the brandi.even jarrod is cool.jarrod better put a ring on her finger.a lot of guy’s in love with her bro.barry is cool funny.but he has big money.hate hester .but thats why we all love the show.darrell is aaaaaaaaaa ok.but got to love him.runing up bids.i hope your all friends off tv.good show.

  • Michael

    I don’t know if it makes a difference to anyone,but if you look at Brandi’s left hand you will notice she is wearing a nice sized rock on her ring finger.
    Other than that the issue of marriage is their business.
    The obviously love each other.
    After all they do have two children together.not to mention 12 years of commitment. GOOOOO Team Brandi!!!!

  • the american badass

    dam brandi is a hot chick she knows what shes doing jarrod is a bad a$$ on what he has all i can say i brandi your gorgous babyh

  • Jared robertson

    This shows the sh!t, i would love to get into this.. Jarrod’s the man (not ’cause we have the Same name) n’ his lady is a babe.

    How do you get into this ??
    I see dollar signs !!

  • Jared robertson

    If anyone has information on how i could get into bidding on storage units, email me ASAP!!
    Any info’ would be greatly appreitated

  • Bella

    Yuuuuuuuup what r u talking about? They r married! They have two kids c’mon

  • Augie

    Brandi is smart and super cute. Jarrod is a bit reckless but Brandi keeps a close rein on him.
    Barry is the best and a riot.
    Darrell is funny and last but not least – Dave is a schmuck !
    Keep Nabila and dump Dave.

  • jesus

    Some of the gross pervy comments on here wow grow the f*** up

  • Lou

    Brandi is very very very Its the reason I watched the show at 1st but it grew on me and I like it for more then just seeing my dream I always root for Jerrod and Brandi because they need to buy this stuff to make a living. Berry is just a cheap old b@stard. The guy has 20 cars and hes digging thru other peoples junk? He’s pathetic. Dave is an ahole. I wouldnt dislike him so much if he didnt give Brandi such a hard time driving up the price. Needs to stick with messing with Darrly and leave Brandi alone the miserable

  • Bella

    Am I the only person here that thinks Dave is a complete jerk! he comes in on the last second and says yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

    • Sal

      No, you aren’t the only one. I can’t stand that putz. Wish he’d just go away.

    • Johnnylakis

      Dave got sued by History Channel and lost

    • FannysMom

      He is the most annoying guy, I am sure Dave has no fans!

    • Bilgi

      I don’t agree you because, I like Dave to say yuuupp!

    • isabella

      I am with you

  • Mike B.

    If they feel like they are husband & wife then they are husband & wife. A marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. A marriage is a commitment of the heart. My wife & I just celebrated our 20th Anniversary. We are not legally married in the eyes of the law but try telling me to my face that she is not my wife & you better be ready to throw down cuz I am gonna kick some butt. We own our house, we have three cars, two motorcycles, two atv’s & a camper that are paid for in full & we are every bit as much husband & wife as the next couple. I’ve known legally married couples that didn’t make it as long as we have. So to answer the question, “Are Jarrod & Brandi married?”, the answer is, “YES THEY ARE!”

    • Eva

      Mike…beg to differ..a legal and public declaration of marriage is very important to a women and I do believe that any women that denies that process is diluding herself because her guy will not ‘man up’ and take that most important and significant step. In not doing so, he is showing disrespect and a passive aggressive position in telling himself that she will stay anyways because she ‘needs’ to and she does not have the confidence to demand more of the relationship..come on women, you got along before you met him and you can get along without him now…PUT A RING ON IT! It still is the most romantic jesture..and that is is all we really want…n’est pas? We do not need the disrespect that both Jarrod and Brandi show each other..they are a terrible example to anyone that is looking to them as role models and even envies their relationship. Remember, even a tv show which might be fantasy, it still is based on fact. My husband and I will not watch Storage Wars (and we loved it) because of Jarrod and Brandi..way too unconfortable to watch and see how they talk and treat each other…Pity!

