16 & Pregnant’s Aubrey Akerill reacts to backlash from “Where Are They Now?” special

Aubrey Wolters Akerill from 16 and Pregnant

As evidenced by all of their explosive season finales, MTV likes to save the best most controversial til last. Such was the case on their 16 and Pregnant Season 2b “Where Are They Now?” Special that aired Sunday which wrapped up with a recently separated Aubrey Wolters Akerill celebrating St. Patrick’s day by talking about becoming a stripper and making out with a female companion while dancing on a pool table.

Prior to talking about getting naked for a living, Aubrey wanted to make sure everyone knew she was open-minded about her potential new mate as well:

FRIEND: So are you looking for a new boy any time soon Aubrey?

AUBREY: Who says it has to be a boy? Yeah, b!tches are hot. I’m just sayin’ you know, I have options. I don’t have to be with a boy, thank you!

That conversation eventually led to the topic of stripping:

AUBREY: So what would you guys think about if I were a stripper?

16 and Pregnant's Aubrey Akerill almost naked and partying with an older manFRIEND: I Think Brandon would kinda…

AUBREY: I’m not with him, who cares?

FRIEND: Yeah but still, you know you have a kid with him and you gotta deal with him.

AUBREY: I’m not like saying I’m gonna go and do it tomorrow, I’m just saying, you know, it is an option … and not only that, it’s really good money. That is a complete motivation. If I can support my child by being a f***ing stripper, why not?

FRIEND: Do you think you’d ever tell Austin when he gets older that you were a stripper?


FRIEND: He’d probably be like, “Yeah! My momma was a stripper!”

AUBREY: I know, right? Like “F*** yeah! My mom was MILF status!”

Aubrey Wolters Akerill from 16 and Pregnant kisses two guys at once
^ Aubrey impersonates the Blarney Stone at a St. Patrick’s Day party

Immediately after that scene the show cut to Aubrey and her friends drinking and having fun at a Saint Patrick’s Day party (keep in mind that Aubrey isn’t even 21 yet) at which Aubrey was the meat in a man kiss sandwich before hopping up on the billiards table for the now infamous reenactment of a Katy Perry video.

16 and Pregnant's Aubrey Akerill kisses a girl on a pool table
^ Aubrey Akerill’s infamous pool table dance and girl kiss

Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse, Aubrey and her ex Brandon got into a heated argument in front of their son Austin in which both of them basically said getting married was a mistake and they knew it was a mistake at the time they exchanged vows. Aubrey used a lot of profanity and there was a moment when it appeared as though little Austin said, “F*** you.”

Needless to say, Aubrey suffered a tidal way of backlash in the wake of the episode airing – something she knew was coming when she posted on her Facebook wall before the episode aired, “Damn, about to be hella judged!!!!!”

I don’t think I need to quote any of the more hateful negative comments (I’m sure you can imagine fairly accurately what those say) but I figured I would toss in a couple of the slightly more “supportive” negative comments:

I do like you, you were one of my faves.. but you knew you would be filming and you just made yourself look bad.. obviously people only saw that one little bit of your life but you should have done what you normally do, bc you say you dont party much I wouldnt have chose filming day to party or talk about being a hooker..

she’s not a bad mother, she was just acting skanky. i have no doubt aubrey is a wonderful mama, you just REALLYYY need to do a favor for your family and clean up your act a bit. especIally when the cameras are rolling :/

And here is a collection of retorts from Ashley in no particular order, starting with a note she posted on her Facebook page that was sort of a summation of her defense:

This about sums it up…
by Aubrey Akerill official Fan Page <3 on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 12:43pm

Brandon & I have split custody, & any arguing was all in the heat of the moment when the cameras were present. I’m sorry but do NOT compare yourself to me… if your ever in the situation where your ex is sitting in front of a camera on national television saying that he never wanted to marry you to begin with…. maybe then you’ll know a little bit of how I felt at the present time. Only problem I had was caring to much about him to begin with, if I Didn’t care I wouldn’t have reacted the way I had. However the cussing that I did do in front of my child is definitely not reason enough to have him taken from me. As far as going out dancing occasionally, that’s my personal decision. & If in the mean time I make out with a hot girl on a pool table… once again MY Personal decision. Dancing is a great workout, & I’m not just f***ed up all the time. & I Never once have ever been intoxicated in front of my child, & it’s not going to happen either. It’s not like the only thing I do is party on the weekends… & it’s not like I makeout with girls all the time on pool tables. I get a lot of productive things done when I’m not with my son. Which you wouldn’t know because you DON’T actually know me. I know it’s hard to believe but not everything you see on reality t.v. is accurate. & also based on My weekend life is just that, I don’t bring it home with me.


