Will Drita D’Avanzo leave her husband Lee D’Avanzo?

Mob Wives‘ Drita D’Avanzo has stuck with her incarcerated husband Lee D’Avanzo through thick and thin for 14 years. In fact, for most of their marriage Lee has been behind bars for bank robbery charges. (CLICK HERE to read more about that.) Lee being in prison has been hard for Drita, and unstable. She’s had to move 11 times, and

Cast member Carla Facciola is determined to leave her incarcerated husband Joey Ferragamo (for a boiler-room scam) when he gets out of the clink, and Drita may be having similar feelings about her marriage.

On last week’s episode of Mob Wives, Drita gets into a screaming match with Lee when she finds out he lied about when he’s getting out of jail. He’s actually going to stay in two or three years more than she thought he was going to. Drita is upset because Lee seemed blase about the whole thing, asking “What’s two more years?”

Here’s the verbal confrontation between Drita and Lee over when he’s coming home. An angry Drita tells Lee that she doesn’t know if she should wait 2-4 more years for him to come home. Lee responds “You should be waiting, you stupid ****.”

About the verbal abuse Drita tells Hollywood Life:
“It is disgusting … horrendous,” Drita says. “I’m tough. I won’t take it to the heart because I know he is so frustrated and so miserable and hates what he did. It’s not an excuse to talk to me like that, but all he is doing is hurting himself at the end of the day.” As for the future of their marriage: “I’m at a crossroad with him . . . I feel guilt I. don’t know what  the right thing is to do. The second time [Lee went to jail] really made me bug out. I married him at 23, then he got locked up three weeks into the marriage. So what marriage did I have?”

UPDATE: July 2011 Drita announced that she did HAVE plans to divorce husband Lee D’Avanzo.