      • Man man man

        Don’t be bitter just because no one is willing to put a ring on your finger. Relationships exist on a broad continuum and it is up to the participants of said relationship to determine what they want it to be and where it should go. Neither a piece of jewelry nor a sheet of paper make a relationship. These are just symbols that SOME people choose to use to represent their commitment to each other. It does not mean that a lack thereof is indicative of a low level of commitment. The sooner you understand and accept that fact and take a more relaxed approach to relationships, the more likely you will be to actually snag a guy willing to give you rings and the other things you want. If you are worth it, a proper guy will give you almost anything you want. But only if he knows you’d be fine without those things. The second your desires become commandments, no self-respecting guy will give you what you want.

        • noringneeded

          Well Said!!!

  • Doug S.

    Yes Brandi is definitely very sexy, but it’s probably best not to publicly drool over someone who is married with children. Also, it’s quite possible that everyone on the show is a nice person in real life, but a reality show just has to have some drama. It would not surprise me if Dave enjoys playing the part of the bad guy.

  • Yeti

    I have to admit that I have a crush on Brandi – though she’s young enough to be my daughter. And my wife thinks her boobs are fake.

  • TOM


  • Eduardo

    Hermosa la Brandi, lo bueno que su esposo o compañero a pesar de no ser tan galan, parece que es buena persona, al menos lo poco se se conoco de el es lo que indica, suertudo el tipo, Saludos

  • John Wesley May

    I would like to see Darrell or Jarrod punch Dave in the mouth and shove him in a locker and close and lock the door!

  • $10,000 per Episode per person is what these PPL get Paid , pretty Good work if you can get it . They will Clown it up , so they can Demand MORE $$$’s when they Shoot the next Season I think. Robt. D. Miles

  • bigfun

    she is one of the reason i watch storage wars cause damn brandi is HOT with a perfect body motor boat her twins for days

  • bigfun

    her hubby is a really lucky man damn she is HOT and extremely sexy

  • BigDick

    I Wanna f**k the sh|t out of Brandi.

  • xman

    Brandi is so hot. When ever I see her on Storage Wars I get so hard I end up jerking myself like crazy dreaming of her magnificant rack.

    • Ron

      True dat

      • NIck

        SHe Has Nice B00bz And a nice A$$ but she is one butterface!

        • Alex Yamach

          Yeah I agree, her face is just average, but the rest is a nice package.

    • Eva

      xman…could you please re-read what you just wrote.. Your comment just proves that we are only one generation of uneducated population away from caveman-like behaviour, please tell me you are only 14 years old…otherwise you scare me…PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL and learn some empathy and also how to live a full and productive life…because going they way you will always fall short of living the best life possible…or do you get that at all or even care? Good Luck and all the best!

    • Better Than Xman, Way Better

      xman your command of English is incredble!

  • NIck

    Shes Pretty in her own way.

  • Julie

    Love Jarrod and Brandi. They’re pretty funny; I don’t get why everyone thinks she’s a bitch.. seriously, she’s not that bad.

    You know who’s annoying? Freaking Darrell. God, what pretentious ass.

  • Eva

    Brandi and Jarrod, what a train wreck of a couple..I hope that 80% of what we see on TV is staged..because they way they treat each other is so negative and their kids probably see disrespectful to each other..If they want to stay together maybe they should get married. The ceremony may remind them of why they are together in the first place and they might learn to be more vigilant of how they treat one another..a legal and public declaration of marriage is very important to a woman and I do believe that any women that denies that process is diluding herself because her guy will not ‘man up’ and take that most important and significant step. In not doing so, he is showing disrespect and a passive aggressive position in telling himself that she will stay anyways because she ‘needs’ to and she does not have the confidence to demand more of the relationship..come on women, you got along before you met him and you can get along without him now…PUT A RING ON IT! It still is the most romantic gesture..and that is is all we really want…n’est pas? We do not need the disrespect that both Jarrod and Brandi show each other..they are a terrible example to anyone that is looking to them as role models and even envies their relationship. Remember, even a tv show which might be fantasy, it still is based on some fact. My husband and I will not watch Storage Wars (and we loved it) because of Jarrod and Brandi..way too unconfortable to watch and see how they talk and treat each other…Pity!

