Whitney Thore explains how her cat Henchi caught fire

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore cat Henchi fire

In last night’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, show star Whitney Thore shocked her parents Babs and Glenn by announcing she was moving out of their house. Once the emotional storm clouds and corresponding downpour of tears cleared, all three parties turned their attention to the most pressing problem caused by Whitney’s re-emancipation: custody of her cat Henchi.

During the discussions about the awesomeness of Henchi, Whitney revealed that, while in her care, Henchi once caught fire! We didn’t get any details about what happened, and, as you might imagine, fans took to social media to demand more info about the cat-astrophic incendiary incident.

Whitney obliged on Facebook:

Full disclosure:

What had happened was: Henchi and I lived in Korea and the heat in my apartment as was out. So every night we had a ritual, which began with me chatting online with friends at my desk next to the space heater, with Henchi weaving in and out, and ended with us legitimately spooning under the electric blanket. One night, as I was instant messaging (this was like 2009, okay?), I smelled the familiar stench of burning hair. I looked down to see Henchi’s tail ablaze and immediately took appropriate actions to extinguish the flames. He was unaware that he was ever on fire, and to this day, remains unaffected by the event. ‪#‎MyBigFatFabLife‬

This story not only has me a little concerned about Henchi, but also about Whitney’s new man Lennie! Someone needs to let him know to be careful if he’s spooning with Whitney next to a space heater, because beards are flammable!

In case you were curious, Whitney shared a little of Henchi’s origin story on Instagram in honor of National Cat Day. “I bought Henchi in a pet store in Korea back in 2008 and he has brought me continued love, joy, and companionship since!” Wrote Whitney. “He’s The Beast From the East, The Mega Twerty With the Micro Snout, and the sweetest feline walking the Earth. Love you, Hench!!!”

Be sure to keep up with Whitney, Henchi, and Lennie on new episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life airing Wednesday nights at 9/8c on TLC. Henchi insists, and you do not want to disappoint Henchi:

My sweet big fat Henchimayne. #MyBigFatFabLife #nobodyshame #crazycatlady #catsofinstagram #persian #purrfect

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