You guys are all so ridiculous, with the gossip you write & the cruel words you have to say about/to us girls… Were still human… We still having feelings & adding a no offense in front of anything sure as f*** doesn’t make it not offensive. Would you want your children showing the same cruelty someday? As you all say we aren’t celebritys… Then quit acting like we are! All of us girls were sure as f*** not paid enough to be harassed & we are all just like you in a way so get a life outside of judging young girls who are going through a hard enough time, plz & thx.

[Comment about her note] Yeah, well I got sick of repeating the same things so I wanted to post a note. Won’t be defending myself at all after this. I was expecting it to blow up like this, I was prepared. Hopefully this will make some think a little more though, I actually only posted it after I heard about Amber attempting suicide. That’s so sad, & it’s still all anyone can talk about with harsh words. Cut the poor girl a f***ing break.

Aubrey Wolters Akerill in a sexy devil costume for Halloween
^ Aubrey Akerill in a foreshadowing devil costume for Halloween

And here are some more responses from Aubrey to various things…

Lmao, talk sh!t on it. I’m with my son all week minus a few hours on thursdays & that’s all I focus on. I party on the weekends. You can hate all you want, but that’s the truth.

I take him to do fun things all week long, I’m not working right now because I’m trying to get my health issues taken care of because I’m going to have surgery & will be out of commission. I don’t want to commit to an employer then just have to quit. So I spend all week doing fun things with him 🙂

Lol you saw me hooking up with people Valerie? Pretty sure I’ve been with one person since Brandon & I got divorced. I made out with some people there… all of which are friends. Lol I’m not a hoe & I’m not on drugs. Also Stephanie my son’s name is Austin not Liam.

Lol I will say this just once more… I have Austin ALL week long. mon-fri. brandon gets him for three hours on thurs. nights… Then picks him up at 5:30pm on fridays….. I’ve NEVER done drugs or been drinking in front of my son & never will. I was recently single & went out to have a great time on St. patricks day…..

Okay so encourage me to better myself, not say that I look like I’m on drugs and post extremely rude things on my FAN page not hater page.
My sons well being is certainly not at risk. I’ve never to this day even had a single drink around him & never will. We spend all week together & he is the light of my world.

Because you saw me drunk on television once… that makes me party ALL the time & a terrible parent?

There is a big difference between a hooker & a stripper for one. & Even if I was choosing that as a career path it would damn well be my decision just as any woman’s body & what she does with it is her decision. I wasn’t planning on actuall…y becoming one as I’ve said before.

Also I’ve never been drunk when my child is present or even home. I’m not putting him in jeopardy. I don’t drink that regularly anyhow, everyone just assumes that since I go out dancing that automatically makes me a consistent drunk or drug user.

You guys are acting like I’m the only mother under the age of 21 that drinks occasionally…. Which is certainly not the case. Or goes out occasionally in general.

[On Brandon]

Brandon’s not a jerk, Just wasn’t a very great husband. 🙂 Thank You though.

Of course, I tried to be. Cooked his meals, made his lunch, only started having a social life a month or so before we divorced & it’s because we were already having problems.

I didn’t say he was a bad husband just not a very good one. As said before we both had our flaws, I think it was also hard on us because he was working odd shifts & I Never saw him. Kinda put a dent on the romance level… Although there wa…sn’t any of that to begin with. Brittney being a housewife isn’t degrading but if that is ALL someone sees in you & nothing more… it becomes degrading. I ♥ being a stay at home mom I do all the same things a housewife would except I don’t have a man behind me not appreciating any of it. Everything I do is for my son. & i’m not a stripper, that was a joke that was taken way to seriously.

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  • Elle

    Wow, she carries herself so well, it’s no wonder everyone thinks shes such an amazing mom. Don’t air your dirty laundry out on national TV (or on facebook when you are on national TV) and you won’t catch any sh!t for it. It’s not like these were hidden cameras stuck around her house.. they were obviously there and she continued to carry on right in front of them.

