Brandi Glanville accuses ex Eddie Cibrian of harassment via Twitter

Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes side-by-side

LeAnn Rimes could very well be the most tweetinest celeb around. This Twitter addiction included some rather stalker-like photos of herself in poses similar to her husband Eddie Cibrian’s ex Brandi Glanville. Folks were all over LeAnn for these tweets and also for doing what they call husband stealing but all parties involved had apparently buried ye olde hatchet.


I have a tweet capped for posterity in which Glanville dropped a Twitter bomb on Cibrian. That’s right, Brandi went all LeAnn on Eddie. Here’s the tweet that best I can tell has been removed:

Wow! Not only did Brandi pull a LeAnn but she also is accusing Eddie of being LeAnn like by stating that he’s sending her harassing emails. This is just a guess, but I’m assuming that the scheduling conflict would have to do with Brandi and Eddie’s sons Mason and Jake.

A follower on Twitter accused Brandi of being tacky for doing this via Twitter and she explained why she went there:

If you weren’t aware Glanville is the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I can’t wait to see her and Camille Grammer enjoying mixed drinks off of Rodeo while discussing their actor baby-daddy exes. This back and forth between the two (Brandi and Eddie) included a report that Eddie insisted that Brandi not parade their boys around on TV.

In fairness to LeAnn, this isn’t Brandi’s first public tweet about private matters. She once tweeted to LeAnn that she felt it would be inappropriate for her to sing at her son’s class.

LeAnn’s latest twitter-habit has been to send out photos of her new thin frame in bikinis. Well, of course Brandi returned that favor with the following:

Brandi Glanville tweets bikini photo

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  • Mags

    Tell it like it is Brandi! Don’t take any bs from either of those two evil scum! Write a book, TV movie and document all their bad behavior so your boys will come to know how you sacrificed your own happiness for them! You owe Eddie nothing, and NO boy should grow up looking-up-to and and being like that POS!

  • Eddieiswrong

    The problem is that Eddie Cibrian ditched his kids on his custody day to attend Leann’s concerts and now it looks like he is trying to bully Brandi because he didn’t have the common sense to make his kids his top priority. What else was Brandi supposed to do, Leann and Eddie have money to pay lawyers who don’t seem to have EC kids best interest at heart because if they did, they would have made sure that EC didn’t pull stunts like the one he did this past weekend.

  • Mandy

    Brandi looks as if she could be Eddie’s mother. I just can’t understand why they were ever together. Then he married Leann and it makes more sense. He likes being with ugly chicks because they will fight like hell for him. Which has obviously ensued. This guy has a HUGE ego… but ugly chicks.

    • http://LarMar Laura

      Thats HILARIOUS!

  • Juliette

    I feel so sorry for Brandi. She has taken the high road this whole time while LR was twitter taunting/stalking her. He is just a pathetic loser who obviously has so little power in his relationship that he has to do what he can to make himself feel better.

    LR is a pig. Any woman with integrity and a heart would do everthing they could to ensure her husband has contact with their children. I hope his show is cancelled, her albums (if she actually gets any released) tank and they both fade into dirtbag obscurity. They deserve each other.

    I feel bad for the children though, having control-freak Falcor as a step mom and a complete and total ass hat for a father.

  • helloisitme

    I think the real tragedy of this story is that LeAnne is obsessed with herself and won’t stop tweeting bikini photos. Its annoying and a tragedy indeed.

  • Renee

    If you read any of her tweets, she sounds like a drunk, classless, jealous, vindictive woman who can’t get on with her own life and it’s been years since she and Eddie split up! How many women with two young boys, post pictures of men they’re screwing…lying in their bed; talking about being hung over; using the ‘f’ word like a drunken sailor; and being the rudest woman on twitter? BRANDI GLANVILLE So very sad for those two boys…they would be much better off with Leann Rimes Cibrian & Eddie Cibrian in my little opinion. LOL

  • Eddieiswrong


    Seriously, isn’t that what you always say? So the best thing that you can come up to defend EC harassment of BG is to say that she is OLD? The truth of the matter is that when the media talks about BG, OLD is not one of the words they use to describe her. However, OLD is one of the words that media outlets commonly use to describe Leann. How does EC marrying Leann make any sense, especially since the day after their wedding Leann was on twitter arguing with people?

    Brandi isn’t fighting LR over EC. She is challenging EC over HER KIDS, you know the ones that EC ditched just so that he could stand backstage at LR concert.

  • Kee

    This is such bullshit! eddie doesnt even use twitter that often! what right does this bitch have to say he harasses her through twitter?! thre’s not even proof besides her lying her ass off! and as for you random viewers, how can you take sides with someone no one even knows that well?! i’m so sick and tired of all the stupid comments on the affair! get f**king over it! i’m so sick and tired of all your bullshit!

  • Diane

    Sorry Brandi looks bad when she took it to Twitter.

  • Eddieiswrong


    Or is it MANDY? So you think that you can save EC by making BG out to be the villian?

    We know that Leann sounds like a drunk, classless, jealous, vindictive woman. Why would she continue to tweet about another woman’s kids after being asked not to do so? Why did she encourage EC to be at her concert instead of visiting his kids?

    Seriously, how is BG tweet to EC about her being classless, vindictive, drunk, jealous, or not getting on with her life? Because in your mind BG is wrong because BG dared to challenge EC and LR when they are wrong? Perhaps EC and LR should have did the right thing. Why does EC ditch his kids on his custody day for reasons that are not even valid (ie-vacation or at LR concert) and then give interview after interview about how his kids are his top priority.

    Didn’t LR and EC make out (they were sticking their tongues down each other’s throats) on the sidelines at EC son soccer game? Wasn’t LR humping on EC while his kids sat right next to them? So you have a problem with BG talking about who she is dating, yet you don’t seem to have a problem with how sexual EC and LR are in front of those two little boys?

    LR talks about how she and EC are hung over. She even posts photos of herself and EC with the alcohol in their hands. So what is your point? That is right, deflect from EC harassment of BG by trashing BG.

    EC cussses in front of his kids, it was documented by People mag. So what is your point again? That is right, convince us that EC was justified in harassing BG because she deserved it?

    What is sad for those boys is the fact that EC ditched them on his custody day and he only wants to be bothered with the kids when he and LR have something to promote.

    How would the kids be better off with EC and LR? That is right, you are doing damage control. Convince everyone that BG is the villain because news of EC new modeling job comes out today.

  • Eddieiswrong


    Or do you perfer renee or mandy?

    What looks bad is that EC ditched his kids to attend LR concerts and then tried to bully his ex-wife. What looks bad is that LR and EC keep trying to depict BG as the villian whenever LR and EC do something wrong.

    Obviously taking it to twitter is the only way to make EC and LR do the right thing, which is odd because if he loved his kids shouldn’t EC already be doing the right thing?

    So the next time LR posts about those kids after being asked not to do so, can you please inform LR how she looks bad for taking it to twitter instead of telling LR how much of a great bonus mom she is?

  • Charles

    Brandi is smoking hot.

  • Cat

    Brandi looks great! Eddie married a hasbeen dog with the body of a 12 year old little girl named LeAnn.

  • Cha cha

    What I don’t understand is why people hate Leann so much. Eddie married her, their relationship is valid. Being left for another woman sucks but it doesn’t mean Leann should be trashed forever.