Just how rich is NeNe Leakes?

If you’ve been watching this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know that Nene Leakes is “VERY rich bitch.” She informed castmate Sheree of this when they had a fight over some money tied to a paid appearance. Sheree claimed that Nene tried to take a part of both Sheree and Kim Zolciak’s cut of the appearance fees. This led to her castmates speculating how rich she really was. Kandi Burruss pointed out that rich can mean very different things to different people: “When people are making new money, they can have a few hundred thousand, or even $1 million, and they think that’s rich.”

Nene was also filmed looking at a $9 million house in Miami, which seemed a deliberate attempt to show off her wealth. Nene HAS had a lot of financial opportunities, and her appearance on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice was probably very lucrative, but it’s still hard to imagine that she could afford a $9 million house. Even if you have millions of dollars, splashing down that much for a house is probably not a good move.

It’s also the case that usually when people ARE extremely wealth, they generally don’t talk about it, or try to convince others that they have a lot of cash.

After all the backlash she received from her “rich” comment, NeNe is no longer talking up her personal finances, putting a different spin on what “rich” means. She’s now claiming that when she said she was “rich” she meant all the various ways one could be rich in life, not only wealth, but health, spirit, and happiness. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she even called people who thought she meant money by that statement (i.e. EVERYONE) “ignorant.”

Despite Nene’s spin doctorin’ people still want to know how much of a baller she is. How much is Nene Leakes really worth?

First of all, she gets paid for being a star on Bravo’s top rated Real Housewives show, which is currently airing it’s fourth season. In 2009, she claimed they were all getting paid $100,000 per episode, and that number might have risen since. Nene might even be getting paid more than the other castmates because of all the drama and buzz she creates.

She also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, lasting 10 weeks until she walked off because of a riff with Star Jones. But how much did she make from her stay? The celebrity contestants compete for money to be donated to charity, but they are paid for the three weeks it takes to film the show. In 2009 former contestant Piers Morgan told US Weekly that he got paid about $16,000 to tape the show. UPDATE: To further investigate the “Trump check” NeNe bragged about depositing, Donald Trump Jr. (who also appears on Celebrity Apprentice with his dad) told Wetpaint.com:

“Honestly, I have no idea. All the celebrities on the show play for charity. She received a small appearance fee, sure, but that was it.”

And as far as I know she’s not involved with any of our other business or corporations. So I’m not sure what she’s talking about.”

Nene also wrote a book Never Make the Same Mistake Twice that never became a bestseller, so she’s probably not rolling in cash from that endeavor.

A couple of websites have valued Nene’s net worth at $3.5 million, which could be accurate based on her pay from Real Housewives if she’s being wise with her money and not spending it as fast as she makes it. $3.5 million is a good amount of money, but it’s definitely not enough to buy a $9 million house, and $3.5 million can be spent really quickly if you’re a reality star trying to live up to a certain image you want to cultivate for yourself for the public. Also, reality show fame usually doesn’t last any longer than the shows themselves, so saving for an uncertain future is crucial!

UPDATE: Maybe Nene hasn’t always been Rich, Bitch, but things are definitely shaping up for her. She’s landed several cameo acting roles (like on The Game) and a big, recurring role on Glee. Also an unconfirmed report estimated that her Real Housewives salary is more than all the other girls, and comes to a cool $1 million.

Nene IS trying to capitalize on her rich bitch catchphrase though, she recently tweeted a Swarovsky-crystal encrusted “I’m very rich bitch!” T-Shirt she says costs $150. Good luck with that market!

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  • http://Starcasm.net Piper

    The only TRUE “celebrity” on this show would be Kandi..she does have talent beautiful voice. W/skill’s to write music produce music..She is a all around good person w/heart…

  • Anne

    A million dollars is rich to me but then again I’m just a young college student.

    • Starcasm Staff

      It’s a lot of money, but not enough to buy a $9 million house! #mathskills

      • Mandy

        Yeah I agree, that whole segment was pretty pathetic. I loved Kandi’s commentary though.