  • Vanessa

    I think all the girls from this series love the attention that they get from people online I feel if you don’t want to hear or see negative things about you don’t go on reality television people are going to either love you or hate you. It’s lives but when you put yourself Tv people are going to Judge you if you don’t want to hear what people are saying about you stop making fanpages of yourself stop twitter make all those social media stuff pivate. Stop going on blogs to see stories about yourself end story but stop bitching about the negativity when you are the one that .invite the world into your lives for famous and the money there are a hand full of these girls that are not in the media and stay out of the spotlight. So when the other girls are bitching I don’t have sympathy for them

    • catz

      Agreed! I was just thinking that! At first I was surprised email didnt have a fanpage but then when I thought about it, she is respectable for keeping her privacy and not feeding into all this. it Most of these girls had babies because they werent getting the right kind of attention…and they still feed off the wrong kind of attention.

  • nunya

    Becoming a good or even great husband takes A LOT of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime and STILL isn’t 100% all the time. Just ask people who have been married 20 plus years. He was young and needed time to adjust and learn… girls are more able to adjust faster. I honestly don’t know where guys’ brains are sometimes though… being married is a struggle. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    I don’t know this chic’s whole story… I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt and believing she may be a good mother just a really dumb girl. But she looks like she does drugs honestly. And he ex was saying she was really into partying when he first met her… so I do think she parties all the time when she doesn’t have her son.

    I think it’s sad really… I think partying that much and that hard on a regular basis is really sad. She’s is obviously trying to fill some void or distract herself from an enormous amount of hurt by partying like this. I hope she realizes it’s not cool nor smart doing these kinds of things. Her ex also said it brilliantly.. that she better knock it off because it won’t necessarily be up to them if she looses custody. We’ve been seeing it all the time now where officials see the footage and launch an investigation i.e. Amber Portwood, the Sister Wives clan…

    Wishing them the best.

  • jane

    I had to laugh when I noticed no one was really paying any attention to her when she was making out with the girl on the pool table. What a hag. Ecstasy? maybe. Definitely some drugs involved.

    • catz

      Ecstasy for sure, no doubt 100%. The way her and her trashtastic friends were dressed was low-budget raver. Also I am pretty sure meth, by the look on her face and she is too thin for her body type now. She also mentions meth heads being common in her area on her fanpage. Takes one to know one, but when I was doing that crap at that age I didnt have a kid in tow. Plus when I used meth more than any other drug I thought I was perfectly fine and I my ego was over inflated, as Aubrey’s is.

      I dont get how she says I can still party AND have a child. A stork just didnt drop a baby on her head, she had 3 choices to change this: protection, abortion & adoption.

      I am in my later 20s now, and I still dont want a kid because I dont want to give up certain parts of my life yet. It’s a common sense exchange. Like when you go to the store and buy something. You give them money for something else, you dont have that money anymore, but that object you bought was worth it to you to give up that money out of your account. You cant walk into a store and say, “Hey, I want that flat screen & I am keeping my money too.” That is robbing, and that is what she is doing to that child, robbing it’s childhood and innocence. Children are smarter than people give them credit for. If they werent so smart Aubrey wouldnt be as messed up as she is & so the cycle continues…..

    • rebecca

      whoever said she’s on drugs is wrong. that girl has never done drugs. Do you know her personally? no. I do, so shut the hell up k?

      • Cate

        She has had drug charges dumbass

  • A.P.

    She has a point, yeah we don’t know her and we don’t know what goes on in her regular day to day life.. However, that being said, cussing in front of your kid, hooking up with multiple people, going out partying and drinking as a teenager definitely will not earn her any ‘mother of the year’ awards.

    • Cate

      I think we have a pretty good idea .. if she was willing to put THAT on tv imagine what she doesn’t

  • inwonderland

    I hope her ex husband gets the kid.

  • nana

    What is this girl high on?

