Who is Nene Leakes’ real dad?


Nene Leakes book Never Make the Same Mistake TwiceOne of the most suspenseful story lines on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Nene Leakes trying to find out who her real father is. They have revealed Nene and Curtis – the man who raised her and who she had always believed to be her real father – took a DNA test and it wasn’t a match. Since then, there has been a good deal of foreshadowing in the episodes so far, including episode 9 in which Nene gets emotional talking about Curtis with Denene Millner, the ghost writer of Nene’s autobiography Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. She tells Millner that the man who raised her wouldn’t have won any “Dad of the Year” awards for his parenting skills, but she had always had a special place in her heart for him and it was difficult trying to deal with the fact that he wasn’t
her actual father.

No specific details about the identity of her real dad have been revealed yet, though in the book (published August 11) Nene says the man is a best friend of Curtis. BRAVO has become quite adept at doling out the juicy stuff on their Housewife franchises, so it may drag out until the season finale before we find out his identity. Until then we are just going to have to “Watch what happens.”

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