  • Cali

    I dont believe any housewife makes $100K per episode. Maybe $100K for the season.

    • Elby

      I agree with Cali – i think i read the NY housewives were getting 200-250K per season, so that range means 20-50K per episode. However, Atl is the most popular of the franchises so maybe doubling the highest NY pay check is possible? Hard to believe any of the shows generate the revenue to support that kind of pay. Atl gets 3 million viewers? not a huge audience, IMO.

      • Elby

        sorry, I edited my response and screwed it up, the HIGHEST paid NY wives got 200-250K, the others were around 100,000, so the range is 10-25K per episode

  • Elby

    Back to Nene, taxes are going to halve her money and when the show is over – so is she, except for maybe MTV and VH1 shows for ex-celebrities. but even those folks fade again to obscurity. We will hear of her again when the IRS finally insists on their cut in court.

  • Tina

    If I had 3 million dollars then I would consider myself rich too. BUT I would still be shopping at Walmart, Dollar tree, and living very frugal. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that 3 million in 2011 is not all the money in the world. After taxes, bills and other living expenses, you will not be able to afford a 9 million dollar mansion. You could not afford the lavish lifestyle that NeNE and the other housewives are trying to live. Frugality should be a must for these ladies. And why in Gods name is Sheree trying to build her house from the ground up, and still worrying about her child support checks? It seems to me that money should be going into college funds. And poor Cynthia! Her mans restaurant/bar in the hood is getting some terrible reviews! I wanted to check it out till I saw it was in the HOOD, and had only 2.5 out of 5 stars. No thanks, I’ll pass!

    • Dayday

      I wanted to know the same thing about Sheree. Why in the hell is she trying to get child support if she didn’t need in four years, so why now. And, why is she buying a new car and building a house. These women are trying to be something they are not. Like Cynthia’s stylist said, these women are to focus on name brands. Everything has a name brand but some may be more famous and expensive than others. The clothes @ walmart have a name brand on them but it’s just not Gucci, it’s faded glory. Cynthia’s Stylist made a good point about how he can wear something from H&M and with the right accessories and matching ability you can make that look just as good. Some of that mess they are wearing doesn’t look as good as some things from walmart if you ask me. Sheree never dress up when they are seen @ events where the others are dressed very nicely. She always wear low key casual clothing, nothing extravagant to me.

      • http://goggle Marcus

        Yes I agree. Khandi might be rich because of her music career, I can see her living large. The others success including NE NE is just limited. NE NE may be around a little longer than the others beside Khandi, but NE NE success will be limited. Khandi have something she can fall back on, the the others it is just for the moment, so If I were them they need to be very caution of their finances.

  • vini

    Go nene love love this woman!

  • http://youtube.com/debisisrobustus debisisrobustus

    they all have interesting personalities, most anyway, but nene is the most interesting and prettiest…even if she’s a little hard up crazy. if she lost some weight she would def be a knock out. us big boned women are so under appreciated. i have never though small boned women were very attractive.

    • Dayday

      Nene is far from pretty and her attitude doesn’t help much either. She definitely isn’t the best looking one on the show not by far.

      • vashlady

        Yeah they are gehtto but the tv love them. And Nene acts they way she dose because she never had much. But u can say what she worth or who ever is worth but they have plenty of money now reather it last or not. Live for today 2morow may never come.

    • Anna

      Nene,pretty? Are you kidding? I think 99% of the people polled in any group would say the opposite. She’s ghetto trash all the way. Looks like a stripper on the side of town where the men put $1.00 bills in their dirty g-strings.

      She’s gross. She’s a liar. I work closely with Bravo on this program and I can tell you that the 10k per epsiode is the neighborhood they are making. They make extra cash on endorsements (have you seen her in any?) or appearance fees. I am sure she’s bringing in the neighborhood of at least 200k a year. Not bad change. Not rich.

      • britney robinson

        *eye roll* You work closely with bravo? I doubt it, even Bravo says she makes more than 10k per episode why lie?