  • This is the EXACT reason why children should NOT have children,

    • lilbee

      i disagree with taht . i ahad my beatuful on at 16 and he made a huge impact with my life he made me realize responsibility and whatnot i am proud to call him my son and he has taught me that thanks to him i must now get a job finish school ( want to become a nurse! ) my family was like me had a child at a young age and i didnt want to end up like them and now i studied hard (getting a’s) and trying to be the best mom i could be ! i am now finishing my senior year and now looking forward to go to college!! xD and nothing not even a baby is going to stop me for making a better life for us ! <3

    • Cate

      Nah, this isn’t about maturity, that girl has some serious issues

  • Cooper

    Seriously, this girl (she’s NOT a woman, Aubrey hasn’t even begun to earn that title) needs a rude awakening. Yes, the choices that you make are you own personal decisions, but the second that you had a child, you surrendered the majority of the “you-time” for “baby-time”. Of course, young mothers need to have social lives, but not ones that revolve around dumping the child off at the father’s house and going out to raves, doping up on drugs and alcohol and weed, and then making out with multiple people and possibly sleeping with them as well. Those are immature decisions on her part that put her life in danger, and could result in her getting pregnant again, getting arrested, getting a disease, or dying.

    I’m not saying that partying is off-limits, because it’s not, but the type of lifestyle that Aubrey is living right now (or at least, during the time that this special was being filmed) shows the world that she’s being irresponsible and cannot let go of her teenage child-less years to grow up and truly be the mother her son deserves.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Aubrey loses custody of her son after this aired; most mothers who openly admit to going to raves and possibly (and very obviously) do drugs and drink (UNDERAGE, to beat all) alcohol, and act the way that she does around her son by using profanity lose custody of their children. Mothers who act the way that she does are just simply unfit to have a child around them; the father deserves to have primary custody of that baby. Casey Anthony was the same way, and we all know what happened to her beautiful baby girl because she wanted to party rather than take care of her child. That situation has opened the court system’s eyes to partying with mothers; it’s almost completely unacceptable now.

    Let Aubrey get the “wild” out of her system, going to all those raves and sleeping around and stripping (although I doubt she’d do as well as what she thinks she would) without putting the life of that precious child in danger. Maybe once she grows up and accepts that she’s a mother, and mothers don’t do the things that she does, she could once again gain primary custody.

    Or maybe she’s the type of person who was just never meant to be a mother, and it would be better for the son and for her if the father just kept custody permanently.

    • catz

      So agreed the Casy Anthony connection.

  • Jessica

    Aubrey behavior on the where are they now special was just disgusting and Aubrey is living in a fantasy land if she thinks her behavior is anything but ok she was over the top for no reason but to try to get herself on the next season of teen mom. she made herself look like trash .

  • danielle

    Aubry you show your age be asamed!!!! Grow up!!! Strippers get involed in drugs etc… Your pathetic…and were my favorite….now you make me sick!!!!

  • Brittany

    haha my comment was the first quote, so everyone knows where I stand then. Babies cannot wait for you to grow up!! your age is not an excuse to act like an idiot, so grow up or let people who cant have babies adopt yours!

  • Everyone

    It’s well known around her area that she’s on meth. On top of that, she’s a huge pothead who chain smokes and does ecstasy all the time when she’s not busy stealing people’s clothes etc.

  • Katie Wallace

    From someone who was there…

    Super funny story about AUBREY… I had the pleasure of living with Brandons dad too for 4 months while my fiance and I were waiting for our home buying stuff to go thru… And Aubrey is probably the biggest piece of **** I know. First night I moved in, she was already trying to get me to let her borrow my clothes. I let her borrow a black cami to wear that night and over a week later, after asking for it back every day and her saying it was in brandons car and she would get it for me when he got home from work she finally came down stairs to the basement where we were staying and told me that she had lost it at a night club. I asked her how that happened and she said “I coat checked it with my coat and it muct have fallen out when I went outside to smoke” Who the hell takes their shirt off at a bar??? She was always pawning poor little Austin off on me saying she would be back in only a few minutes and not coming back for hours… The girl would go out and party everynight and come home in the wee hours of the morning and sometimes she wouldnt even be home yet when I would get up to go to work at 530am. Among feeding her infant child Lean Quisine (giving him the right amount of nutrition he needed lol) and never being home Im surprised the boy is still alive. Brandons dad had to take numerous days off of work because brandon would have to leave for work in the morning and Aubrey was nowhere to be found leaving noone to watch cute little Austin. The last super cute stunt that she pulled before my fiance and I moved out into our new home was that she left poor baby in her apartment all alone for the second time while she went to Portland. The next door neighbor had seen her leave alone and about an hour later heard Austin crying and went over and got him and took him to a frantic Brandon. On Austins 1st bday she didnt even spend the whole day with him, she went to a superbowl party instead while brandon and baby came to our family event together. She is so pathetic, she came down another time trying to borrow clothes from me again and I told her” HELL NO, why would I let you borrow clothes when you lost the last thing I let you borrow and lied about it for a week?” She went back up stairs then came down about 10 minutes later crying begging me to let her wear something! PATHETIC!!!!!!!! Anyway, I just thought Id let you all know what kind of a person she really is.. She is a prime example of what too many Whippets, Extasy, Pot, and whatever else she pops in her mouth will do to you. Piece of ****! HAve a great day 🙂

