Which Netflix Matchmaker has a better success rate: Sima Aunty or Aleeza Ben Shalom?

Netflix is on a roll with it’s matchmaking shows! We’re breaking down who you should trust to find you love… Indian Matchmaking‘s Sima Taparia (Sima Aunty) or Jewish Matchmaking‘s Aleeza Ben Shalom.

See how much these stars charge for their matches and who has the better success rate…

Netflix Matchmaking series

Netflix has introduced audiences to TWO cultural matchmaking shows and fans can’t get enough! First, Indian Matchmaking premiered in 2020 and has blessed us with 3 seasons.

Jewish Matchmaking just premiered in May 2023 and already has a host of fans on social media.

While audiences have agreed that these matchmakers are where it’s at… neither show has had that easy of a go when it comes to featuring actual successful pairings.

When it comes to Sima Aunty and Aleeza Ben Shalom, are either of them really that good at matchmaking? Let’s break it down…

Matchmaker cost

Sima Taparia, more affectionately known as Sima Aunty, comes with quite the price tag if you’re hoping to find your Indian match.

Taparia charges both partners in the match, and rakes in approx. Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 or $1,330 to $8,000 per client. Multiply that by two and you’ve got a successful business… even when she isn’t successful with her outcome.

Ben Shalom charges a more modest $997 for her “Soulmate Clarity” package which includes a 90-minute on on one with the matchmaker, however her rates can go up to nearly $8000-9000 as well, depending on how aggressive your matchmaking needs are.

Matchmaker success rate

Both matchmakers boast better success rates off their series than they do with their tv matches. Many have noticed, for example, that so far Indian Matchmaking has a 0% match rate over the course of its 3 seasons.

That certainly doesn’t mean she’s bad at her job, Sima Aunty doesn’t pay attention to her matchmaking numbers because, as she tells Today, it’s not really up to her

If the destiny is there, if the couple is aligned together, then it happens. But my way is just to show them the biodata and to match them, that’s all. In India, they say birth, marriage and death — these three things are not in our hands.

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a little more transparent when it comes to her numbers. At the beginning of Jewish Matchmaking she claims to have assisted in upwards of 200 successful matches.

As of her television debut however, none of the couples paired on the show have “made it to the chuppah.”

Matchmaking viewers weigh in

So, if the success rate is up in the air and the prices are relatively the same, which matchmaker should you hire? Fans definitely have an opinion when it comes to personality, at least:

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