    • Hugh Jass

      Ever think Eva that just maybe Brandi doesn’t want to get married? The institution of marriage is going down the toilet. Nobody needs to spend all that money on a silly wedding just to get a piece of paper. A couple can be in love and live together without all that nonsense.

      By the way, as far as the way the act on the show…. it IS an act. This is TV and they are actors. These shows are scripted and they are told what to do and say for the most part.

      I have good information that says this show is fake. The lockers are suppose to be left untouched, however there have been episodes that show the locker a few times and in some scenes the boxes have been opened and moved.

      • S. Hall

        Hand-shake agreement living arrangements have no relevance other than for the commitment fearing “why buy the cow when you can drink the milk for free types”. I’d say statistically that if one can’t honor a marriage then one cant honor most any …and if marriage is going down the tubes as an institution then likely other legal contracts are dishonored …if a man can’t honor his family he can’t honor anything…all that says is one wants no legal hurdles to bolt when times get tough..period…just like a mortgage its collateral for performance

    • Stacy

      True it is very impratant to an insecure woman

  • Stephen

    Brandi…smokin hot.

    She’s not a noodle either.

    I like a strong woman.

    • Dylan Morgan

      she is so hot

    • Yo-yo

      Nuttin ain’t better than a strong pretty lady!!!

  • NorCalPal

    Smokin hot?NOT…I’d love it if they dumped that shrew from the show..she’s nothing but a naggin hag. Her ugly personality is matched by her ugly looks. Note to Brandi…try smiling and being pleasant just once.

  • Squiggles

    Someone please tell that stupid punk to pull his damn socks down. Hes such a damn nerd.

  • byronl


  • james bond

    Jarrod is such a terd, really why is BRANDI with him, she could do so much better, hes what i like to refer to as a bog rat. A little man who likes to act tough, just an oxygen thief.

  • Mario Baillargeon, stĂ©nographe

    They look great together, but she would look much greater with me behind her!

  • lauraluuu

    i just dont agree with everyone else it seems — i mean shes not UGLY but i dont think shes all that attractive. *shrugs* to each their own i guess!

  • cid

    ela Ă© linda o jarrod Ă© um cara de muita sorte

  • They have kids. But if you remember on a episode jarrod said “I live that we’re married”

  • I.G.C.

    One of my best friends was a stripper between 2002 and 2006 in San Antonio Texas. She has no regrets about it whatsoever? She swears to the ends of the earth that Jarrod picked up Brandi at an all nude strip club.

  • Jack Meoff

    dave hester has small man’s disease, what a puke.
    brandi is about a 6 , nothing special but I’d do her out of generosity. Jarrod is a punk

  • steve

    dave H. is a nobody… he always talks about how he’s the best… your a pic of shit dave get a life

  • They should have they’re own reality show

  • Only one question: What’s with the CRAPPY Outlaw clothing? Enough with the humping of the poorly logo’d clothing line already..
    And yes, Brandi is hot….

    • Derek

      He gets paid to wear the clothes. He mentioned it on a Storage Wars Reunion show.

    • Leon Riley

      N no she’s not

  • afanaglenn

    OK Jerrod. It is time that you pop the question. You won’t do any better than her. In fact, I’m surprised that someone as attractive and intelligent would want to keep you around, except for the kids. Time to pop the question. Get it over with. Be a real man.

  • Lara

    I dont have anything against anyone Brandi, seems to be very nice but no that bright having as a parner Jarrod, he acts as a jerk all the time, maybe as a person Jarrod is great but as a parner or worst as a business man is terrible. He is lucky that A&E is giving him a chance to be in this show. Honestly I dont like fights, the whole world is screw up and it seems like people like to keep watching fights on tv, Dave is an Ass… the show is already interesting finding goodies on top this fighting is what I dont really like.