    Forgot to mention that she drives that little boy around in a clapped out piece of crap car with no license, no insurance, and the car isnt even registered in her name. And she has never had a job in Washington, So when she said she wanted to take a break from school to get a job she was lying… She only went to like a week of school then dropped out, took the money that her grandma gave her FOR SCHOOL and did whatever the hell she did with it. I was down stairs during the taping of this clip and I had to go outside because I couldnt stand to listen to her lie anymore… I think I probably wouldhave gotten in trouble with the producers if I went up there and biched her out in the middle of taping. LOL

  • toni

    The girl made an idiot of herself. It was embarrassing to watch. I hate the excuses these girls give “When my child’s in bed or being cared for by his dad/grandparents/etc I can do whatever the hell I want. I’m entitled to this time for myself….blah blah blah”
    NEWSFLASH GIRLS! Being a mom is a 24/7 job! Just because your child is sleeping soundly in his or her crib, or is away at your baby daddy’s house doesn’t mean that its your time to party, drink, dance on a table, or act like a whore. (and its worth mentioning…. what if something happened and this girl …+ others like her… was too drunk to respond to an emergency that came up with her baby??)
    I don’t care how old you are and how much you long to do things other girls your age are doing. You gave that up. MOVE ON. There is no “acting your age” anymore. Act like an adult, a mother, a role model, a person with self-respect. YOU set the example.

    • Ally-Anna

      Amen, sister! Well put!

      • yumi

        I love all your comment ha ah ah

  • Biff

    She put herself out there as a piece of garbage and now she has the balls to say that people shouldnt judge her. I know that WIC and the foodstamp program help alot of young and/or single mothers make it but I cant help but think that if we really screened the people who get them unwanted children being born to unready unwilling children wouldnt happen as often. My Dad is a mailman in a small country town and I swear some women there only have kids in order to get a free house from HUD and free food from WIC and foodstamps (that are typically sold at a discount for drug money). It makes me sick to know that my tax dollars go to support “families” such as this one

  • clarissa

    This girl is a prime example of an unfit mother! She is in no way to be given custody of her baby. She’s obviously on drugs! I hope karma bites her in the ass and i GUARANTEE she will be in jail soon. This girl makes Amber look like a saint! She is by far the WORST girl ever i have seen on the show. I hope Brandon can take her to court and give the judge PROOF that she is in no way capable of taking care of her son. I hope he gets FULL custody of that poor child. It’s not the baby’s fault afterall…he wasn’t asked to be brought into the world…dumbass girls like this one need a reality check. And im pretty sure she’ll get her’s when its too late. Ps; what’s up with her eye? Mhmm…all those drugs got to her head!!

  • Ally-Anna

    She was a crazy b!tch on the “Where Are They Now?” show, but she was mild-mannered on “16 & Pregnant”… I don’t get it, which one is the real Aubrey?! She looks like she’s on meth or something. Not only by the way that she acts, but she’s REALLY skinny. I feel sorry for her ex-husband and her son.

  • Jess

    who the f*ck are you guys to talk about someone you don’t know? you’ve never been around her, never met her, never spoke to her. you see her on tv and read sh*t she posts on facebook. like that really gives you idiots an grounds to talk trash about her. get the hell off of your high horses and humble yourselves for a moment. put yourself in her shoes and think about how you would react and what you would do. we all come from different walks of life. we all do different things. in no way do i view her as an unfit mother. she is a YOUNG mother. and she doesn’t look like she’s on drugs. i feel sorry for you dumbass*s on here hating on here for no reason. JEALOUS MUCH?! you must be to talk about someone you DON’T KNOW!

    • Cooper

      Except by publicly broadcasting her ways across the world, she’s opening herself up to whatever people what to say about her; she wanted to be ‘famous’ and now that she’s getting a little bit of a taste of what that’s like, and it’s backfiring on her, her and her friends are saying shit like you just did. Welcome to the world of MTV/reality television.

