Who was Jackie Siegel’s first husband Ron Solomon?

Jackie Siegel is hoping for her own reality show on the heels of the award-winning documentary about her family’s life called Queen of Versailles airing tonight on Bravo. In the film she talks about her abusive ex-husband, but doesn’t name him. Who is he?

Jackie is from Binghampton, N.Y., where she earned an engineering degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. After she graduated, she moved to New York, where she juggled several jobs, and soon met her first husband, investment banker Ron Solomon, according to Orlando Life.

Jackie said in the film:

“I was in a marriage to a man who became more and more abusive. He started to hit me and stuff like that. He gave me a scar across my face, and said ‘Now you can’t make your own money.” I went to the hospital, and he went to jail that night. The next morning I just grabbed as many of amy modeling pictures as I could, that was my whole life, and some clothes, and that was it.”

Soon after the now 47-year-old left her first husband, the former Miss Florida met current husband David Siegel (77) at a Miss Florida beauty pageant in Orlando.

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