  • Napua’ala Mendiola

    i agree with Dayday…..Nene is NOT the prettiest and her attitude SUCKS…..She’s SOOOOOO full of herself…..Can’t stand her…..And as far as Sheree goes……What ever happen to her SHE by Sheree line?????? They’re all losers except for Kandi

  • Taciana

    Kandi is the only person who could afford a 9million dollar investment in south Fl….however, she is smart enuff not to buy cause she doesn’t need it & she doesn’t look like the showoff type. Phaedra seems smart and is not livin beyond her means. Kim caught an NFL’er so she’s good. Cynthia may have some from her modeling days. Hopefully Peter won’t drain it out of her pocket. Sheree is dumb acting like her money matches her taste. It don’t take a genius to see that Sheree aint paid like that. Having just over 1000000 bux does not make NeNe rich b!tch! Lmao. Donald trump Jr. Pretty much blew up NeNe’s spot. One does not get rich off of being on Celebrity Apprentice. In the ATL a little money can go a long way! Housing and land and cars are cheap down there! 300K house in ATL would cost about double or more in NY.

  • Blanch

    Nene swears she’s all that but please!! Have you seen her tweets?? for saying she’s VERY rich why did she return the neckles that Marlo chose for her and speaking of Marlo, where does she get all that $$$??? And if memory serves me right didn’t Nene criticized Kim for having a Big papa??? I don’t see her doing that to Marlo!! Like Sheree said “that bi*** is not crazy!” she knows Marlo with her criminal record will slash Nene’s face too!! Lol Nene thinks she owns Housewives of ATL I hope they fire her a$$ like they did Jillian Zarin for thinking there’s no housewives without them!!

  • http://www.blueopt.blogspot.com DeMon S

    I love NeNe and who the hell cares if she says she’s rich? Why is that something to spark endless conversation and get all bent out of shape over? It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. And I hate to spill the beans on this but I think it’s time for people to know the truth about that 9 million dollar house she was looking at in Miami. NeNe’s very smart and shrewd when it comes to money. The real estate broker and NeNe made a deal and she got paid a very nice fee to get the house on the show. She’s not able to share that info publicly because of contract issues with Bravo, but I think if people really knew the real NeNe they’d be surprised at how intelligent and likeable she is. It baffles me how some people think they know someone just by watching them on an hour long tv show once a week.

    • BB


    • Satony69

      Very intelligent response sir !!!

  • veshti

    Nene is in fact richer than she has ever been; as far as Nene is concerned she is RICH. I am proud of her, because she brought Kim and Sheree to the show with her and those ungrateful women are better off today because of Nene’s unselfish nature;Nene has gone from being totally dependent on her husband to being the sole support of her family. Nene’s personality got her where she is today; Sheree and Kim called her names and talked about her but they must acknowledge the fact that Nene has experienced more personal growth than both Sheree and Kim. Kim is needy and depends on men to support her and Sheree is still blaming her ex-husband for what she lacks; the only thing Sheree invests in is expensive clothes and shoes so than she can keep up appearances.

    • BB


  • http://yahoo faith mikkelson

    lov lov looov nene….she the best

  • Nikki W

    I love NENE , Phaedra, Kandi and Cynthia , because there are about making money and taking responsibility for there lives. That’s what you call a real woman. Marlo doesn’t have children ,so if she wants to have a big poppa she can. When you bring men in the equation, and you are a mother, what is that teaching your daughters. Get a married rich man on the side, give him some , something something he will give you whatever you want. No matter how you look at it, your wh0ring yourself out to that rich man. Kory might be in NFL but he doesn’t make enough money to hold Kim down for years to come. Kim smart to have his kids, she’s thinking he want go no where. Kim look like she 42 yrs old. If they make it 15 years it will surprise me.

  • brandon

    nene is a big coon!

  • Cierra

    She is rich. $3.5 million is a lot of money. Especially when you don’t have it. Granted, I wouldn’t even waste my time looking at a $9 million mansion, knowing I only have a third of that money. Still, anyone with that kind of money is much better off than a lot of people. Like myself. You still gotta be careful though. If you spend it all just because you can, you’ll end up with nothing eventually.

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