RHoNJ: Kathy Wakile’s daughter Victoria Wakile is a brain tumor survivor

Victoria Wakile suffered brain tumor

Tonight on Real Housewives of New Jersey we learned a little more about Kathy Wakile‘s adorable family. The kids had to sign a contract for their parents about their (realistic) promises to stay out of trouble. Victoria promised to stay away from all drugs and alcohol, but 15-year-old son Joseph wrote his contract with the precise language of a lawyer; and informed his parents that although he would not bend his beliefs, part of his believes involve having a few drinks on the weekend when he’s a Junior and Senior. While teenage drinking is extremely dangerous and irresponsible, it’s a sign that Kathy and Richards are good parents that their son feels comfortable enough to be honest with them.

Then we learned that 17-year-old Victoria Wakili had a brain tumor in 2004.

10-year-old Victoria fainted on the beach while they were on a Spring Break vacation. It turns out the tumor size of a tennis ball, and Victoria had to have a 10-hour brain surgery in New York.

Kathy didn’t go into too music detail about whether or not it was malignant, or if Victoria required further treatment, but she appears to be doing well and thriving now. Here’s to hoping Victoria stays healthy and happy.

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