Is the “Seriously McDonalds” photo fake? Is McDonald’s really racist, taxing black people?

Seriously mcDonalds Twitter African American tax

There’s a phrase trending on Twitter right now “Seriously McDonalds” linked to the offensive photo above, which looks like it’s from the fast food chain’s corporate office. It looks like a memo informing workers of a new policy: charging African Americans an extra $1.50 per transaction. Seriously, McDonald’s?

If this is for real, McDonald’s needs to just go ahead and close up shop, because it’s all over now.

But this a fake. It’s faker than Posh Spice’s rack. In case you don’t believe McDonald’s tweet that it’s a hoax, and you think this major corporation would act in such a ridiculously racist manner, here’s the kicker: the 800-number listed on the sign is a KFC customer service number. Whoever started this hoax must have included that as a safety out.

UPDATE: It looks like this pic has been on the interwebs for some time, and originated at 4chan sometime last year or before.

  • Shakira

    This is the type of ignorant crap that keeps racism alive in this country. It’s obviously a hoax. A very stupid, unfunny hoax. But this is exactly the type of thing that riles up those who thrive on this kind thing, and love to try to convince the world that it’s real, just to stir up trouble for corporations. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if someone tried to sue McD’s over this garbage. This type of stupid prank brings out all the sue happy idiots, and only breeds resentment among Americans.

  • La Kishia

    Hysterical! Of course it’s a fake, but it’s also what McDonald’s SHOULD do. $1.50 extra every time a black goes into “MACDonald’s” would mean a huge profit for Mickey D’s!!!

    • la kisha is a idiot

      get a life u racist

      • bella333

        wow racist much what is wrong with you get a life

  • n00neimp0rtant

    this fake sign has been around forever

  • mckenzie

    lol i love this!!!! the person who thinks lakisha is a racist maybe you should learn how to tip!!! cheapoooo mickey ds should do this!

  • wattheheck

    wat the heck u guys r sooo racist that wuld b horrible and it wuld suck soooo bad

  • bella333

    i agre u guys are racist they should not do it.. but hey doesnt matter it will never happen ever…. cuz if africans have to pay then whits should we r all equal