Woman wears bikini to LAX to avoid TSA pat down


It seems like everyone in America has an opinion in regards to the new TSA pat down procedures taking place at airports nationwide. Whether you’re on the side of added security or feel that the whole thing is an overload government abomination, I think we can all agree that the following lady has the perfect solution: Wear a sexy little bikini in hopes that you can avoid the security frisking!

America’s creative spirit lives on in the fabulously sexy form of one Corinne Theile, caught by a reporter outside the terminal of LAX sporting a sexy little black bikini underneath a black flasher’s overoat. The reportedly patiently waited while Corinne explained her bikini strategy and was finally able to ask the all-important question, “I know it’s cold but are you willing to show us?”

Yes. Yes, she was ready, willing and able!

“I’m hoping by wearing a bikini they will see everything they need to see and we can avoid a pat-down”

In the article posted to TV 4 the woman in question is identified only as Corinne. While I may not know her sir name I know that my life’s fortune will never ever find me sitting beside a woman like Corinne on an airplane while she adjusts her two-piece.  As far as that goes I wouldn’t even get to be the TSA dude who had to “thoroughly check” Corinne’s “baggage.”  Corinne you are a true American hero and I will be thinking of you while I enjoy my Thanksgiving holidays.


UPDATE: Not that I’m obsessed with Corinne or anything but ABC filed a video report that includes footage of our bikini hero inside LAX getting through quite easily.  The footage also includes the grinning TSA dude that I will never get to be!

Way to go Corinne!

Corinne Theile_LAX_bikini_TSA

UPDATE 2: Doing a little web sleuthing I found out Corinne Theile is no stranger to black bikinis, thanks in large part to being a seasoned triathlete, and had posted this photo of herself on MySpace sporting a similar two-piece in its proper setting – near the water!

Corinne Theile Bikini

It also appears that Corinne is no stranger to looking good while flying the friendly skies. In an article from Seattlepi.com entitled “Finding Love at 30,000 Feet” Theile was interviewed after taking part in a singles-only Air New Zealand hook-up flight. She was just one of many passengers looking to join the mile high club in a plane that was actually kind of a club. She stated:

“I’ve done so much dating and I’m kind of like eternally single in the eyes of my friends,” said Corinne Theile, a 30-year-old who participated in Air New Zealand’s first matchmaking flight last month. “I was open to the possibility (of meeting someone), but I certainly didn’t expect anything.”

Turns out she did meet a dude, who once again was not me. Want to know more about the latest airport hero (joining the likes of Captain Sullenberger and Jet Blue’s Steven Slater) then drop her a tweet on her Twitter account! (She has another bikini shot as a background image!)

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