      By the way, there is nothing for us to be jealous of in this situation: she’s skanky, she’s a horrible mother, she won’t do anything with her life, and she follows her own gossip and runs her own fan-site. That’s pathetic, hence why we speak the truth about her situation, because she asked for it by showing the shit that she did on television.

      • Jessica

        Well said

    • Jessica

      What is there to be jealous about Aubrey getting pregnant early in life her failed marriage her goal to becoming a stripper Aubrey looks like she on drug there nothing about Aubrey life that people would Be jealous of she choose to put herself on national television and made herself look like trash and she feeling the heat and the backlash and now she trying to get her so called crazy overzealous fans to defend her gross vile behavior And just because people are giving there opinion about someone doesn’t mean there jealous

    • Lisa_Laggrrr

      When you put yourself on TV like that, especially on a show that is supposed to be providing a message to teenagers, you should be intelligent enough to know that how you portray yourself is going to be judged by the viewers. Her segment just got worse and worse… Her main priority was obviously to convince her baby-daddy, us viewers, and probably even herself that it is perfectly okay to have a social life, especially when her son is with other family. Okay, agreed, but at the same time there still need to be boundaries. The worst part was she really looked like she was on something, from her tiny pupils in what appeared to be a not brightly-lit room and her slow speech my guess would be opiates like vicodin or OCs, maybe benzos like valium or xanax, or weed. When her and her friends were getting ready my guess would be ecstasy, especially by her lack of inhibition and the provocative topics. She knew she was being filmed and this was her chance to portray herself the way she wanted, and she chose to talk about: (a) how she can party and hook up with whoever she wants because she’s still young and single and her son is with his dad, (b) who she hooks up with next doesn’t need to be male because “b-s are hot”, and (c) how she wants to be a stripper and how excited she is to tell her son about it because she thinks he will be excited his teenage mother was a “milf”. She knew the criticism was coming, and of course she was right, because no matter how many times she says she’s a great mom and that she doesn’t party with her son around, her priorities are clearly off. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t buying it when she said she was taking a break from school to get a job. How did she even get money to get her own apartment, I wonder? The fight she got into with her baby-daddy in front of their son was cringe-inducing. She kept saying she is ALWAYS a great mom when she is with him, yet she can’t pull herself together. Even when Austin comes over with a book she half-ass tries to put on the phony “I’m a good mom” face and she couldn’t even pull that off for more than a second. I hope for Austin’s sake she isn’t as bad as she seems on TV, but I don’t see how anyone can say people are wrong for judging her. No one forced her to film that segment and no one told her to do or say those things.

    • Lisa_Laggrrr

      Hi Aubrey, ahem, I mean Jess. How is it going?

    • Cate

      You are pathetic. She even said “if i can support myself being a f*cking stripper then why not” , that pretty much sums up her mentality right there, all she cares about is money and attention.
      Oh come on, Its not like people are making shit up about her, she is being judged on what she says and does, aren’t you supposed to determine one’s character on their actions and behaviour!? If she didn’t want people to react negatively why did she react like a complete train wreck on the reunion? She is absolutely on drugs, no doubt about it. When her child does down the wrong path in the future because of his upbringing just remember you defended this bimbo.
      Oh yes you caught me, im jealous of a teenager on crack who has a child

  • misty_mtl

    is it just me or did you guys also wonder if she was always drunk or on some kinda drunk while filming for that special episode??

  • noneOfUrBiz

    She needs too grow up!!!! she cant be a kid anymore. shes not even 21 to drink! this is why teens shouldnt have kids bc they still want to be kids and party! then their is a good chance the kids will follow in thier foot-steps. I give brandon credit, he is probably the mom n dad 2 their kid like tons of parents out in the world and thats not right. kids as young as there baby is should have both parents not just one they see every day and another they see only for a couple of hours a day bc the other parent want to go out and party! she and a lot of other parents need to grow up and be a parent!

  • Lisa Hill

    You don’t do drugs???……. You just got arrested for drugs & shoplifting….

  • Anne

    Aubry was arrested last year for shoplifting (from a Walmart) and possesion of controlled substance (ritalin and ocycodone) without a valid prescription. I noticed that she never says she doesn’t do drugs, she said she doesn’t drink or do drugs in front of her son. Well I hope she’s very careful because narcotic medication is highly addictive and if she is using them, her life will go downhill fast.

