Kim Kardashian’s Snow White costume leads to role in Disney remake?

It had to happen! Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costumes were so great it appears she got a phone call from Disney to star in a remake of the 1937 classic Snow White! Thanks to the Disney Corporation’s close ties to the Starcasm Corporation we were able to obtain this exclusive sneak peek:

Kim Kardashian in Snow White

There’s no word if there are plans for a racy remake of Aladdin starring the staggeringly stunning starlet streaking about the Far East on a magic carpet and dressed in her sexy Princess Jasmine outfit. If so, I’ll buy my ticket now!

Of course we’re kidding – dang it! Thanks anyway for the wonderful costumes Kim!I’m already looking forward to next year’s Kardashoween fashion show.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, after blowing minds as Princess Jasmine and then toning it down for her half-sister’s 14th birthday party as Snow White, Kim flew to New Orleans and put on a third costume! As a bonus here’s a photo from featuring Kim K in her tight leather Catwoman suit!

Kim Kardashian in a Cat Woman costume


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