Eye-gouging Brandon Spikes now in Chatroulette sex video scandal

NFL’s Patriots second draft pick Brandon Spikes, who made headlines a year ago when as a Florida Gator he gouged the eyes of Georgia Bulldog Washaun Ealey, is in trouble again. This time it’s for a sex tape.

It’s not a traditional sex tape, it’s video footage someone recorded from Chatroulette, where Spikes like to frequent with various lady friends and put on a show for their chat partners. We have to admit, that’s a little more interesting than the usual fare of male crotch shots, but the NFL is not exactly pleased about this development. The League is looking into the explicit footage, and may punish the rookie linebacker for it’s existence.

Whoever was shopping the video footage got about $1500 according to Deadpsin, who turned down the offer.