  • Philly gal

    I have lived a crazy life but thank god I am settled down with a family now. I watched this chic on the “where are they now” episode and as sure that she is on drugs as I am of my own name!

  • Melissaa

    alritte peoplle
    calm ur asses dowwn
    i think she’s a great moom
    not everything u see on tv is the truthh
    woow 1 fukin day she decided to go out to party and its like the end of the world??
    so waat she’s a little wild but atleast she fukin spends time with her son and she’s not sum hoe who’s on crack 24/7 who doesnt giv 2 sh!ts bout her kid and is practically never at homme.
    get ur shit straighht man its herr fukin life she can partyy if she wants but atleast she fulfills her kids needss

    • Cate

      Not everything on tv is the truth? Um… she said it and she did it, how can mtv make that up…

      Its not the partying, its the drugs,….
      “not on crack 24/7” .. oh so its okay to be on crack 23/7?

      YOU need to get your shit straight, that child should be with his father
      No its not “her f*cking life” because this is about her child not her

  • Kylie

    Who says that she should be sitting at home like an old nanna when she doesn’t have her son? As long as she does the right thing by him, when he’s with her, that’s where anyone elses concern should end! It would be different if she was taking him out partying..
    She isn’t leaving him with any Tom, Dick and Harry so she can go and get trashed. He is with his FATHER. Are you saying that his father – or any other parent in the world – single or together – doesn’t have a good time when the kids aren’t around? I know myself, I party every time I don’t have my kids with me! Maybe that’s because we only have our kids babysat when we want to go out or have something on. They are separated and have an arrangement that they agreed upon. He chose to have Austin on Thursdays and weekends. Cut the girl a break, she is a teenager and has every right to act like one when her son isn’t around. As long as she is being a responsible, caring mother and doing the right thing by him when he is around. Just because she is a mother, doesn’t mean she is forbidden to be a teen too!
    You can’t compare parenthood to going to the shops.
    Until your a parent, you have NO right to comment on how to parent. We all had our ideas before having kids. I can tell you, most of the things I had strong opinions of before I became a mother and said I’d never do, I have actually done!
    I do agree however, that she should of held back a bit knowing the cameras are there…but what’s done is done.
    Oh and the swearing, please. It’s a rare person who can say they don’t swear around or in front of the kids.
    Get a grip and get off your high horses!
    Too many know-it-all’s out there and not enough realists!

    • Kylie

      Please remove my post. I don’t know if I stand by it now that I have read a certain other post from someone who lived with her. I felt it was ok to enjoy your time away from the kids – if they weren’t being dumped on someone else…maybe this person is wrong. Maybe they’re right, who know’s? But I don’t want something posted that I’m not 100% sure I stand by any more 🙁

    • Cate

      You are delusional. She treats everyone like SHIT, including brandon, its not just her partying. And the reason is because she KNOWS he is right and she is a piece of shit to her child

  • disgusted mom

    I just got done watching the reunion show again and i am convinced that Aubrey is most def. on drugs. I knew she was on something when she was filming the show.. Then she gets arrested for pills.. AH ah i knew it before i even read the message that she got arrested. Aubrey really? Do you think that millions of people on TV dont see you acting the way you do. From my experience you look and acted like you were on something or you are just dumb when you talk, but that stuff you talk about taking good care of your son is Bull. You are not a good mom, and i am the one who can tell you that you disgust me and my girls that watch the show say the same thing ecen my daughter who is 8 says you are trash. You need to give you son to his father until you can function as a real adult and take care of your son when you arent taking pills and Oxys no doubt. You have no respect for you son if you keep taking these pills even if you had a prescription you are not being a good mom. you need to grow up and become the mom you tell everyone you are. I feel sorry for your son and for his father because you made them both look like fools. You sat right saying you knew the marriage wasnt going to work the day of your wedding and then you throw a fit about your kids dad when he said he didnt want to really marry you and then yyou freak out on him.. Grow up little girl- thats how i knew you were on some kind of drugs because its okay for you to humiliate him on tv but he cant say the same thing to you.. You are just trash and i really dont even care what happens to you i just wanted to voice my opinion because your whole story made me sick and your kids dad needs to get custody of your son YOU DONT DESERVE TO HAVE KIDS…………………Trailer Trash !!!! If you dont like what i said then dont act like trailer trash on TV for the whole world to see…………

  • TVannie

    Aubrey kept saying she has Austin all week so she can’t party all the time because she is with her son.