    Some interesting tidbits about Brandi & the show. The producers spent a lot of money getting Brandi a boob job so that she would appear “sexier” Most, if not all of the auctions are rigged…the producers will buy them ahead of time, go in to see what is in there and then develope some basic “story lines” for the show and determine which “bidder” they want to win the bidding. There have been several fights between bidders while the producers try to keep people out of certain storage lockers. Same thing hold true for the shows in New York and Texas, as well as the show with that idiot with the tattooed head. Dave has been removed from the show for not keeping in line with the rules of the show and is suing the producers…if it isn’t settled out of court, there will be some real juicy info about the background of reality programming.

    • Jim in Miami

      True. The “expert” they bring in to evaluate the “found” item is really the owner of that rare item. The items are planted in advance and that gives the “expert” the ability to plug his business.
      This was verified by the owner of a large model airplane featured on the show and when this guy tried to sell it on the internet later, many people called him out on the message board and he confessed that he had owned the item the entire time, and had been featured as the “expert”.

  • Derek

    There has been many, many times on the show when Brandi mentions they aren’t married. It’s never been a secret on the show. Everyone who watches already knows this.

  • Alex Yamach

    Jeez she could make an easy $100 grand posing nude for Playboy. Maybe more. When she old, fat and broke she will wish she had done it.

  • Pat

    Brandi is Hot but nothing special, It’s ok too have some junk in the trunk.

  • Mike Kruger


  • Darrell

    I Don’t want to rain on any ones parade….but she is quite average in my book. Cute…nice figure…yea….but hell….LOT’S of under 30’s have that. There is nothing exceptional there…..sorry folks!

    • Leon Riley

      Under 30?!? I thought she was 40+

  • joe

    i love the show but Brandy kind of ruins it she is a BITCH and is just annoying consistently complaining everytime Jarrod buys a locker and everytime he doesn’t.

  • Ctw

    Well they are a cute couple and whether there married or not. Love is all that matters,

    • FannysMom




  • flyswatter55

    Barry is my favorite.

  • JoeKane

    I don’t see the attraction. She is not hot, just a fat, trashy blond. I’d rate her a 5 on a scale of 10. Still better than that complete loser Jarrod deserves, but come on, let’s be realistic.

  • Mike Wahner

    I love Storage Wars,especially Jarrod and Brandi.It’s my favorite show.I hope it never leaves the airwaves.

  • dw2558

    Brandi’s OK looking. Not the most beautiful face. Think the reason most men (and some women) like her is what she sports on her chest, which although not huge are not bad either..

  • Joe George

    Is it true Jarrod met Brandi when he was security at a strip joint and she was swinging the poles?

  • FannysMom

    If they’ve been together 14 years they are a common-law couple and they certainly act as though they are married, in every way we are allowed to view.

  • K

    The “beautiful” Brandi? Gross. I used to like watching Storage Wars till they had to drag her whining complaining rear end on there but because of her, I no longer watch the show.

  • Marcelo Augusto

    Jarrod Schulz, eu me amarro em assistir quem da mais.. e queria conhecer sua loja por dentro, ver os tesouros que encontrarão nos depósitos, a cabeça de cavalo
    aquela cama q tiveram que comprar do Darrell
    se eu pudesse participar d um desses leilÔes!
    mais o Real Ă© pouco perto do DĂłlar
    espero ter retorno nessa ter retorno nessa mensagem que deixei
    valeu obligado

  • Barry

    Like how they have worked together Brandi of course is is a cutie. Jarrod looks sounds and acts like Bob hope in the movie Lemon Drop Kid.

  • siana

    amooo esta pareja en quien da mas y en lavida realll

  • dboz555

    Jarrod you better put a ring on that before someone better comes along.

  • Leon Riley

    Before or after the boob job?