HGTV’s Open Concept puts Whitney and Ashley’s DIY aesthetic on big stage

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The Whitney and Ashley Open Concept craze is officially on! Whitney Gainer and Ashley Turner, DIY craftsmen extraordinaire, have long been developing their following on social media; when HGTV came knocking, though, the sisters made the not-so-big jump to the small screen. Open Concept, their debut home renovation and carpentry show, has been drawing raves, thanks in large part to Whitney and Ashley’s generosity of spirit. Indeed, they’ve had free design plans on their website for some time, and have helped spark a DIY movement among the would-be carpenters of the world by encouraging others to take those plans and share a photo of the outcome online. The result for the sisters is a social media presence rapidly approaching a half-million followers–and, now, their own television program.

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The “self-described coffee enthusiasts” and “DIY queens” are entirely self-taught, as their bio proudly attests. (It seems HGTV has been casting about for more and more self-taught professions: Mina and Karen of Good Bones are also self-taught, and have likewise drawn praise for their approach to renovation.) And it sounds like they’ve both had to learn at least on the fly: Whitney and her husband Jenson have five children, while Ashley and John are raising their three kids. Both women built their families’ houses–Whitney in 2009, Ashley in 2013–and both make it a point to proclaim their love of power tools (as evidenced by the photo above, which is only one of many of their collection!).

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What makes Open Concept unique among HGTV’s new lineup is its specific strength. Where Good Bones focuses primarily on renovating to fit the feel of each new neighborhood, and Listed Sisters balances renovation with real estate and interior decorating knowledge, Open Concept is sort of like Fixer Upper with even more of an emphasis on homemade furniture. Craftsmanship is of paramount importance to Whitney and Ashley, and it features prominently on their show.

Here’s a sampling of their work, taken directly from the Shanty-2-Chic Instagram page. If nothing else, that bed is impressive enough to make you head to the hardware store:

If you want to follow the Shanty Sisters on social media, you’ve got no shortage of options. Click here for their Instagram page, here for their Twitter feed, here for their Facebook account, here for Shanty2Chic on YouTube, and here for their ever-popular Pinterest board.

In addition, if you’re interested in appearing on an episode of Open Concept, click here for the wide-open casting call! All you need to be considered are a desired renovation that involves “at least one principal room,” as well as the willingness to have at least one major wall come down. Plus, you’ve got to live in the greater Ft. Worth area (sorry, Dallas-ites).

And, after all that, don’t forget to watch the show! Open Concept airs Sundays on HGTV.

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(Photo credits: Whitney and Ashley Open Concept via Instagram)

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