    Since Brandon gets the little boy Thursday evening and Friday night through Sunday, how can she say she has her child all the time? Brandon has him every weekend and a few hours every Thursday. Maybe someone should explain to Aubrey that a week is more than Mon through Thursday.

    Additionally, Aubrey may say that her partying doesn’t effect her ability to care for her son but if you are out partying and end up getting no sleep and/or have a hangover she cannot keep up with an energetic child. She also hangs around with people that may do drugs and/ or drink alcohol so even if he doesn’t see his Mom doing drugs, he most certainly sees other people doing them. A child is effected by the company you keep. Putting your son in an atmosphere that includes partying is not good for him.

  • heather

    This is really sad to see because I know this girl personally. Around the time all of this was being filmed she was going through such a hard time and didn’t know how to handle what was going on around her. From all the times I observed her though she certainly never did meth or hard drugs. Just smoked pot. In fact I’ve hung out with her and her son on many occasions and her behavior was nothing like on the show. After the fact she regretted so much of what she did, she only danced on a table with a girl because she thought that maybe if she acted crazy like the other girls from previous seasons then she’d get teen mom. The money was worth more to her at the time. She didn’t expect it to be edited the way it was everything was filmed in two days and jam packed into a tiny segment. They didn’t show the fun stuff she did with her son or any of the positive things. Its a real shame cause she had such a hard time after the show aired and from all of the people that gave her grief and thought that she was just a drug addict. She actually hadn’t known about her condition yet hence why she was so skinny in the first place. She looks a thousand times healthier today, has her own house, a good job, & Austin’s doing great. Wish MTV would have followed up and shown her true colors.

  • KMJ

    *sigh* If she wanted to go out partying and getting drunk maybe she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Or she should have at least chosen adoption for her son.

    There’s a time for everything. Partying and children don’t mix. There’s more productive things she can do with her time, like maybe doing something to better herself.

    I don’t necessarily agree with 21 being the drinking age, but a mother shouldn’t be out getting drunk. If you can’t drink responsibly you’re not old enough to handle it.

    Also, IF she is doing pot: pot and children do not mix. You should not be doing pot at all if you have a child. It IS still illegal, regardless of whether it should be or not. There is a potential she could go to jail and her child will have to compete with court dates and rehab and jail and all sorts of ridiculous things besides the pot itself.

    This girl’s on the road to becoming an addict. Too many things in excess.

    I understand why she ended up this way though. She had to be the responsible one and the one to worry about everything while Brandon was sitting on his butt doing nothing, and she got fed up and decided to be the immature one. Being a housewife and having nothing else really does suck. It makes complete sense that she’d want to break away from that and be own person. But let’s hope that’s a VERY short phase. She’s traded one prison for another- she’s going to become an addict.

    The comment about becoming a stripper shows she has incredibly low self esteem. She doesn’t feel she has any worthwhile qualities besides her body.

    I think her eyes look weird now. It seems like one is always going a different direction than the other.

    She just needs to give Austin to a stable, mature family. She obviously isn’t ready to make sacrifices for her child’s well being. People, not just teens but even some married adults, do not take the responsibility of parenthood seriously enough. It’s such a huge decision and people don’t think it through as well as they should. Do everything you want to do in life, get out of debt, save money, travel, get a career, party, etc. BEFORE you have a child.

    After you have a child, there is NO excuse for this kind of immature behavior.

  • pixxie

    Are you really serious that some of you claim she doesn’t do drugs? Yeah, because I always carry pills around on me even though I don’t do drugs. If you watched the 16 & preg update when she came to pick her son up after her party weekend you could see the way she was acting. She was on drugs. Maybe she’s cleaned up her act but I doubt it. It doesn’t seem like it.

    How could she be so hurt that brandon didn’t want to marry her. She said herself that she had doubts before and on the wedding day. She said she knew it would fail. So she too didn’t want to get married. I will pray for her child.

  • Cate

    Ugh can’t believe she is pregnant again, this girl is a piece of work . Can’t believe she kept saying she regretted getting married but when brandon said it was a mistake she flipped out at him! wtf