Brandi Glanville angry that John Kerwin’s angry she kept quiet about STD on their date

Brandi Glanville and John Kerwin feud over HPV STD silence on date in December

John Kerwin, host of The John Kerwin Show, went on a date with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville back in December, and with the help of a lot of alcohol things reportedly got very heated very quickly. “Brandi began kissing John in a very aggressive manor, and bit his neck, which drew blood!” a source told Radar Online.

“She made it clear that she wanted to have sex with John.” (John reportedly turned down Brandi’s advances and was “banished” to the guest room, according to the source.) But something Brandi didn’t make clear was the fact that she had the Human Papillomavirus, which she revealed in her book Drinking & Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, saying she got it from her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.

Brandi reacted to the initial story about her date by tweeting, “@radar_online WTF is this nonsense!!!! Total BS! Its actually funny!” Then she added, “so f***ing pathetic, people really lie and really suck! I have to laugh” and “I think its a certain talk show host with desperate for attention.Not ev en worth it!”

After not talking about Kerwin at all for a few days (an eternity in Brandi tweets!) Brandi responded to a fan’s comment about it by writing, “don’t give this physcho any more attention.Clearly its what he wants.♥” and then “Let’s all block and not respond to the pyscho guy I went on one date with a year and a half ago. BLOCK & don’t MENTION on my Timeline thanks”

Talk show host John Kerwin from The John Kerwin Show

Kerwin also took to Twitter, explaining that he is talking about it now because he only recently found out about Brandi having HPV after a friend read her book. Here are most of Kerwin’s numerous tweets about his encounter with a few tweets from others tossed in (in parentheses) when needed for context:

On a date @BrandiGlanville tells you EVERYTHING about herself EXCEPT that she has HPV.

When I first heard that @BrandiGlanville had HPV, I thought it meant Her Plastic Vagina.

@BrandiGlanville please stop sending me vicious texts on my cell. You’ve become “Bo-toxic” #BHHW #BeverlyHillsHouseWives

(@hatecheaters23: U really are a class act dirt bag. What kind of man r u? Like a gossiping little bitch. Many people have HPV and it sucks when the man u married gave it to u. U should be ashamed.)

Hold on! She had sexual contact with me and didn’t tell me she has HPV and I’m the dirtbag?

Dating @BrandiGlanville: I pick her up and she makes fun of my Toyota all night. Awkward! #BHHW #BeverlyHillsHouseWives

Dating @BrandiGlanville: Says she hates @AdrienneMaloof. Didn’t she get u the gig on #RHBH? Yes. Awkward

(@t_treader: That’s between you and Brandi. Why start talking about this 6 months later? #noclassattentionseeker)

@t_treader Just found out about it last week. THAT’S WHY!

The point is she didn’t tell me she had HPV. Luckily I didn’t sleep with her. How would u feel?

(@DiShep10: This sore excuse of a man keeps tweeting, most attn he’s got from women. Think we should ignore?)

@DiShep10 And ignore the fact that so many men and women are spreading STD’s, not telling partners they have em.

She’s writing a relationship book where she will be giving advice to people – OF all people!

(@Smithkids: no clue who u are but u are vicious with slams to Brandi, why the hate? making yourself look like an ass)

@Smithkids She almost gave me HPV – that’s why I’m angry. I found out last week. Someone I know read her book.

(@Morgan75Green: if she failed to tell you about the HPV, you have a right to be p!ssed)

@Morgan75Green Thank you. Hopefully when she’s with other guys, now they’ll know or she’ll tell them.

Attention needs to be paid when Women AND Men don’t tell their sexual partners they have STD’s

Chapter One: Tell your sexual partners that you have HPV

(@melwister: Good God !!! She wrote it in her book #number1NYBestSeller Please stop ur dishonesty !!)

@melwister The book hadn’t come out yet when we dated. Someone I know read it and told me last week.

(@hatecheaters23: So y so upset if u didn’t sleep with her? Ur so desperate 4 attention! U need 2 re-educate urself on HPV. U sound like an idiot.)

@hatecheaters23 It was close. And I want to protect others.

She tried to say that it was 3 years ago that she had HPV, which is bullshit cause she can still spread it

She’s writing a relationship book and she’s slamming her ex and his wife to me on a first date.Not cool

(@NormanGoldenll: Didn’t you have her on your show once?)

@NormanGoldenll Yes, that’s how we met. Afterwards, she emailed me saying, “When are you going to ask me out?”

I’m seeking attention @BrandiGlanville? Like getting out of a car, in front of paps, showing your VJJ? #RHBH [with graphic “wardrobe malfunction” photo attached]

Psycho? Me? Ask @leannrimes who comes to her mind when she thinks of the word, psycho… @BrandiGlanville #RHBH

And she’s LYING. @BrandiGlanville It wasn’t a year and a half ago. It was Dec 1st. 6 months and 3 weeks. #RHBH

First @BrandiGlanville almost gave me HPV; now she’s trying to get me fired from my network. #TwitterWar #RHBH

Question of the day: Has @BrandiGlanville had more injections in her face or in her… Lol. #RHBH

In NYC, @BrandiGlanville should stay at the Helmsley Park View, since it spells HPV.

@BrandiGlanville in NYC-easy to spot, wearing a T-shirt that says, I F***ed Gerard Butler. #RHBH

You tell sexual partners that you have an STD..Period!

(@Sofiepie2: John says he wants to protect other men. BS! Her book disclosed her STD for world to know. Full disclosure.)

@Sofiepie2 Her book “Drinking and F***ing” or whatever, hadn’t come out when she didn’t tell me she had HPV on Dec 1st.

WOW! Note to self: Don’t make a humorous talk show host with a lot of time to tweet to his 90,000+ followers angry!

Meanwhile, Brandi Glanville’s rep Steve Honig has issued this statement about the hubbub:

It’s unfortunate that John Kerwin’s parents never taught him how to act like a gentleman. Perhaps when he learns how to show respect toward other people he will be more successful, both personally and professionally.

Oh snap! Something tells me John will be responding to that soon and often.

Stay tuned.

* On a side note — Does anyone else find it remarkable that a guy on a date with Brandi Glanville would turn down drunk sex? Perhaps John Kerwin’s parents did teach him how to act like a gentleman after all.